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You could run naked down Madison Avenue at 2pm, or you could advertise with us, but both ways put you in front of a few thousand people! We here at the Smart Bitchery have been hard at work building a kickass community – so here is your opportunity to put yourself in front of that community. Our audience represents a worldwide readership of the romance genre, is mostly female, and is entirely awesome. To find out more about advertisement sizes, placement, and pricing, please inquire at, or fill out the form below.

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Any questions, or have an interest in running naked down the avenue? E-mail us at or fill out the form below.

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We’re retina conscious: New Ad Art Submission Standards

RETINA DISPLAYS: We want your ads to look lovely, even on the newest technology. If you’re unsure what a retina display is, here’s a link to the Wikipedia article.

K-SIZE: Also known as “Download Size,” this is different from dimension size. All non-animated ads should be submitted as JPGs, and regardless of dimensions, must be 80K or under. Animated ads should be submitted as GIFs, and should not exceed 300K (animated GIFS should be no more than 3 frames).

Flash ads are no longer supported.

Internet technologies are a constantly moving target. Unfortunately that target has moved in ways that are incompatible with Flash. One of the exciting directions that the Internet is taking us is more and more mobile access, which is one of the reasons SBTB got a facelift and went mobile. Responsive coding and Flash don’t like each other. This manifests in Flash ads not behaving themselves, and taking up more real estate on the page on small viewpoints than their well-behaved GIF and JPG counterparts. That throws the whole system off, and pushes lower ads down, which isn’t fair to the people who paid for positions below said Flash ad. Forcing the code to fix this, if it’s even possible, simply isn’t worth it—code can do magic things, it’s true, but not for free. Long story short, we don’t do Flash anymore.

We love our sponsors

What it Means to be a SBTB Sponsor

Sponsorship is one of the many ways that you can be part of the SBTB community. Sponsors keep the Bitchery mayhem hot and fresh by helping to fund content on the site, and in turn, that content includes featured linkage and a big thank you to the sponsor. Currently, the best examples of this are our Podcast posts.

Other Ways to be a Sponsor

Sponsor our Podcast transcripts! After we record a Podcast we release a written transcript as well. Many of our readers prefer reading to listening, plus the transcripts help us ensure that the podcast content is inclusive for those who are hearing impaired.

The transcripts are tacked onto the Podcast post, and an announcement post is published to our main blog feed. Sponsoring the Podcast transcripts means that those announcement posts include a feature of YOU, your book, your organization, or company, or your favorite charity—whatever you want (within reason, see the point #4 above about inappropriate content).

As we expand the functionality of our website there will undoubtedly be new opportunities to sponsor SBTB content in various forms, so stay tuned.

Check back! We’re adding new ways to advertise all the time.

Our new site design is just the beginning! We’ll be innovating new ways to advertise on as the weeks and months go past, and it’s going to be sweet! Some things you have to look forward to:

  • More mobile ad opportunities
  • Imbedded ads
  • Advertising in e-Mailings

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