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HaBO: Hot Author Owns a Beach Cottage

This HaBO is from Nicole, who is hoping to find this romance again: I don’t think this was by a famous author, pretty sure I stumbled onto it in my building’s laundry room a few years ago but left it behind. Pieces I remember: Contemporary timeframe, I think it takes place in Australia? He’s a super famous author, she works at the publishing house as a researcher. He’s of course tall dark and mysterious, and … Continue reading HaBO: Hot Author Owns a Beach Cottage

HaBO: Jewelry Store Robbery

This HaBO is from Sarah, who is looking for an older category romance: I’m looking for a hurt/comfort style romance that I read long ago. We had a health scare with my father, who is going through cancer treatment, and I feel compelled to read some hurt/comfort romances where the heroine is taken care of. I know it sounds weird given the circumstances but I’ve always had the vague memory of one of the first … Continue reading HaBO: Jewelry Store Robbery

HaBO: Wagon Train Prairie Masturbation

This HaBO request comes from Jennifer, who wants to find this very formative romance novel: I feel like I may have asked this years and years ago, either here or on the now defunct amazon romance message board, and I feel like it was found but I’ve since lost it again. This book has stuck in my memory very strongly for decades, it was my neighborhood best friends book, and she had torn the cover … Continue reading HaBO: Wagon Train Prairie Masturbation

HaBO: Olivia, Judith, & Annabelle

This HaBO is from Sarah, who is looking for either an anthology or historical romance series: I read this romance within the past 3 years or so and now I can’t find it again. I don’t think the book itself was that new though. The plot involves three women and their interlinked stories – all taking place at a country house party – so I have had trouble narrowing down the keywords for an online … Continue reading HaBO: Olivia, Judith, & Annabelle

HaBO: Hero Assesses Objects of Heroine’s Inheritance

This HaBO comes from Rose, who is looking for a historical romance: The heroine asks hero to assess things she inherited (including lewd paintings, instructionals, and sex toys). The hero and heroine have an affair and go to hero’s estate. There are some explicit sex scenes in there (including one on top of a table after having lunch in the inn). At the hero’s estate, one of his staff keeps trying to kill the heroine … Continue reading HaBO: Hero Assesses Objects of Heroine’s Inheritance

HaBO: The Linguist & the Virgin

This HaBO was sent in by Kimberlee, who wants to find a book that may have been mentioned on the site: Long time lurker, first time sending in a request for HaBO! I’m looking for a book that’s a historical romance, heroine is a linguist (or anthropologist) of some kind (if memory serves me correctly I think she has red hair?) who falls in love with a man she meets while out on an expedition. … Continue reading HaBO: The Linguist & the Virgin

HaBO: Masked Man Teaches Heroine How to Be a Courtesan

This HaBO request is from Rose, who is searching for a historical romance: Heroine is being forced to marry or she is betrothed to someone she doesn’t want to marry. She decides to rebel and become a courtesan. She begins to be trained in the “art” by a masked man. At the end of the book, we learn that the masked man was her betrothed all along. Well, this is certainly something.

HaBO: Amnesia in Haven

This HaBO comes from Omphale, who is looking for the first Harlequin they ever read: this is the first HQ I ever read (I am pretty sure I picked it up in the Walgreens/CVS) sometime in the mid-90s. Hero has amnesia and wanders to heroine’s small hometown of “Haven” somewhere in the English countryside. Hero kicked heroine out when she got pregnant and refused to terminate and so she retreated to hometown (where maybe she … Continue reading HaBO: Amnesia in Haven

HaBO: Jewelry Sex Basement

This HaBO is from Amy, who is looking for (what sounds like) an older contemporary, possibly category, romance: There isn’t very much that I remember of this book but it was one of the first romances that I read and I kept it hidden under my bed. The hero and heroine meet at a party at his house, and have sex in his basement where he makes jewelry. The hero’s mother is a B movie … Continue reading HaBO: Jewelry Sex Basement

HaBO: Heroine Brings SWAT Member Back to Life

This HaBO comes from Dimitrea, who is searching for a mix of what seems to be romantic suspense and paranormal romance: This book I started many many years ago and lost it or is somehow unidentifiable in the horde of ebooks I currently own! Strap in because my memory of the first chapter or so is bonkers. The book opens with a SWAT/Private Mercenary team going in to rescue someone. There is a young mysterious … Continue reading HaBO: Heroine Brings SWAT Member Back to Life

HaBO: They’re Selling What?!

This HaBO request is from Kristine, who is looking for a doozy of a story. Content warning: I’ve been trying to find a story from the 1980s (maybe the 1970s to 1990s) where a memorable (but not so memorable that I remember the title) plot line is there is a black market where babies are being sold, and it’s up to our heroine and her man to rescue the babies, or perhaps one particular baby … Continue reading HaBO: They’re Selling What?!

HaBO: Historical Holiday Novella with Ice Skating

This HaBO request comes from Ruth, who is looking for a novella that may be part of an anthology: I’m searching for a novella that was in one of those classic Christmas romance anthologies, usually four tales in a paperback. I believe this one was by Edith Layton, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve searched many of those old anthologies for this particular tale, but have never found it. What I remember is that it … Continue reading HaBO: Historical Holiday Novella with Ice Skating

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