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176. Romance Around the World: An Interview with Alyssa Cole

Sarah interviews author Alyssa Cole about her series of articles for Romance Writers of America’s Romance Writers Report which focus on romance authors in different countries around the world. They discuss her upcoming books and her efforts to help readers diversify their reading lists. Plus, she has a movie recommendation for everyone everywhere. Special thanks to the birds of Martinique for making a background guest appearance.

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

During the podcast, Alyssa Cole mentioned Ankara Press, and Mills & Boon India.

And this is VERY cool: big huge thanks to the Romance Writers of America for making a PDF download of two of Alyssa’s articles for the Romance Writers Report available to the podcast audience.

Click right here, and download two of her Romancing the Globe columns. That link will create an instant download, and the file is 523k. Thank you, RWA!

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  1. 1
    Hayden says:

    Hi Sarah, can you upload the podcast on Stitcher? It is the only way I can listen at work, lol. Thanks

  2. 2
    allyn lesley says:

    Another great podcast, Sarah/

  3. 3
    Melissa Blue says:

    Yeah. I have to chime in about Beyond the Lights. I was on board when I heard the same director of Love and Basketball was doing another movie. Love and Basketball is one of my top romances and movies in general. Then I saw the trailer and I could only squint. I did finally watch it and was so mad at marketing for screwing it up. If they promoted The Notebook as a romance then they should have definitely pimped this movie as a romance AND folks would have actually gotten that happy-sigh hit at the end. It really is a solid romance.

    Another movie Hollywood totally pimped wrong and that I loved is Love and Other Drugs. To me that is the last good “rom com” to come out. Otherwise it’s just a barren landscape with Nora Ephron gone.

  4. 4
    SB Sarah says:


    I just went over to Stitcher to see what was up – we’re there, but I have no idea why they aren’t picking up the latest episode. I’m sorry about that! If there are other services you use, please let me know and I’ll set them up for you. In the meantime, I’ve asked Stitcher to reset the feed, and I hope the new episode shows up in a bit. Sorry for the delay!


    Thank you!!

  5. 5

    Those who like Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series should try Beverly Jenkins’ Blessings series.

  6. 6

    I so enjoyed this podcast. I love Alyssa’s books and her articles in RWR. Thank you. Now I need to go watch Beyond The Lights and fix that I missed this movie.

  7. 7
    Kate says:

    Add my voice to the Beyond the Lights chorus! Such a fantastic movie. It’s grounded and sensitive but also sweepingly romantic. Loved it.

  8. 8
  9. 9
    Alina says:

    Still in the middle of listening, but I had to pause and consider what Alyssa was saying about difficulty googling for Russian romance. The problem is that Russia uses “roman” (from the French, I always assumed) to mean “novel” but it also means “affair” and its root is used for various romance-related words, like “romantic” in English. This is the kind of linguistic mess that Google translate just can’t deal with.

    I remember books of this genre being called “ladies’ novels” (damskiye romany), but that term looks to be outdated because googling it brings results that call them “lyubovnyye romany” (novels about love), this is also what the Russian Wikipedia page reflecting English Wikipedia’s “romance novel” page calls them.

  10. 10
    Alyssa Cole says:

    @Alina: Thank you so much for the info about Russian romance novels! And thanks to everyone for listening! 🙂

  11. 11
    Kareni says:

    Thank you for an enjoyable interview. And thanks once more for providing the transcript for those of us who prefer to read rather than listen.

  12. 12
    oftheshore says:

    This is such a great idea! I grew up in a country where both Russian and Polish romance novels were popular – there’s a number of incredibly popular Polish chick-lit/romance authors, whose books even occasionally get turned into films. I’d be happy to help with names/language. Also, a family friend has recently translated her romance novel (originally in Ukrainian) into English. The book itself not particularly amazing and very much a first effort of someone who usually writes song lyrics, but she could be a good local contact for the region.

  13. 13
    bookworm1990 says:

    That’s it. The next book in my TBR pile is getting pushed to the side because this is the third time this month I have seen Jeannie Lin’s name, so I totally need to read one of her books.

    I’m now sold on watching Beyond the Lights. I totally agree that there are practically no good rom-coms coming out these days. The only one I think I have enjoyed since I graduated high school (2008) was Baggage Claim. It wasn’t anything revolutionary, but it was super cute and a movie starring mostly Black people that isn’t about race, which, for an aspiring actress who does not act in the genre of black lady much like Weatherspoon does not write in the genre of Black lady, is quite refreshing. But 8 years and only one rom-com has been memorable and likable to me? Shameful. Thank God for Hallmark Channel.

  14. 14

    Another very off beat and little known movie that I saw on Netflix and absolutely loved, is “In Your Eyes.” Such a wonderful, romantic concept. A man in New Mexico and a woman in New Hampshire can see what the other is seeing and feel what the other is feeling. The problem is, the woman, Rebecca is married and the man, Dylan is on parole. This unusual empathy started when they were young children. Zoe Kazan plays the part of Rebecca and Michael Stahl-David is Dylan. No spoilers about the plot, but it’s truly a wonderful, romantic movie.

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