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Remember that romance you read back in the day? Remember how she wore a blue dress? Remember how he could secretly talk to plants? Yeah? Is that all you remember?

Never fear! The Bitchery knows EVERYTHING, and we are here to Help a Bitch Out. Tell us everything you remember and commenters will work together to try and figure out a title and author you can take to the bookshop.

Not every HaBO has a happy ending, though—at least not yet! But you can help. Here are all the Unsolved Cases of bitches not yet helped. Take a look at the headlines and see if it one rings a bell. If you have more information, get in there and leave a comment!

If the case is cold, and the comments are closed, contact Sarah with the link to the post, and your “Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with the Rope.”

Unsolved: Cold Case Files

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