May 2022 New Releases, Part Two

So! Many! Awesome! Books! What's on your shopping list for the rest of May? Tell us about all your books!

Links: Emma Thompson, Our Flag Means Death, & More

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Welcome back to Wednesday Links! How have you all been?! The allergies have finally hit. They’ve hit so hard that I was in tears because of the sinus pressure and spent most of Monday night in a dark room with a compress over my eyes, breathing out of my mouth, listening to podcasts. My partner stepped in to cook dinner and be a lovely caretaker that night. They were very supportive of my wallowing. We’re … Continue reading Links: Emma Thompson, Our Flag Means Death, & More

Book Review

Star Wars: The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray

Star Wars: The Fallen Star

Crystal Anne With An E comes to us from a sunny clime, though she is an indoor cat that prefers to remain pale. She is an autism consultant by day, and recently completed a degree in information science, mostly because she could and it was fun. She likes to read (obviously), watch TV while cross-stitching something geeky, play video games, beg her plants not to die in the hell heat of summer, and walk while … Continue reading Star Wars: The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray

Help A Bitch Out

HaBO: He Carves Her Nativity Figurines

This HaBO comes from Aly, who is hoping to find this romance: I cross-posted this on r/whatsthatbook as well but I’m just hoping to find an answer! I remember reading this book while I was in junior high or high school, so about 2008-2012. I don’t believe it was terribly old at that time but I can’t be sure because my friend and I used to borrow from her grandma’s romance stash. Her grandma worked … Continue reading HaBO: He Carves Her Nativity Figurines

Book Review

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May

Wild and Wicked Things

Wild and Wicked Things is a fantasy novel of magic and mayhem on fictional Crow Island, where a group of young people throw endless, Gatsby-esque parties in the aftermath of WWI and practice illegal magic. I loved the imagery and the portrayal of the English side of the Lost Generation – the parties are equally beautiful and hollow, tainted by grief and cynicism. However, I found the book to be maddeningly repetitive and the characters … Continue reading Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May

Books On Sale

A Freebie, a Boxed Set, & More

Books on Sale: You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle & More

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle is $2.99! This contemporary romance was featured in a previous Hide Your Wallet by both Aarya and Catherine. I’ve heard good things about this one from fellow romance readers, though some did find the barbs the leads throw at one another to be particularly mean at times.

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Lightning Review

Flesh and Stone by Emily Hemenway

Flesh and Stone

Flesh and Stone is a gargoyle romance, by which I mean that it is a romance between a human man who is turned into a gargoyle by a wicked witch, and a human woman. Also there is time travel, sort of. I longed for something truly weird, and it was kind of weird…but it failed to either be the kind of super incredible that makes you go “Oh wow, this is good!” or the kind … Continue reading Flesh and Stone by Emily Hemenway

Hide Your Wallet

May 2022 New Releases, Part Two

If you’re new to Hide Your Wallet, this is where we list new releases we’re pretty excited for in the coming month. Each reviewer has a book maximum (five per person), and we’ve separated HYW into two parts. The first HYW of the month will cover books that release from the 1st to the 14th. The second HYW will cover books released from the 15th to the end of the month. We also think this … Continue reading May 2022 New Releases, Part Two

Books On Sale

New Adult Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, & More

Books on Sale: If You Dare by Kresley Cole & More

If You Dare by Kresley Cole is $1.99! This is the first book in the MacCarrick Brothers series. Readers might be more familiar with Cole’s paranormal romances, but she started with writing historical romances. Cole typically writes Alpha heroes and this book is no exception. It has a 3.9-star rating on Goodreads.

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