April 2021 New Releases, Part One

There are SO MANY BOOKS in April that we're gleeful about. Here are our lists for the first half of April - what books are on your shopping list?

Other Media Review

Squee: Bachelor New Zealand

Romance fans, there is a version The Bachelor that isn’t terrible! Let’s visit New Zealand, where at least one man will fall for you when a koala poops in your belly button. My reading took a nosedive as we hit the March pandemic anniversaries, so I turned to television. Every season I try to enjoy The Bachelor, and most years I angrily give up midway and read Elyse’s recaps instead. I want my dating shows … Continue reading Squee: Bachelor New Zealand

Lightning Reviews: Libraries & Romantic Suspense

Hey hey, it’s Lightning Reviews time! If you’re new to the site, this is where we run a couple reviews at a time that are on the shorter side at around 500 words or less. Sometimes you read something and there isn’t enough to say to fill up a full review, and that’s okay! This time, we have nonfiction and romantic suspense!

Hide Your Wallet

Book Beat: Book Club Recs, Shifters, & More

Welcome to Book Beat! Book Beat aims to highlight other books that we may hear about through friends, social media, or other sources. We could see a gorgeous ad! Or find a new-to-us author on a list of underrated romances! Think of Book Beat as Teen Beat or Tiger Beat, but for books. And no staples to open to get the fold-out poster.

Books On Sale

Historical Mysteries, Scotland, & More

Books on Sale: Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn & More

RECOMMENDED: Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn is $1.99! This book and series has been mentioned quite a bit on the site. Elyse recommended it if you like historical mysteries. Reader StacieH4 mentioned it for those who prefer their romance light on sex, and Reader Tina Chaney said on a podcast that the book has one of her favorite opening lines. Have you read it?

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Netflix Rec: Thunder Force

Thunder Force movie poster with McCarthy and Spencer in their black superhero outfits

It is deeply rare that all four of the humans who reside in my home enjoy the same piece of entertainment. I think the last time this happened, we were watching Good Omens. Thunder Force is nothing like Good Omens except that all four of us had a terrific time watching it, and I was as immensely pleased with myself for selecting it for our Friday night pizza and a movie. It is ideal “watch … Continue reading Netflix Rec: Thunder Force


453. Uzma Jalaluddin and Hana Khan Carries On – with Bonus COVID Vaccine Info with Dr. Jen Gunter

Uzma Jalaluddin joins Amanda and me to talk about Hana Khan Carries On, which caused one of us some Bad Decisions Book Club membership. We discuss the book (no spoilers, don’t worry!) and the fabulous podcasting heroine, Hana, who’s got a You’ve Got Mail kind of relationship with the owner of a rival Halal restaurant. We cover representation, gorgeous cover art, and writing about characters finding and using their voices. It’s so much fun – … Continue reading 453. Uzma Jalaluddin and Hana Khan Carries On – with Bonus COVID Vaccine Info with Dr. Jen Gunter

Books On Sale

Contemporary Romances & Historical Fiction

Books on Sale: The Arctic Fury by Greer Macallister & More

RECOMMENDED: The Arctic Fury by Greer Macallister is $1.99! Carrie gave this historical mystery a B+. It’s also a KDD!

I loved this book. It kept me in suspense and when it was over I wanted to read it again. It sent me down many Google rabbit holes, which is my favorite kind of book. I recommend this for people who aren’t averse to ambiguity, who like stories of adventure and exploration as well as intersectional examinations of women’s lives, and to people who like mystery/thrillers.

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