September’s New Releases, Part Two

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Mysteries, Sci-Fi, & More

Books on Sale: Beach Read by Emily Henry & More

RECOMMENDED: Beach Read by Emily Henry is $1.99! Thanks to everyone who let us know about this one. Catherine gave it an A:

I love this book. It does take you down into the darkness at times, but it leads you out again, and shows you the path so that you will be able to find it next time. It is sweet and sharp and clever and extremely funny and it left me with a happy sigh and a smile on my face.

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Cover Snark: Obvious Baggage

It’s Monday and what happens on Mondays? Cover Snark! Elyse: He’s gonna want to have that growth looked at. Amanda: It’s not hidden. It’s right there. I can see it. Sarah: If only all baggage was so clearly visible. Elyse: On the plus side it’s definitely going to fit in the overhead bin. Susan: All I’m getting is Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. Lara: At first I thought he had a parking meter on his … Continue reading Cover Snark: Obvious Baggage

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Kindle Daily Deals, Loretta Chase, & More

Books on Sale: The Bride Test by Helen Hoang & More

RECOMMENDED: The Bride Test by Helen Hoang is $1.99! This is part of today’s Kindle Daily Deals. I loved this book so much and gave it an A-:

The Bride Test is so beautiful and Hoang was right when she said it was impossible not to love Esme. She’s tenacious and battles against her fear of failure, of judgement, and of her own self-doubt, to become this confident and self-assured woman. This Bride Test has only solidified my love for Hoang’s romances; they are truly a gift to the genre.

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Book Review

Like Lovers Do by Tracey Livesay

Like Lovers Do

I found Like Lovers Do, which is the second book in the Girls’ Trip series, to be frustrating. I like the focus on friendship and work/life balance in this series, but wow, did this book make me want to plead, “GET SOME THERAPY!” I admired many things about the characters but their inability to manage relationships made me want to scream, as did the evil ex-girlfriend character. This series is about a group of Black … Continue reading Like Lovers Do by Tracey Livesay

Book Review

The Silence of Bones by June Hur

The Silence of Bones

Through reading (and loving) The Silence of Bones I’ve realized something about myself as a reader: I can tolerate a lot of dark, violent content in a book if the prose is pretty enough. And while the poetic prose is a definite selling point, the fact that The Silence of Bones is also an impeccably crafted mystery with amazing character work and an arc of profound hopefulness cemented its place in my heart as the … Continue reading The Silence of Bones by June Hur

Whatcha Reading? September 2020 Edition, Part One

The woman in yellow coat jeans and boots sitting under the maple tree with a red book and cup of coffee or tea in fall city park on a warm day. Autumn golden leaves. Reading concept. Close up.

Hi. Yes. It’s Whatcha Reading time. If you’re new or new-ish, this is where we talk about what we’ve been reading: all the hits, misses, and everything in between. Sarah: I’m reading: Tales from the Folly by Ben Aaronovich, a collection of short stories from the Peter Grant series. Peter seems to be my exception to my disinterest in reading any law enforcement characters at the moment. There’s one short story that takes place in … Continue reading Whatcha Reading? September 2020 Edition, Part One

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Nora Roberts, Sports Romance, & More

Books on Sale: The Lord I Left by Scarlett Peckham & More

RECOMMENDED: The Lord I Left by Scarlett Peckham is $1.99! Thanks for everyone who let us know about this sale. I believe it’s best to read this series in order, rather than as standalones. Claudia gave this one a B+:

There was a lot to like and enjoy: plenty of funny and tender moments, thoughtful discussions, and some of my favorite setups in romance, including an “one room at the inn” scenario. 

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Book Review

Secret Crush Seduction by Jayci Lee

Secret Crush Seduction

After really enjoying the first book in the Heirs of Hansol series, Temporary Wife Temptation, I regret to report that I found Secret Crush Seduction to be disappointing. That’s not to say there weren’t elements I enjoyed, but I spent far too much reading time trying to parse out the backstory between the characters and decide if various elements of the plot were making me uncomfortable or not. Secret Crush Seduction follows the younger sister … Continue reading Secret Crush Seduction by Jayci Lee


422. More Psychic Pining and Real Psychic Conversations with Amanda!

Amanda’s back with your recommendations for romances psychic pining, plus discussions of making graham crackers, macaroni and cheese and soup. Yes, I will share recipes. Basically we intersperse talking about book recs and talking about food and recipes, with a side trip to psychics having sex. Then, remember episode 417 from early August with psychic Carol Cotrell? Amanda made an appointment with her and shares what her experience was like. We talk a little bit … Continue reading 422. More Psychic Pining and Real Psychic Conversations with Amanda!

Books On Sale

Urban Fantasy, Historical Romance, & More

Books on Sale: Wolfsong by T.J. Klune & More

Wolfsong by TJ Klune is $2.99 at Amazon! This book and Klune’s writing in particular have been recommended on previous podcast episodes. This a paranormal m/m romance and it has an astounding 4.4 rating on Goodreads. And for Klune fans, he has a lot of new releases coming up through now and 2021 (at least five!).

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