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HaBO: Sexy Glove Removal Scene

This HaBO request is from author Delphine Dryden, who is scouring the earth for this historical romance:

Big fan, long time reader, first time HABO applicant.

This one has been driving me nuts for years, because the one scene I remember from this book is my second favorite sexy glove-removal scene of all time (the favorite, of course, being Dain’s removal of Jessica’s glove in Lord of Scoundrels). I would love to read the book again…if only I could remember what book it came from.

The scene I recall involves a glove removal during a typical courting drive in an open carriage, probably in Hyde Park. The glove in question is green; I believe it was pale green embroidered with roses (the description stuck with me because it reminded me of the line from Gigi where the titular character says she’d like a Nile green silk corset with pink rococo roses embroidered on the garters).

I’ve searched a few Loretta Chase books, a lot of Sarah MacLean, some Eloisa James, and a little Meredith Duran…plus others here and there. I wouldn’t rule any of those authors out, though. Based on my general predilections, it is most likely a book set no earlier than the Georgian era and no later than the late Victorian, which I realize doesn’t narrow it down much.

Help me, Bitches, you’re my only hope!

Can we track down the sexy glove scene?!


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  1. alexa z says:

    Sarah MacLean’s A Scot in the Dark has a very sexy glove removal scene in a carriage, but I think it’s after a ball rather than during the afternoon, and I don’t remember a description of the gloves. Still, if one is collecting sexy glove removal scenes…

  2. HeatherT says:

    The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton has a very sexy glove scene in a carriage, replayed to perfection by Michelle Pfeifer and Daniel Day Lewis in the 1993 movie.

  3. LJO says:

    Following. So very following.

  4. Kareni says:

    From the HABO title I thought immediately of Lord of Scoundrels; that was a fun read! I await the replies with interest.

  5. HeatherT says:

    I also note that Dukes Prefer Blonds by Loretta Chase has a sexy scene in a carriage that tangentially involves gloves, but I don’t think that is the right one.

  6. WS says:

    Venetia removes her gloves in Beguiling the Beauty, but they’re kidskin, not green with embroidery.

  7. Del Dryden says:

    It definitely isn’t A scot in the Dark (although clearly I should read that), or Lord of Scoundrels (I have THAT sexy glove removal scene indelibly inked upon my brain like a delightful mental tattoo). Edith Wharton is right out except, of course, in the pursuit of sexy glove scenes in general. That did make me stop and wonder, though, about stuff I don’t normally read and if this might actually be from a Georgette Heyer…

    I will definitely search Beguiling the Beauty! That sounds promising.

    Thank you all! Someday, someday, I’ll find this dang green glove scene.

  8. Viktória says:

    If we talk sexy glove scenes, Untie My Heart by Judith Ivory has one of the best I have ever read, but the glove’s colour and the situation doesn’t match with the HABO. Worth a read though, I remember fanning my red cheeks to help cool down after reading that scene.

    As for the embroidered glove, I feel like I’ve read it so I’m going to dig some more on my kindle…

  9. Jessica Mcmillan says:

    So interested in what this turns out to be

  10. Laura George says:

    I keep checking and rechecking to see if anyone has figured this out. I want to know!

  11. Del Dryden says:

    Viktória that actually is a really good idea; I’ll look through my Judith Ivories and see if anything springs out.

  12. Del Dryden says:

    On the plus side all this searching has really gotten me warmed up to the idea of re-reading most of Sherry Thomas and Judith Ivory, so it’s been time well spent in any case.

  13. Amanda says:

    I’m definitely making a book list for sexy glove removing scenes. *fans self*

  14. Susan says:

    Can I just say that it made me irrationally happy that someone has a “second favorite sexy glove-removal scene of all time”?

  15. Del Dryden says:

    @Susan until I started looking for this scene i didn’t realize a) the ubiquity of the sexy glove removal scene in the historical romance sub-genre, and 2) that I had a mental sexy glove removal ranking.

  16. Laura George says:

    Even if we can’t find the one with green w/ strawberries embroidered gloves, I would love a list of books with great glove removal scenes. Of course I’ve read and reread the scenes in Loretta Chases’ novels. I’m happy to reread all of Sherry Thomas’s regencies of course. I haven’t read Judith Ivory, but I will look for Untie my Heart Pronto. Any other specific titles I should look for?

  17. Laura George says:

    @Amanda — thank you SO much! I’ve visited and liked and will add to it every time I come across another one. Thank you!

  18. Amanda says:

    @Laura George Yes, please add to it! Tell everyone you know who might have the same interests to add to it, as well. I can’t wait to read everything that’s added to it.

  19. shrimp says:

    Maybe “One Dance with a Duke”? I don’t remember the scene well enough to know if it checks all the boxes, but I do remember a sexy glove scene in a carriage (though I think it’s closed…)

  20. Del Dryden says:

    Well that one is him removing his own gloves sexily (including with his teeth!) and that is delightful so it should absolutely go in the sexy glove removal scene book loaf!

  21. Laura George says:

    @Del Dryden: Yes! I love that scene. I can’t think of another scene in which a hero removes his own gloves so sexily. I think later the heroine regrets not removing her own gloves in response …

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