January 2022 New Releases, Part One

Happy new year! Happy new books! What's on your shopping list?

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January is coming to an end already. And then it’s time for the worst month of the year! At least for New England. There’s just something about the winter in February that just…sucks. In continuing with my theme of giving things I can look forward to each month, February will be finishing my tattoo! I’ll be getting the color and shading done and I’m so stoked to see what the artist has planned. Then in … Continue reading Links: Sleepy Podcasts, Newsletters, & More

Elyse Watches The Bachelor–S26 E3: There Are No Rules

Elyse Watches The Bachelor with Kraken Rum and Coke

There was no Bachelor last week due to sportsball, but the weirdness is back tonight and Pudding and I are ready. Well, I am anyway. Pudding is currently having an intense meeting with her stuffed animals, possibly warning them that they better be here for the right reasons. Last week Cassidy revealed she had someone she was hooking up with before she went on the show and that she went on the show to make him … Continue reading Elyse Watches The Bachelor–S26 E3: There Are No Rules

Book Review

The Donut Trap by Julie Tieu

The Donut Trap

The Donut Trap is a New Adult romance with strong coming of age themes. Jasmine’s parents sacrificed and suffered so that their children would have better lives, but at times, Jasmine feels like she and her brother are the sacrifices. They feel bowed down under a weight of expectation and obligation, and the result is that they both resort to hiding important parts of their lives from their parents. A year or so after finishing … Continue reading The Donut Trap by Julie Tieu

Help A Bitch Out

HaBO: Bakery Owner with Suspenseful Past

This HaBO comes from Michelle. Content warning for the description below: Its a contemporary romance I read around like 2007 or so, and it was pretty recent. A woman is at this fancy government party in a foreign country, I think. I don’t remember what her job was. She has to go to the bathroom. She’s at the sink washing her hands, and all of a sudden a group of terrorists with big guns come … Continue reading HaBO: Bakery Owner with Suspenseful Past

Book Review

Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Weather Girl

Weather Girl is a rom-com that manages to stay sweet and funny despite tackling some serious subject matter. I found this book to be charming and relatable, and I especially enjoyed the mature communication between the two leads. Ari Abrams loves being a meteorologist, but hates the constant conflict between her boss (the weather reporter, Torrance Hale), and Torrance’s ex (Seth, the station director). After a particularly awful and grossly unprofessional fight between Torrance and … Continue reading Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Lightning Review

The Dating Dilemma by Mariah Ankenman

The Dating Dilemma

The Dating Dilemma is a fun, sexy contemporary romantic comedy about learning to ask for the things you need in life. Lexi is on a six month break from dating, because her boyfriends always take advantage of her giving personality. But when a hot fireman turns up to perform a safety inspection at the youth centre where she is the Assistant Director…well, even if one isn’t dating, one can enjoy looking. Dylan, the hot fireman … Continue reading The Dating Dilemma by Mariah Ankenman

Get Rec’d with Amanda – Volume 10

Welcome back! Are y’all ready for more recommendations? For those who don’t know, I talk about books a lot in various corners of the book world from working at an independent bookstore to writing freelance book reviews. Here are some titles I recommended to readers in the last couple weeks. Did you get any good recommendations lately? Let me know!

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