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Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed by Laurie Halse Anderson


Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed

by Laurie Halse Anderson

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed is a delightful YA graphic novel about Diana (Wonder Woman) and her coming of age. In this story, Diana leaves behind the Amazon island of Themyscira on her sixteenth birthday in an attempt to help a raft of refugees during a storm. Her journey takes her from the open ocean to a refugee camp in Greece and then to New York City where she plans to attend university. Diana learns about war, poverty, racism, and crime. She also makes friends and learns about some of the many ways that people fight for justice in the world beyond Themyscira, and realizes that her mission is to stand with human beings who need help.

Polka night!

I adored this book. The art is gorgeous. The artist, Leila Del Duca, is also the artist behind Sleepless so I expected greatness, and got it, with these delicate, detail-filled drawings full of expression and action. The colorist, Kelly Fitzpatrick, uses a gorgeous pallet of teals and blues contrasted with earth tones and punches of white and dark brown. It’s a joy to look at.

Diana enjoys her life with the Amazons

Likewise, the characters and plot are a joy to read about, especially right now when I think so many people feel helpless and lost. This Wonder Woman story is about trying to assess where your talents do and don’t lie, and how to use them for the greater good in a compassionate and joyous and fulfilling way. We all need a reminder to do that, and to redo it periodically as our lives and the world around us change. This is a lovely graphic novel that any teen or adult should be able to enjoy.

Diana and her friend look at the statue of liberty inscription poem by Emma Lazarus

Carrie S

New York Times bestselling author Laurie Halse Anderson (SpeakShout) and artist Leila del Duca reimagine Wonder Woman’s origins in this timely story about the refugee experience, teenage activism, and finding the love and strength to create change.

Princess Diana believes that her 16th birthday will be one of new beginnings–namely acceptance into the warrior tribe of Amazons. The celebrations are cut short, however, when rafts of refugees break through the Themysciran barrier. Diana tries to help them, but she is swept away by the sea–and from her home–thus becoming a refugee herself.

Now Diana must survive in the world outside of Themyscira for the first time; the world that is filled with danger and injustice. She must redefine what it means to belong, to be an Amazon, and to make a difference.

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed is a story about growing into your strength, battling for justice, and the power of friendship.

Graphic Novel, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult
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