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340. Lesbian Relevant Sexuality in History: An Interview with Heather Rose Jones

Nerd Diving Alert!

Wanna take a very deep, very nerdy dive into lesbian-relevant sexuality in history? Grab your pressure-resistant diving pod and some snacks, because here were go!

Heather Rose Jones is an author of historical fiction and fantasy, a massive history geek, a blogger and podcaster, and an individual deeply interested in researching lesbian relevant sexuality in history. She’s got a PhD in linguistics and medieval Welsh prepositions, and she loves spreadsheets and databases. GAME ON.

Her blog, The Lesbian Historic Motif Project, focuses on historical research on gender and sexuality: as she put it, it “consists of summaries of historical research both on gender and sexuality topics, and on themes and tropes popular in lesbian historical fiction.”

Her podcast, The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast,“rotates between historical essays, author interviews, book-squee discussions, roundups of new f/f historical fiction or thematic lists of past publications, and as of this year a series of original fiction in audio format.”

Don’t worry – there will be links!

Heather began her blog by wanting to create a lesbian character in the middle ages for SCA, and her research just kept on going. Looking at sexuality in history is a complicated enterprise, and Heather’s multi-faceted approach is fascinating. She shares some of her research, her creation of a database of lesbian relevant historical fiction, and tips on writing history in a way that is relevant to modern readers.

We also discuss the potentially problematic elements of writing cross-dressing lesbian characters in historical settings.

And, two words that might interest you: Lesbian Pirates!

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

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  1. MInor correction: my twitter handle is @heatherosejones. The full name hit the twitter character limit, so I dropped one of the “r”s.

  2. Kareni says:

    What an enjoyable interview! Thank you.

  3. Amanda says:

    @Heather Rose Jones: Those pesky character limits! Fixed the link/twitter handle. Sorry about that!

  4. SB Sarah says:

    Totally my bad – I’m sorry about that, Heather. Thanks, Amanda!

  5. SB Sarah says:

    @Kareni: I’m so pleased you enjoyed it! Seeing your comments on the podcast always makes me smile.

  6. Kareni says:

    Thank you, Sarah; it’s a pleasure to make you smile!

  7. Vantine says:

    Thanks for an episode focusing on f/f books!

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