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Fall is upon us, as is evident by the Pumpkin Spice Latte emerging from hibernation. It’s actually getting chilly here and leaves are starting to turn, which means it’s the perfect time to start on fall knitting. In this quarterly column I’ll be bringing you links to some of the coolest FREE knitting and crochet patterns I’ve found online that tie in with the season.

For me, fall is all about scarves, cowls, arm-warmers, and getting started on making holiday presents. Actually it’s mostly about scarves, cowls and arm-warmers, because inevitably I’ll wait until the last goddamn minute to start on my holiday knitting, staying up all night to finish, fueled by caffeine and drinking my own tears. This year, this year, it will be different! I’ve found the patterns nice and early!

Jagged Triangular Scarf TiedThe Jagged Triangular Scarf by Leah Michelle Designs is perfect for autumn. I was immediately drawn to the design because I love the color of the sample in the picture–and I have a ton of toasted gold yarn.

This pattern uses about 440 yards of fingering weight yarn which means it’s perfect for using up a skein of sock yarn.

It’s also a simple pattern, good for beginners or advanced beginners. You just need to know how to knit, purl, slip a stitch, k2tog and kfb.

I love The Plucky Knitter, mostly because their Instagram features an adorable Boston Terrier named Ox. They also have a great library of patterns.

Of my favorites is the Conversationalist hat. This hat is nice and long which means you get a lot of coverage in cold weather and you can fold the brim if you want.

stack of conversationalist hats, with colored pompoms, a short bit of color at the top, then a contrasting color the rest of the wayIt’s also a great stash buster. Three contrasting colors (two for the hat and one for the pom pom) come together in a simple yet eye-catching design.

This hat is an easy, mindless knit and would make a good first hat project. I’ve been making tons of these for winter gifts, using my stash of Malabrigo Rios and Madelintosh Tosh Merino yarn.

braided wrist warmers with thumb holes, with two long braids down the back of each wristI made several pairs of Jen Balfour’s Vancouver Fog mitts last winter using Madelintosh’s Tosh Merino TK.

If you’re comfortable doing cables in the round, this pattern is a quick knit, perfect for a last minute gift. The technique is more advanced beginner to intermediate level.

Crocheters, don’t feel left out! I have a few for you, too!

Now, I don’t do much crochet, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over the gorgeous patterns out there.

Check out the Double Layer Braided Cowl. It reminds me of Challah bread, actually. I can see this looking great layered under a fall jacket.

This pattern is a little bit complicated, but it comes with a video tutorial to help you out.

Braided cowl in grey with two looping fat braids over the neck of a mannequin form

I loved the colors on this simple chevron cowl so much that I requested one from my crocheter aunt, and I wore her finished product all winter long. The pattern for the Winter Waves Chevron Cowl is fast and easy and relies on contrasting colors to give the pattern pop. It’s also nice and thick so it’s perfect for staying toasty.

Winter Waves Chevron Cowl, a white neck warmer with a chevron V pattern in minty teal blue, black and grey across one side top to bottom

Finally, check out these amazing Kreisel Fingerless Gloves. Crocheted in the round, these gloves make the most of variegated yarn to create a fascinating swirl pattern. The pattern is a little bit complex, but the instructions are extensive to help you along.

Blue swirl fingerless gloves with a starry-night kind of sky pattern with blue and green thick swirls crossing the back of the hand

I’ll be back soon with more free patterns to help you use up your stash (Ha! I know, so funny.) Got any free patterns you’d like to share? What projects are you knitting or crocheting this fall?

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  1. Love those mitts. And look at that! I happen to have Tosh DK in my stash which would be perfect! I know. You’re totally shocked. Me too.

  2. GHN says:

    I have been doing some serious stashbusting the last month and a half, or thereabouts, and made inroads on various leftovers of DK weight yarn. Three shawls were the result of this – and one of the patterns I used was free, and IMO is a pattern that will do really well with leftovers:

    But what to do with the leftovers of the leftovers? I have this pattern pegged for that task:
    Clearly a pattern where the more colors of leftover you have, the better (and more riotous) the final result will be

  3. La la la la la! I will not be seduced away from the socks I’m knitting, especially as this first pair will turn out way too big for me and will be passed along to someone else if they’re wearable. I want the satisfaction of wearing wool socks I made myself! I will persevere! I will finish these socks, hopefully learn something about not leaving such a gap between the needles, and make a pair for myself! Preferably before winter’s over. 😉

    Great patterns, though. …Maybe I could try just a little crochet? *is seduced*

  4. Sophia says:

    at the moment I’m knitting the whiteleaf sweater

  5. DonnaMarie says:

    Double Layered Braided Cowl you shall be mine. Oh yes, you shall be mine.

  6. I love that your site includes knitting with the romance. I came to romance after decades of knitting, design and writing. It’s interesting how many times I find that same combination of interests among friends who come out as romance readers when I tell them that I write. I totally agree about love for Plucky Knitter. Their sense of color is awesome, and the designs are so simple and clean.

  7. @Sophia, That is lovely! (I was trying to use the heart thing to indicate its beauty, but now the little heart icon is broken, so I’m not sure what I did.)

  8. EC Spurlock says:

    Wow, thanks for this new feature, Elyse! I’ve just finished up my big freelance project, the freelance will be quiet until spring, and I’m just diving in to crocheting Christmas gifts and looking for nice and relatively quick patterns just like these!

  9. Crysta says:

    @GHN, thank you so much for that Riot link. I’ve cast on and frogged the Sonoma Stole twice now, and I’m at my wits end, but this has the same look with a much less complicated pattern! You’ve saved me!

  10. DonnaMarie says:

    @Larissa Brown, you liked her post. Once you tap or click, the heart cracks to confirm the like & a number appears next to the heart showing how many others shared the love.

  11. kkw says:

    I finally finished this hat (not in aqua) for my brother: and it took forever because I *cannot* follow directions (it was a yarmulke, frogged, it was a corn tortilla, frogged, it was a flour tortilla, frogged, it was a giant floppy bowl, frogged…I finally got it hat shaped but I never did get the stitch count to come out). It is ostensibly quite straightforward.
    Currently crocheting a patternless scarf/wrap thingie for my friend with this gorgeous, expensive, truly evil yarn she inherited. Do not be tempted, it is awful to work with:
    For knitting I’m making yet another pair of these:–afterthought-heel super easy sock pattern – this time, finally for me.

  12. Gloriamarie says:

    Cowles… I don’t understand cowles. Necklace? Scarf?

  13. GHN says:

    @Crysta, glad I could help! It’s nice to have at least one uncomplicated WIP that you can take with you and knit on the bus or whatever without needing to worry about fiddly stuff!

  14. Katie Lynn says:

    I’m currently working on a cardigan with fun yellow cuffs and buttonbands, which will eventually have a big bee chart from bunnymuff’s Such is the Quality of Bees duplicate stitched onto the back. But first I have to finish the buttonband, because my buttonholes are being pesky.

  15. Jazzlet says:

    I am theoretically working on a cable sampler patchwork blanket, but have managed to snap one of the knit pro pins I was using so I need to go back to the shop I bought them from and get a replacement. With out adding to the stash …

  16. rooruu says:

    Loving this semicircular shawl, Copper Boom (free till end of Oct, knitted)

  17. Gloriamarie says:

    Thank you for the link to the Copper Boom Shawl

  18. […] Knitting linkity from Smart Bitches. […]

  19. SB Sarah says:

    @Larissa: I could have sworn I replied to this but maybe I only did so in my head. If it looks like it’s broken, that means you liked the comment already, and if you want to “unlike it” you click on the broken-heart icon. Does that make sense? I’m sorry the heart confused you!

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