Covers Gone Wild! (Non-Snoop Dogg Edition)

Cover Snark: Moldy Beards & Radioactive Hair

Seals of Honor by Dale Mayer. Three very similar looking men. The one in front is looking down at his crotch, while the other two are behind him looking concerned.

Hey hey, it’s Cover Snark day! Amanda: I just imagine his friends: “Hey, bud. You okay? Wanna talk about it?” Elyse: Is he staring at his own penis and smiling? Claudia: I think he’s peeing and bothered by the other dudes hovering. Amanda: He’s pee shy. Sneezy: They look disconcertingly clone like. Susan: That guy in the seal cover has the look of “Can’t believe I spilled the ENTIRE bottle of water…” Shana: Pee-friend on … Continue reading Cover Snark: Moldy Beards & Radioactive Hair

Cover Snark: Old Skool Surprise

The Heart and the Holly by Nancy Richards Akers. A very old school cover. A woman is embracing a man around the waist on some dangerous seaside rocks, but the man is not wearing any clothes.

Welcome back to Cover Snark, where we looking at covers and well…snark a bit. From Kerri: I saw this cover and I have CONCERNS. Specifically where those tentacles are coming from and where they’re going. Also, are his nether regions just tentacles all the way down? Sarah: It’s a good thing pools are mostly closed. Elyse: That dude needs all the sunscreen. SPF80 at least. Claudia: Is the kraken doing what I am thinking it … Continue reading Cover Snark: Old Skool Surprise

Cover Snark: A Rose By Any Other Name

Neal by Kathi S. Barton. A smooth-bodied, shirtless man with low rise jeans is being stalked in the snow by a tiger

It’s Cover Snark time, y’all! And there’s clearly a theme this time. From Hng: The hair! The abs! The lightning on the abs! The neon purple glow-y haze! The hair! Sarah: I feel so seen. He has quarantimes hair like I do. His has its own weather pattern, though. Amanda: I feel like this is a weird “seeing eye” test. If I stare at it long enough, will it make sense? Sarah: He looks so … Continue reading Cover Snark: A Rose By Any Other Name

Cover Snark: Space Coconut Naptime

It's Getting Hot by Miranda Martin. A baby is asleep in what appears to be half a coconut shell while floating through space.

Let’s all cheers to the last Snark of 2020! Elyse: Here’s a kink I didn’t know existed Tara: NO! Wait, does that mean she’s the butcher AND the violin? Elyse: It’s a complicated existence Maya: Sneezy: Must be NICE to goof off with EXPENSIVE SHIT YOU CAN’T HOLD PROPERLY!!!!! (Seriously, what is that? Was he punching someone in the original photo?) Catherine: Ooh, I don’t like that at all. He looks like he is trying … Continue reading Cover Snark: Space Coconut Naptime

Cover Snark: Best of 2020

NB: This week, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite and our most popular pieces of writing this year. We’ve got a week of best-of posts to share, with reviews, cover snark, sales, and more. We hope you enjoy revisiting our archives, and most of all, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and a happy new year – with all the very best of reading. … Say hello to the … Continue reading Cover Snark: Best of 2020

Cover Snark: Baby Transformers

The Baby Shift: Indiana by Becca Fanning. Lots going on here, folks. A dude is flexing his bicep in a field of branches, while a baby with possessed black eyes and a lion with glowing red eyes hangs out below his waist.

Let’s get ready to…COVER SNAAAAAARK! Elyse: I can’t decide if he woke up with a massive hangover or if some surprise butt stuff is happening. Sarah: He looks annoyed. Like you forgot to close the blinds and he’s really mad about it. Elyse: Oh maybe he was sleeping and the cat just started making the yakking sound! Sarah: The cat most certainly started that noise. That’s the exact look I give. Maya: or like SOMEONE … Continue reading Cover Snark: Baby Transformers

Cover Snark: Ship Shifter

His Forever Kiss by Maddie James. A man in a puffy shirt is trying to kiss a woman, but his sleeve is morphing into a giant ship.

It’s a new week and new Cover Snark! How’re we all feeling?! Tara: I saw this and thought “oh, some kind of romantic thriller?” Nope, contemporary romance. One of them has cancer and falling in love is apparently on her bucket list. I still don’t get that from the cover. Amanda: That’s a pelvis. Maya: Yeah, with the pelvis shot it kinda feels like a set up for a very hacky sex joke a la … Continue reading Cover Snark: Ship Shifter

Cover Snark: Pecs on Blast

The Bratva's Baby by Jane Henry. A headless man is ripping open his sleeveless hoodie.

We’re back with Cover Snark! Take some care this week and don’t forget to vote. From Cayenne: Is it just me, or is it possible that this bratva dude is showing where the Alien baby used to be? Is that the baby in the title? Sarah: That’s not where my c-section scar is but everyone’s body is different. Amanda: Chicks dig alien baby scars Elyse: Personally I like the choice of zippered vest only. It’s … Continue reading Cover Snark: Pecs on Blast

Cover Snark: Snooze

It’s time for Cover Snark. You know the drill! Tara: The mismatch between the cover and the title is baffling to me. It looks like a cute contemporary, but it’s apparently D/s story, and I haven’t come across any fluffy f/f D/s romances. Amanda: I fell asleep while looking at this. Elyse: The background looks like a placeholder for an actual image. Sarah: Please mistress for all our sales let’s get off this piano. Carrie: … Continue reading Cover Snark: Snooze

Cover Snark: Obvious Baggage

It’s Monday and what happens on Mondays? Cover Snark! Elyse: He’s gonna want to have that growth looked at. Amanda: It’s not hidden. It’s right there. I can see it. Sarah: If only all baggage was so clearly visible. Elyse: On the plus side it’s definitely going to fit in the overhead bin. Susan: All I’m getting is Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. Lara: At first I thought he had a parking meter on his … Continue reading Cover Snark: Obvious Baggage

Cover Snark: Donner/Dinner Party

A woman is wearing a weird, silver mask and it looks like the title is The Donner Party

Hey, hey, it’s Cover Snark day! DPZ: For cover snark. Every single time I look at the title, I read it as The Donner Party…which is perhaps not the association you want in an erotica. (She also looks like she can’t breathe in that mask.) Sarah: I thought it said “Donner Party,” too. Tara: So is it the Donner Party meets Eyes Wide Shut? Maya: I’m sorry, I can’t help where my head is at, … Continue reading Cover Snark: Donner/Dinner Party

Cover Snark: Space Junk

Cover Snark is here for your Monday needs! From Katie: I want to submit this for cover snark because??? Sarah: This is…on the nose. Tara: He looks like a headless Ken doll. Amanda: What’d I tell you, space is horny. Sneezy: I’ve heard having that deep ‘V’ is supposed to be some sign of hotness, but it just creeps me out. Makes me think of dolls brought to life, signs of how their legs were … Continue reading Cover Snark: Space Junk

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