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Book Review

To Catch an Earl by Kate Bateman

To Catch An Earl

I love a good heist story: Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s 8, (we’re pretending the other Oceans in between don’t exist), The Italian Job, the TV show The Catch, all of them are my catnip. It’s no wonder I absolutely loved To Catch an Earl since it’s a love story about a thief and the man charged with catching her. It’s a heist story, and a game of cat and mouse all in one. It’s just wonderfully, … Continue reading To Catch an Earl by Kate Bateman

Hide Your Wallet

June’s New Releases, Part Two

If you’re new to Hide Your Wallet, this is where we list new releases we’re pretty excited for in the coming month. Each reviewer has a book maximum (five per person), but we’ve separated HYW into two parts. The first HYW of the month will cover books that release from the 1st to the 14th. The second HYW will cover books released from the 15th to the end of the month. We also think this … Continue reading June’s New Releases, Part Two

Books On Sale

Earls, Urban Fantasy, & More

Books on Sale: The Royal We by Heather Cocks & More

RECOMMENDEDThe Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan is $2.99! Elyse and Redheadedgirl did a joint review of this book and they gave it an A:

RHG: So I’m giving this an A, because it was delightful and I adore the Fug Girls’ version of Harry and Kate and Wills that they’ve created in their heads (“He’s basically Great Britain’s answer to a red squirrel anyway”) and I like how they used that in writing this book.  It also passed the “Did I stay up until 3 am to finish this?  YES I DID” test.  How about you?

Elyse: Totally an A. It wasn’t as heavy in the romance as I wanted but made up for it by being addictive. I too pulled the 3 a.m. read. Plus it’s really funny and heartfelt.

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Book Review

This Earl of Mine by Kate Bateman

This Earl of Mine

The cover of This Earl of Mine won me over before I even read the description, as I’m a bit of a book magpie. The biggest compliment I can give this book is that it was fun as all get out. The characters were cheeky and the fake courtship between Georgie and Ben incited a riot of butterflies in my stomach. A lot happens, though, and as a selfish reader, I didn’t appreciate the details … Continue reading This Earl of Mine by Kate Bateman

Hide Your Wallet

October’s New Releases

There are fifty books on this dang new release list. Fifty! But there are so many more books being released this October. Here are a few more that have some buzz behind them: Garth Nix returns with Angel Mage . Penny Reid’s Smartypants Romance imprint is releasing Baking Me Crazy by Karla Sorensen . Hidden Cove by Meg Tilly is the third book in her Solace Island series.

Cover Snark: Bingo!

It’s Cover Snark time! The WTF-ery is high today. Sarah: He seems surprised about something. Is it the horns? Amanda: I feel like the horns are akin to adult acne. He grew one set, thinking it’d be done after puberty was over. BUT NOPE. IT WAS LIE. Sarah: Just wait until you get a grey hair and a zit and a horn on the same day. CarrieS: He looks so sad! Poor guy! I can’t … Continue reading Cover Snark: Bingo!