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HaBO: Goodbye, Earl

You did it! We figured this one out! It is a truth universally acknowledged (by me for certain) that the Bitchery pretty much knows everything, and really, it's true. Scroll down to see the solution for this HaBO - and many thanks!

This HaBO comes from Norma, who is search for this historical romance:

I’m looking for a book I read a couple (few?) of years ago. It was about three sisters, one of which was abused by her husband. Somehow or another, the heroine’s husband ends up drinking poison which was in his drink – whiskey, I think (and yes he’s titled – he’s an earl or a duke or something like that) and for some reason the heroine thinks she did it.

The heroine’s two sisters show up and find out about the dead husband and they all agree they need to get rid of the body and decide to roll it up in rug. They end up accidentally dropping the dead husband out of a second story window at some point. It was really funny.

The hero turns up at the house along with a couple of other guys but I can’t remember if the hero is a family friend or what – I think he might end up helping with the body, too.

In the end it turned out the butler poisoned the husband and it may have been because he was tired of seeing the heroine abused.

Any help you could give me would be great. I’ve been racking my brain and searching the Internet like a mad woman. I can’t figure out why I didn’t read every book written by that particular author at the time. I remember the book being pretty great.

I’m getting major The Countess by Lynsay Sands vibes, but I’m not sure all the details line up.


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    HeatherT says:

    This is definitely The Countess by Lynsay Sands.

  2. 2
    Norma says:

    Thanks, Amanda and thanks, HeatherT! I recognized the book as soon as I saw it on Amazon. I gotta say you guys definitely Helped this Bitch Out 🙂

  3. 3
    Louise says:

    The butler did it? Really?

    :: staggers away laughing hysterically ::

  4. 4
    Jill-Marie says:

    Yeah, so, I just totally one-clicked that on Audible!

  5. 5
    booksncats says:

    I remember rage-skimming that book because the author kept calling a dowry a ‘dower’, which is the wrong use of the word.

  6. 6
    Gloriamarie Amalfitano says:

    If any9ne ever deserves to be dropped from a second-floor window while rolled in a rug, it is an abusive husband. Thank you, butler.

  7. 7
    Todd says:

    I was once at a booth selling old – late 19th/early 20th century – mug shots. One was of a “dishonest butler” and my first thought was, yes, “The butler did it”.

  8. 8
    denise says:

    Channeling the Dixie Chicks… those black-eyed peas taste fine to me… poor Earl…

  9. 9
    Kate says:

    I definitely bought The Countess because of this post, and it’s definitely the one. It is also delightful, although booksncats is right that she misuses “dower” the entire time, and in the sequel. It is driving me nuts.

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