Romantic Times Rewind: September 2002 Reviews

Did you read any Avon True Romances? Are you going caving?

Hide Your Wallet

Book Beat: Astrology Romance, a Thriller, & More

Welcome to Book Beat! Book Beat aims to highlight other books that we may hear about through friends, social media, or other sources. We could see a gorgeous ad! Or find a new-to-us author on a list of underrated romances! Think of Book Beat as Teen Beat or Tiger Beat, but for books. And no staples to open to get the fold-out poster.


619. RT Rewind: September 2002 Reviews

We asked our Patreon community to vote on this month’s issue, and September 2002 won by a wide margin. So let’s dive into the book reviews, shall we? There are strange subcategories and overlapping genres, and also color-conscious aliens and amnesia, too. Plus, we talk a bit about one of the best lines Avon ever produced. Don’t miss the visual aids, because some of the covers are something.

Romantic Times Rewind: September 2002 Reviews

Smart Podcast Trashy Books Romantic Times Rewind

In this week’s podcast episode, we’re looking at the book reviews for the September 2002 issue of RT Magazine. Thank you to Mari, the Romance Girl for this issue! You can also find all the RTRW content at our category page for Romantic Times Rewind.  And, most importantly, if you want to listen and follow along with this entry, we have more detail in the audio, but you can click play and listen and read and … Continue reading Romantic Times Rewind: September 2002 Reviews

The Rec League: Emotionally Competent Historical Romances

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old book

This Rec League request is from SBTB reviewer, Kiki! I’ve been stuck in a loop of reading a lot of historicals that can be summarized as “this deeply emotionally traumatized man is actively saying that he is unable to love me/is not nice to me, BUT I love who he used to be/who I imagine him to be SO I’m just going to heal him with my love and there are no consequences for his … Continue reading The Rec League: Emotionally Competent Historical Romances

Links: Ursula K. Le Guin, Fundraising, & More

Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.

Welcome back to Wednesday Links! Two out of my three June weddings to attend are complete! Only one more to go next week and I am thankful to have a casual weekend in between. ‘Tis the season! Did any of my fellow cozy gamers catch the latest Wholesome Direct? I was traveling and haven’t gotten around to watching it, but if you did, I want to know if you saw anything worth wishlisting! … REMINDER: … Continue reading Links: Ursula K. Le Guin, Fundraising, & More

Lightning Review

Thrive Where You’re Planted by Andrea Debbink

Thrive Where You’re Planted

I started working at a local nature center about a year ago, and since then I’ve delighted in being more aware of the nature that inhabits my yard, fills apartment window boxes, and struggles through sidewalk cracks. Thrive Where You’re Planted: A Guided Journal to Help You Connect with the Natural Wonders in Your Neighborhood is a lovely exercise book for those of us who want to become more aware of the natural world around whether … Continue reading Thrive Where You’re Planted by Andrea Debbink

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