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  • A Wicked Kind of Husband

    A Wicked Kind of Husband by Mia Vincy

    A Wicked Kind of Husband by Mia Vincy is $3.99! This features a married couple who wed out of convenience living two separate lives until they are forced back into each other’s proximity. I’ve heard really good things about this book and for a time, it was recommended a lot on social media. This the third book in a series and the others are this price as well.

    It was the ideal marriage of convenience…until they met

    Cassandra DeWitt has seen her husband only once—on their wedding day two years earlier—and this arrangement suits her perfectly. She has no interest in the rude, badly behaved man she married only to secure her inheritance. She certainly has no interest in his ban on her going to London. Why, he’ll never even know she is there.

    Until he shows up in London too, and Cassandra finds herself sharing a house with the most infuriating man in England.

    Joshua DeWitt has his life exactly how he wants it. He has no need of a wife disrupting everything, especially a wife intent on reforming his behavior. He certainly has no need of a wife who is intolerably amiable, insufferably reasonable … and irresistibly kissable.

    As the unlikely couple team up to battle a malicious lawsuit and launch Cassandra’s wayward sister, passion flares between them. Soon the day must come for them to part … but what if one of them wants their marriage to become real?

    Hilarious, heartrending, and hot, this standalone Regency romance tells the story of a marriage of convenience between opposites.

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  • Heart of Fire

    Heart of Fire by Bec McMaster

    Heart of Fire by Bec McMaster is FREE! This is the first book in the Legends of Storm series, which is fantasy romance with dragon shifters. I feel like I’m always discovering new books by McMaster; where does she find the time?! Readers loved the heroine and the Icelandic setting, while others said it took them a lot of effort to get into this one.

    The old eddas speak of dreki—fabled creatures who haunt the depths of Iceland’s volcanoes and steal away fair maidens.

    Freyja wants none of such myths. Dreki seducing young ladies? Ha. They probably eat such foolish girls. But when the local drekisteals her last ram—costing her any chance of feeding her ill father through the winter—Freyja intends to confront the fearsome myth.

    Sentenced to a life of exile from his clan, Rurik is fascinated by the furious woman who comes to claim her ram. She reeks of mysterious magic and challenges him at every step. He intends to claim the passionate firebrand, but to do so he must take mortal form. It’s the only time the dreki are vulnerable, and with a dragon-hunter arriving on the shores of Iceland, he can barely afford the risk—but lonely Freyja, with her elf-cursed eyes and pragmatic soul, tempts him in ways he’s never felt before. Is she the key to reclaiming his heritage? Or will she be his downfall?

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  • Rookie Move

    Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen

    Rookie Move by Sarina Bowen is $2.99! This is book one in the Brooklyn Bruisers series about a hockey team. Both Elyse and I have enjoyed books in this series, though I think we both agree that the second book, Hard Hitter is our favorite. Readers loved the second chance romance in this book, but found the pacing in the first half a bit slow.

    The first novel in a sexy new series featuring the hockey players of the Brooklyn Bruisers and the women who win their hearts—from the USA Today bestselling author of the Ivy Years series.

    In high school they were the perfect couple—until the day Georgia left Leo in the cold…

    Hockey player Leo Trevi has spent the last six years trying to do two things: get over the girl who broke his heart, and succeed in the NHL. But on the first day he’s called up to the newly franchised Brooklyn Bruisers, Leo gets checked on both sides, first by the team’s coach—who has a long simmering grudge, and then by the Bruisers’ sexy, icy publicist—his former girlfriend Georgia Worthington.

    Saying goodbye to Leo was one of the hardest things Georgia ever had to do—and saying hello again isn’t much easier. Georgia is determined to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when a press conference microphone catches Leo declaring his feelings for her, things get really personal, really fast….

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  • So This is Love

    So This is Love by Elizabeth Lim

    So This is Love by Elizabeth Lim is $1.99! This is part of a series of Disney novelizations written by popular YA authors. Poppy guest reviewed this one and gave it a middling grade. However, a few of the other Disney adaptations are on sale, including Mulan!

    What if Cinderella never tried on the glass slipper? Unable to prove that she’s the missing princess, and unable to bear life under Lady Tremaine any longer, Cinderella attempts a fresh start, looking for work at the palace as a seamstress. But when the Grand Duke appoints her to serve under the king’s visiting sister, Cinderella becomes witness to a grand conspiracy to take the king—and the prince—out of power, as well as a longstanding prejudice against fairies, including Cinderella’s own Fairy Godmother. Faced with questions of love and loyalty to the kingdom, Cinderella must find a way to stop the villains of past and present . . . before it’s too late.

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  1. 1
    Ren Benton/Lena Brassard says:

    I liked a lot about HEART OF FIRE. For instance, when the dragon is finally shamed into offering compensation for the stolen ram, the heroine’s response is basically “D’ya think the people in my tiny village will notice when I start paying my bills with buckets of shiny gold, you CLOWN?” I love worst-case-scenario characters. Fewer conflicts that couldn’t have been easily prevented with a smidgen of foresight.

  2. 2
    Stefanie Magura says:

    While A Wicked Kind of Husband is third, it was the first one in the series to come out which I guess proves the author’s assertion that this is a series of standalones which don’t need to be read in any particular order. All these books were $3.99 when I bought them which was months ago, so this could be the normal price. The audible companions are available, or were at the time, for an additional $1.99 and have Kate Redding as the narrator if that makes any difference to any readers.

  3. 3
    LJO says:

    Regardless of the funkiness of the order, A Wicked Kind of Husband is my very favorite of this current trio. I am anxiously awaiting the fourth book, which is due at some point this year. Also, I love the colors of the covers…..

  4. 4
    Laurel says:

    A Wicked Kind of Husband was a DNF for me. The hero seemed to be antagonisstic just for the sake of being a pain, and while there were some hints as to why he was this way, it didn’t grab me enough to keep reading. Everything was just a big meh.

  5. 5
    Darlynne says:

    Avery Cockburn sent her readers a link to an “Opposites Attract” 10-day sale, which ends on the 27th. I think this is an M/M selection and one of the books, BALANCE by Jay Hogan, was mentioned here recently.

  6. 6
    wingednike says:

    I enjoyed the Bec McMaster book and continued on with the series through the library. The general impression I mainly remember is that the heroine’s skirts had WEIGHT. These were not flimsy, “Oh, no! I’ve torn a flounce!” skirts. These were hefty peasant clothes.

  7. 7
    FashionablyEvil says:

    I really liked the Vincy, so much so that I had to keep reading it while walking to my yoga class. Outside. In the winter. While I tapped my Kindle with my nose to keep flipping pages because it was too cold to take my gloves off.

    The McMaster is also a solid option if the synopsis sounds like your jam.

  8. 8
    Carrie G says:

    I enjoyed all of Mia Vincy’s books, but especially A Dangerous Kind of Lady. This book had a tad too much back and forth between the leads, but was still heads and shoulders better than most of the historical romances I’ve tried to read lately. Kate Reading could give a master class in the art of narration (and in A Dangerous Kind of Lady she does just that–the narration is superb), so I highly recommend adding on the narration if it’s still $1.99. Definitely worth every penny.

  9. 9
    Susan/DC says:

    I loved the Mia Vincy, which I found smart and funny. The characters have more depth than is found in most romances, and there is pathos as well as humor in their story. I very much like Vincy’s writing and am now waiting for the Duke’s book, which is something since I try to avoid ducal protagonists. There is a Malthusian overpopulation of dukes in romance, and I don’t want to encourage their continued propagation (a hopeless effort, but I keep trying).

  10. 10
    Lisa F says:

    Vincy is 100 percent the pick here – love her work.

  11. 11
    Jill-Marie says:

    I very much enjoyed “Rookie Move” but also agree that “Hard Hitter” is excellent.

  12. 12
    Katie says:

    I looooooove the Brooklyn Bruisers novels. So much so that I have been totally sucked into all of her other spinoff series and companion series and the “world of” offshoots….

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