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Links: Knitting Scandals, Parody Songs, & More

Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.

It’s our first Wednesday Links of June! Happy Pride everybody! Both my partner and I are queer people, so we’re trying to nail down our Pride plans. We’re very torn between going to a Pride celebration and seeing a coworker’s queer colorguard performance in a parade or honestly, being introverts and celebrating amongst ourselves in front of our AC unit. Warm temps in New England aren’t the kindest when you live on the second and … Continue reading Links: Knitting Scandals, Parody Songs, & More

Help A Bitch Out - SOLVED!

HaBO: Fire at the Theatre

This HaBO comes from Isabella, who wants to find this historical romance: The details are hazy but I remember the hero was some kind of gardener but also maybe nobility? And he was rebuilding something akin to Covent Garden or Vaxhall Gardens after a fire. It might even have explicitly been Covent Garden… There was a scene of him in the garden doing gardenery stuff with his shirt getting soaked through from the rain. I … Continue reading HaBO: Fire at the Theatre

Hide Your Wallet

Hide Your Wallet: June 6th Release Week!

June has kicked off with a pretty exciting release day! Lots of books by SBTB favorite authors are making the cut. One book is already rumored to have a Netflix deal! We’ll see you again next Tuesday! What books are you waiting to arrive on your e-reader today? Tell us below!

Cover Awe: Images within Images

Lavender House by Lev AC Rosen. A lavender wallpaper with filigree and stalks of lavender. Brown bunnies sprint across the paper, but one appears to be dead. There is a silhouette of a woman's profile projected onto the wallpaper.

Are we ready to look at some interesting covers?! Cover design by Samira Iravani Cover photography by Lee Avison/Trevillon Images Sarah: GORGEOUS. Vengeance, and that cover, are both sweet. Amanda: Yes! The mask and smirk are selling it. Elyse: I love the smirk. Sarah: It’s making me want to both seek revenge and become a fancy hat kind of person. Sneezy: Ugh The mask and hat tilt is so dashing. “Do I want to be … Continue reading Cover Awe: Images within Images

The Rec League: A Father’s Day Request

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old book

This timely request comes from Tara: A few years ago I gave my father Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh as a retirement gift, not mentioning that it’s considered a romance. He loved it and has read all of the Guild Hunter and Psy/Changeling series. I’ve also introduced him to Sarah J Maas, Thea Harrison, and he’s currently hooked on Shelly Laurenston. I’m looking to introduce him to another romance author this Father’s Day, any suggestions? … Continue reading The Rec League: A Father’s Day Request

Links: Yarn, Video Games, & More

Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.

Hey, all! It’s Wednesday links time! How was your weekend? I finally moved the last of my furniture from my old apartment and I feel such relief. There are a few things to wrap up still, like donating other pieces of furniture left behind and cleaning, but the most stressful part is done. Now I can unpack my extensive candle collection and get to burnin’. (Also…the books. Dear god, the books.) … From Nakia at I … Continue reading Links: Yarn, Video Games, & More

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