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Book Review

First Earl I See Tonight by Anna Bennett

First Earl I See Tonight

The first book in the Debutante Diaries series felt underwhelming and, at times, aggravating. This Regency engagement-of-convenience story did have elements that could have made it stand out: the heroine proposes to the hero, the heroine is a talented artist, and the hero has a warm, close relationship to his grandmother and values her intelligence and wisdom. Unfortunately all of that is lost to some uneven plotting, a lack of internal conflict, and a dash … Continue reading First Earl I See Tonight by Anna Bennett

Book Review

Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older


NB: It’s Flashback Friday! Given Sarah’s recent love of Labyrinth Lost, it seemed fitting to resurrect another YA, urban fantasy with a diverse heroine that she happened to enjoy. This review was originally published July 15, 2015. Shadowshaper is a freaking incredible novel. It’s a bit outside my reading tastes because it’s urban fantasy and it’s for teen readers, a vein of YA I haven’t read much of. But it’s also got a huge portion of my catnip because it includes … Continue reading Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older

Lightning Review

Artistic License by Elle Pierson

Artistic License

I grabbed this with fast grabby hands when Mandy at Smexxybooks mentioned that Elle Pierson was also Lucy Parker and, well, y’all know how I feel about her book Act Like It. Sophy is at an gallery opening with her art school class when an attempted theft marked by a smoke bomb sets off Sophy’s severe asthma. Mick, one of the security consultants guarding the collection, rescues her, and then finds out she can provide detailed sketches of … Continue reading Artistic License by Elle Pierson