August 2022 New Releases, Part One

One more month of hot summer reading! What's on your list?

Other Media Review

Movie Review: Fire Island

When I saw the half-naked men in promos for gay rom-com Fire Island, I erroneously assumed it was a reality dating show. That placed Fire Island in my mental queue just after finishing Love is Blind Brazil. Meaning moderately high, but not at the top of my To Watch list. But then Sarah told me it was actually a reinterpretation of Pride and Prejudice about a group of friends who vacation stay with their lesbian … Continue reading Movie Review: Fire Island


523. Summer Reading (and Shoe) Recs with Amanda

In the words of a spam comment, we have some nice and valuable content! Amanda and I are catching up. What are we talking about? Shoes we are trying to break in, video games we are playing, and all the books we’ve been reading this summer! Amanda’s into sci-fi mysteries, and I’ve read a whole bunch of different genres. Grab a beverage and come visit with us! What about you? What books have rocked your … Continue reading 523. Summer Reading (and Shoe) Recs with Amanda

Books On Sale

A Couple KDDs, Witches, & More

Books on Sale: Book Boyfriend by Kris Ripper & More

Book Boyfriend by Kris Ripper is $2.99! This is a bookish, gay contemporary romance. Ripper’s books have been routinely recommending in the comments and by Tara. However, this one isn’t rated as highly as some of Ripper’s others on Goodreads.

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The Rec League: More Action Adventure Romance

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old book

This Rec League comes from Catherine: Saw the trailer Lost City of D and so excited for an adventure rom-com. It looks awesome! Curious if there are any comedy-adventure-romance books out there people would recommend? Amanda: We did a similar Rec League back in 2014, but maybe there’s something new since then! Sarah: Roxanne St. Claire’s FBI/Bullet Catchers after often big on the world travel/adventure aspects. The Last Mile by Kat Martin seems to fit … Continue reading The Rec League: More Action Adventure Romance

Links: Paddington, Beyonce, & More

Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.

Hey hey! It’s Wednesday! I’m currently listening to a chunky fly buzz around my room, while my cat Linus does not give two single fucks about it. The heat is about to break in New England (yay!) and just in time for me to attend an Emo Night concert. Gonna bust out the spiked jewelry and band t-shirts and I’m really excited. Sometimes, your girl just has to dance. I’m sure some of you get … Continue reading Links: Paddington, Beyonce, & More

Books On Sale

Graphic Novels, Holiday Romances, & More

Books on Sale: Scandal Never Sleeps by Shayla Black & More

RECOMMENDEDScandal Never Sleeps by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake is $3.99! Elyse read this one and really enjoyed it, though she did find it hard to classify in terms of genre:

I was pleasantly surprised by Scandal Never Sleeps. It was the hot contemporary I wanted but with a side of delicious mystery, and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next in Seduction in Session.

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What are Your Favorite Images and Memes?

a sea turtle with its arms folded like it is saying NOPE.

I have never been great at always having The Perfect Image ready for a given conversation. Some people are SO GOOD at that, and I can only appreciate their visual hilarity. I do have a few that I absolutely adore and keep as my favorites, though. And I thought it might be fun to share some our faves and ask about yours! What memes and images do you keep on your phone for frequent or … Continue reading What are Your Favorite Images and Memes?

Books On Sale

Cupids, Contemporary Romance, & More

Books on Sale: The Frangipani Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu & More

RECOMMENDED: The Frangipani Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu is 99c! You may have seen this mentioned on the site recently because Sarah is reading through the series. Here’s what she has to say:

I really enjoyed this one – the setting, historical period, and mix of cultures were new to me and wonderfully absorbing, and I really like the heroine, who is trying to see through everyone’s BS, and learning that she has some barriers to her own BS detection  that need to be removed. She also has master levels of polyglot, so she can communicate across so many cultural lines, and translate through and beneath them – it’s a terrific story.

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Help A Bitch Out - SOLVED!

HaBO: Dad Pulls Some Strings to Get Daughter into Fancy Daycare

This HaBO is from Stacie, who wants to find this contemporary romance: The book I’m looking for is contemporary. It’s a baby on the doorstep book with a wealthy father and a daycare owner. The daycare owner is not the mother. The baby is dropped on the father’s doorstep and he calls for a nanny or something panicking. His fancy building actually houses the premier daycare for the city so someone comes right away. It’s … Continue reading HaBO: Dad Pulls Some Strings to Get Daughter into Fancy Daycare

Book Review

The Romance Recipe by Ruby Barrett

The Romance Recipe

Amy owns a restaurant on the brink of failure. She’s done everything she can think of to save her dream, but even hiring a reality-show runner-up as her chef isn’t enough to save it. Sure, Sophie’s even hotter in person than she was on TV (and she was plenty hot there), but she’s turned out to be quiet and uninspiring in the kitchen. If Sophie’s learned one thing from the spotlight, it’s that she just … Continue reading The Romance Recipe by Ruby Barrett

Cover Snark: MVP

Alien Pilot Needs a Nanny by Tasha Black. A shirtless and striped blue man has his military jacket unbuttoned. In his arms is a striped, blue little girl wearing a dress in the same military jacket material. She has a severe bob haircut.

Welcome back to Cover Snark! Let’s get into it. Susan: Ma’am – ma’am, I need you to stop right there and put down the disembodied hand. Wait, no, it’s a coffee, I retract that snark and go back to my original “Did you know you’ve got a tree in your hair”. Amanda: I love that in the terms of fading in and out of time, the coffee cup is the last or rather first thing … Continue reading Cover Snark: MVP

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