April 2021 New Releases, Part Two

Our TBRs are reaching record heights this month. What books in April are you excited about?

Links: Marvel Birds, Josh, & More

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It’s May! Welcome! Things are puttering along here, though I’ll be flying to Florida over the weekend to visit my parents. It’s been over a year since I last saw them after having to head down there last June for some not great reasons. However, I have my masks and I’m fully vaxxed. I’m interested in seeing how flight travel may or may not have changed since then. Let’s see if I remember how to … Continue reading Links: Marvel Birds, Josh, & More

Books On Sale

Star Wars, Historical Mysteries, & More

Books on Sale: Goddess with a Blade by Lauren Dane & More

Goddess with a Blade by Lauren Dane is $2.99! This is an urban fantasy novel with an ass-kicking heroine and vampires. Readers complain that it’s slow to start, which I think is a common problem with any first book in a new UF series. Many, though, loved the heroine and thought she had a great blend of humor, badassery, and sexiness.

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Book Review

The Nature of a Lady by Roseanna M. White

The Nature of a Lady

The Nature of a Lady is a gorgeous story full of secrets and treasure hunts and mysteries and adventure, with a very sweet central romance and a strong sense of place. It is also that rare gem, an Inspirational romance that really works for me both as a romance and on a theological level, while also being just a really good read. Lady Elizabeth Sinclair has never been good at fitting in where she is … Continue reading The Nature of a Lady by Roseanna M. White

Help A Bitch Out

HaBO: Hero Thinks She’s a Witch

This HaBO comes from Katy, who is hoping to track this category romance: I have a Help a Bitch Out request for a book I can’t remember the title or author of. A book I vaguely remember reading had a heroine who wore all black all the time – like, the book describes her closet and drawers full of black clothes – and the hero for a little while thinks she might be a witch … Continue reading HaBO: Hero Thinks She’s a Witch

Book Review

Star Wars: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray

Star Wars The High Republic: Into the Dark

This review was brought to you in high-definition and surround sound by Crystal Anne with An E. Crystal is a Hufflepuff who works as an autism consultant by day and goes to Library School at night. She reads a lot, she cross-stitches a lot, and is always ready to make someone a reading list. NB: This book is currently .99 digitally for May the 4th! … Guess who’s back? This time with bonus Grogu gifs! … Continue reading Star Wars: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray

Help A Bitch Out - SOLVED!

HaBO: He’s Inventing a New Engine

No! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This is a HaBO! For May, we’re trying something a bit different and that’s to run one HaBO bright and early in the morning, and then one later in the afternoon depending on what content we have lined up on Tuesdays. This HaBO is from Lenny, who is looking for a historical romance: Here is the book I’m looking for and can’t remember the title or find searching google. … Continue reading HaBO: He’s Inventing a New Engine

Book Review

The Nightborn by Isabel Cooper

The Nightborn

The Nightborn is just a whole heap of fun, and was precisely what I was in the mood for this week. It straddles the genres of high fantasy and romance, and balances these elements beautifully, providing both a satisfying romance and a nicely twisty high fantasy plot. Branwyn is a Sentinel, a magically-enhanced warrior bound to a spirit sword and tasked with fighting demons and other monsters. She is sent on an errand of diplomacy … Continue reading The Nightborn by Isabel Cooper

Cover Awe: Such Good Hair

Leather and Lace by Rebel Carter. Two women stand in a field with a coppery sky (sunset maybe?). One has gorgeous, shiny red hair and the other has platinum blonde pixie cut. Also shiny.

It’s pretty cover time! Cover design by Tammy Seidick Tara: I think this is the first cover from a lesfic publisher that made me say “whoa”. I really like the use of colour on it. Carrie: WHOA The color, the blocking – it looks so clean and modern and also sultry as hell. Tara: Right?! I’m in love. Susan: Oh I like that! Catherine: So dramatic! Amanda: Would love to see this as part of … Continue reading Cover Awe: Such Good Hair

Books On Sale

Anthologies, Pop Stars, & More

Books on Sale: The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan & More

The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan is $2.99! It’s also a Kindle Daily Deal. Sarah mentioned this one a previous Hide Your Wallet and was excited about the mention of Gilded Age witches. I’ve been so curious about Morgan’s books and their ability to blend historical settings, family dynamics, and magic.

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Other Media Review

Game Review: Hades

If you follow video games at all, you’ve almost certainly heard of Hades. It was named Game of the Year by many people and publications, and for good reason. It’s impeccably written, has interesting characters, and it’s fun as hell (heh) to play, making it a seriously compelling game. And it’s addictive! So much so, that it’s directly responsible for my buying a Nintendo Switch Lite, so I didn’t have to fight with my kids … Continue reading Game Review: Hades

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