Covers Gone Wild! (Non-Snoop Dogg Edition)

Cover Snark: Chorts

The Dark Lord by Kathyrn LeVeque. It's a shirtless man in chainmail shorts surrounded by fire.

Happy Cover Snark Monday! Claudia: Not horrid but I can’t stop looking at the way her eyes are oddly spaced. Also smudgy? Sarah: One of her eyes is way bigger than the other. She looks like Angie Harmon Claudia: So odd!! I hope it’s just some fluke with the tweet announcement I saw. Elyse: She looks drunk. Shana: Her arms look oddly proportioned too. Lara: I thought she was rolling her eyes… Carrie: I think … Continue reading Cover Snark: Chorts

Cover Snark: Just What

Alien Thanksgiving by Zara Zenia. A blue alien man stands before a barely cooked turkey and is resting on a bed of grapes.

Hey! It’s time for Cover Snark! From Cheryl: This is for cover snark because it’s so very very confusing. Sarah: I agree, very confusing. But I do like that bra! Elyse: I thought she just had a really fuzzy throw blanket. Tara: Me too, Elyse! Lara: Points for semi-original placement of wolf? the new throw blanket pose? Catherine: the wolf looks like he has a headache, and I don’t blame him. From Rachel: It just … Continue reading Cover Snark: Just What

Cover Snark: Hair Speedos

Wrak - Ayya by Leigh Roberts. A caveman stands in front of the opening to a cave. It looks like he's wearing underpants made of hair.

You all look like you need some Cover Snark! From Peggy. Thanks, Peggy! Sarah: I keep reading the title as “Walk Away.” Yes. Walk away. Slowly. Get outta there. Tara: via GIPHY Amanda: No thank you. Carrie: Aww finally Cousin Itt gets his own story! Shana: That’s gonna give me nightmares Carrie: A Man and his Merkin: A Un-hygenic Love Story. Sneezy: Huh. Been a while since that cut of bikini bottoms were in. This … Continue reading Cover Snark: Hair Speedos

Cover Snark: For the Love of God, Clean Your Beards

Code Name: Hacker by Sawyer Bennett. A man with a long beard looks super serious. His beard his glowing green and appears to be hacking into the Matrix.

Y’all, we have yet another gross, moldy beard today. Is this a new theme? From Alex: A lovely design in most ways, but rather undone as a romance by the combination of her expression and stance. Sarah: I agree. Gorgeous color scheme and interesting pose but she looks she’s…bored? Annoyed? Both? Tara: “Excuse me, can someone please get this man off my neck?” Claudia: MAN: I’m sorry I left the toilet seat up. Sneezy: “Are … Continue reading Cover Snark: For the Love of God, Clean Your Beards

Cover Snark: Space Western Beauty Pageant

Catherine Finds Love by Karla Gracey. A woman in an off the shoulder blue rhinestone dress stands in front of a mountain cabin

Happy Cover Snark day! Amanda: Is the gem hidden in his armpit? Sarah: or in his bangs? Elyse: It’s the sweet bracelet he made a sleep away camp. Amanda: Or maybe the necklace he’s clearly hiding. He’s not very good at this game. Sarah: Or wait, maybe it’s in his belly button? From Karen: It’s not the cover on its own so much as its complete mismatch with the book. The book title includes the … Continue reading Cover Snark: Space Western Beauty Pageant

Cover Snark: A New Mannequin Movie

Knock Out by Willow James. A shirtless man covered in tattoos is looking down at his crotch where there's an unrealistic looking head of a blonde woman hanging out down there.

Hey! Did you need some Cover Snark today? From Melodie: I’m always attracted to a book where the hero’s face is an appeal for help (not!). I’m guessing that he’s been ambushed by a drunken ex and he’s begging one of his friends to help peel her off and stuff her in an Uber. Tara: I see that as more of a “What? Can’t you see I’m busy?” face. Sarah: Is it me or does … Continue reading Cover Snark: A New Mannequin Movie

Cover Snark: The Beard Mold is Spreading

A Baby for the Lumberjacks by Chloe Kent. There is no baby on the cover. Just three "lumberjacks." Two are shirtless and one is in flannel.

If you missed the last Cover Snark, we found a case of beard mold. Or is it moss? Well apparently, it’s turning into quite the phenomenon. Amanda: Wait…why do the lumberjacks need a baby? Claudia: For child labor? Something about the checkers and tats looking like one skin is bothering me. Elyse: I thought the plaid shirt was part of his tattoo and it was upsetting. Sneezy: I…do not like plaid. It made itself my … Continue reading Cover Snark: The Beard Mold is Spreading

Cover Snark: Moldy Beards & Radioactive Hair

Seals of Honor by Dale Mayer. Three very similar looking men. The one in front is looking down at his crotch, while the other two are behind him looking concerned.

Hey hey, it’s Cover Snark day! Amanda: I just imagine his friends: “Hey, bud. You okay? Wanna talk about it?” Elyse: Is he staring at his own penis and smiling? Claudia: I think he’s peeing and bothered by the other dudes hovering. Amanda: He’s pee shy. Sneezy: They look disconcertingly clone like. Susan: That guy in the seal cover has the look of “Can’t believe I spilled the ENTIRE bottle of water…” Shana: Pee-friend on … Continue reading Cover Snark: Moldy Beards & Radioactive Hair

Cover Snark: Old Skool Surprise

The Heart and the Holly by Nancy Richards Akers. A very old school cover. A woman is embracing a man around the waist on some dangerous seaside rocks, but the man is not wearing any clothes.

Welcome back to Cover Snark, where we looking at covers and well…snark a bit. From Kerri: I saw this cover and I have CONCERNS. Specifically where those tentacles are coming from and where they’re going. Also, are his nether regions just tentacles all the way down? Sarah: It’s a good thing pools are mostly closed. Elyse: That dude needs all the sunscreen. SPF80 at least. Claudia: Is the kraken doing what I am thinking it … Continue reading Cover Snark: Old Skool Surprise

Cover Snark: A Rose By Any Other Name

Neal by Kathi S. Barton. A smooth-bodied, shirtless man with low rise jeans is being stalked in the snow by a tiger

It’s Cover Snark time, y’all! And there’s clearly a theme this time. From Hng: The hair! The abs! The lightning on the abs! The neon purple glow-y haze! The hair! Sarah: I feel so seen. He has quarantimes hair like I do. His has its own weather pattern, though. Amanda: I feel like this is a weird “seeing eye” test. If I stare at it long enough, will it make sense? Sarah: He looks so … Continue reading Cover Snark: A Rose By Any Other Name

Cover Snark: Space Coconut Naptime

It's Getting Hot by Miranda Martin. A baby is asleep in what appears to be half a coconut shell while floating through space.

Let’s all cheers to the last Snark of 2020! Elyse: Here’s a kink I didn’t know existed Tara: NO! Wait, does that mean she’s the butcher AND the violin? Elyse: It’s a complicated existence Maya: Sneezy: Must be NICE to goof off with EXPENSIVE SHIT YOU CAN’T HOLD PROPERLY!!!!! (Seriously, what is that? Was he punching someone in the original photo?) Catherine: Ooh, I don’t like that at all. He looks like he is trying … Continue reading Cover Snark: Space Coconut Naptime

Cover Snark: Best of 2020

NB: This week, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite and our most popular pieces of writing this year. We’ve got a week of best-of posts to share, with reviews, cover snark, sales, and more. We hope you enjoy revisiting our archives, and most of all, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and a happy new year – with all the very best of reading. … Say hello to the … Continue reading Cover Snark: Best of 2020

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