Cover Snark: Best of 2023

NB: This week, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite and our most popular pieces of writing this year. We’ve got a week of best-of posts to share, with reviews, cover snark, and more. We hope you enjoy revisiting our archives, and most of all, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and a happy new year – with all the very best of reading.

Say hello to the top five Cover Snark posts of 2023! These are the most viewed Snark posts from last December to now! It’s such a joy to put these together and I hope you all get as much joy from reading them.

Let’s count them down!


Lone Wolf's Claim by L.E. Wilson. Most of the cover is black and white except for a random swath of blue in one corner. A long-haired man is looking over his shoulder and he looks very similar to actor Jake Gyllenhaal. A black wolf prowls behind him.5. Apologies to Jake Gyllenhaal (July 10)

You know it’s going to be a good Cover Snark when we’re all trying to decide which famous actor or actress a model resembles. There are also wolves, lions, and nipples – oh my!

Best reader comment is from DiscoDollyDeb:

Because I’m an old lady AND a disco dolly, it will come as no surprise that “Jake” actually puts me in mind of 1970s era Barry Gibb of the BeeGees. I don’t know the model’s name, but he’s popping up on SBTB all the time recently because he’s also on the cover of Felice Stevens’s IN A NEW YORK MINUTE—which, while I know is being advertised on the site and you don’t want to buy the hand that feeds you, could easily qualify for its own cover snark entry since it looks like “Jake/Barry” is either showing off his underarms or overwhelmed by the odor emanating from his pits.

/Leaves the room, shaking it to “Staying Alive”


My Season of Scandal by Julie Anne Long. A photography cover. A man is embracing a woman from behind in a golden bedroom. He has on dark pants and an un buttoned shirt. She is wearing a red, off the shoulder dress, and has brown, wavy hair. Her eyes are closed and she's leaning against him. He's looking directly at us with his right eyebrow raised and a floppy bang hanging over his forehead.4. What a Smarmy Face (October 9)

Many of us had such a strong reaction to one particular cover model’s face. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Cover Snark without a peek-a-boo nipple, right?

Best reader comment is from Kimberly:

My friend’s husband has what I call Resting Douche Face. I’ve never met him in person and I have no reason to think he’s anything but a good guy, but in every picture I’ve ever seen he looks like a half-tanked frat boy laughing at his own idiotic prank. Not quite the same expression as the JAL cover, but the exact same vibe.




Asterion by Alessa Thorn. A grumpy shirtless dude is tied up with a fiery lasso in a lake of lava. Seems pretty normal to me!3. We Have Llamas (April 10)

RJ Blain’s wild urban fantasy novels make an appearance because, come on, like we’re going to pass up an opportunity to talk about llamas on a book cover.

Best reader comment is from FashionablyEvil:

The Greek letters on ASTERION are killing me. That’s a sigma and a theta, not an E and an O.

“Ths Cthurt Thf Ths Undsrwthld”





Drunk on Love by S.L. Scott. A martini glass is position right in front of a man's crotch. Inside appears to be some sort of radioactive yellow and hot pink liquid splashing up.2. Leave Room for Jesus (March 27)

Bendy legs are always a classic for Cover Snark! But so are crotch splash zones and lens flares – we have both in this edition!

Best reader comment is from Zuzus:

I’m sorry, but are we skimming over “A Cock Tales Romantic Comedy”? Does he shape shift into a rooster? Is that his comb in the glass?





Bucked by the Alien by Loki Renard. A shirtless man with 800 abs and curved horns. He's surrounded by radioactive green swirls and goats in accessories like a bowtie and a face mask.1. I’m So Sorry (March 13)

This is a collection that gets more and more bizarre as your scroll down, going from weird to downright horrifying. Yes, I did feel like it warranted an apology.

Best reader comment is from the aptly named OuchOuchOuch:

Once, in the 1980s, my cousin and I decided that we wanted to have a rodeo. We are not American to begin with and we were forbidden to go near the cattle, so we tried it with goats instead. It was fun until I got a goat horn up my nose, which undoubtedly served me right, but 30-odd years later I still can’t breathe properly through that nostril so frankly, TLDR, I want to warn the main characters in “Bucked by the Alien” that no orgasm is worth a deviated septum.


And that’s our top five! What do you think? Did you have any Cover Snark favorites this year?

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  1. Kareni says:

    Thank you for a year’s worth of Cover Snarking! It was fun to revisit these posts.

  2. denise says:

    It was a fantastic year of Cover Snark and I love the top five.

  3. Zuzus says:

    It’s a true honor to have my comment selected. Happy 2024, Bitches! ♥️

  4. Kolforin says:

    Ooh, somehow I missed “We Have Llamas”. New-to-me Cover Snark!

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