Product Review: Bawdy Bookworm Subscription Box

NB: Welcome to Flashback Friday! During FBF, we’ll be resurrecting older posts and reviews that are relevant to things we’ve published on the site this week. Since Elyse enjoyed her OwlCrate subscription, we’re featuring another bookish box that was well-received! This post was originally published April 18, 2016.

We got an offer from Bawdy Bookworms to review their new subscription box, which consists of a book, an adult toy, and “2-3 sensual surprises.” They offer a quarterly subscription, for $34.95 (plus $6 shipping) or single boxes at $39.95 (plus $6 shipping). I had them send me one.

The concept, as explained on the website, was born from women who came to romance and erotica by way of Fifty Shades of Grey saying, “What should I read next? Does that actually feel good?” So to help with paralysis of choice, and to help women explore their own sexual pleasure, founder Thien-Kim Lam, started up Bawdy Bookworms.

It came in a plain box without Bawdy Bookworms on the label, so the UPS guy had no questions about what this was (hell, I forgot it was coming, so I was confused about this box!) (the poor UPS guy delivers a lot of packages to me with “Smart Bitches Trashy Books” on the address, and he has SO MANY QUESTIONS but won’t ask. Roommates and I are united in our plan to not tell him until he uses his words).  (NB: The FAQ also says that credit card statements do not say anything about Bawdy Bookworms, either.)

In this box was a copy of Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Secret, a small vibrator, some lube, a cookie, and a packet of tea.

I have not read any of Lauren’s books before, but have heard all sort of things (Amanda loves her/them).  As an item in a box designed for 102-level erotica, I think it’s a solid choice.

A copy of beautiful secret, a packet of Taylor's tea, a packet of Walkers shortbread and a tiny vibe

The vibrator was a Trinity Vibes Velvet Vibe– small, discreet, waterproof. One of the great things is that Bawdy Bookworms includes batteries in the boxes.

Tiny vibe in the plastic display, plus a battery and a tiny tube of lube in a pink organza drawstring bag

The cookie was very nice, as was the tea. I’m not sure how that really counts as a sensual surprise, but the book has a British hero, so tea and a shortbread make sense.

The real question, and once I can’t answer with just one box, is how the quality of selection holds up, and, quite frankly, how varied the toys are. If what is typically sent includes a variety of small vibrators, but in different colors, that’s not worth it, but one of the pictures on the site is a set of ben-wa balls, and Thien-Kim seems to have a good head on her shoulders, so I have confidence in her ability to make good choices for her subscribers.

This box had a vibrator that retails at $22.99 (full price) and a book that’s $16.00, plus a few dollars in tea and lube. The math works out in the favor of the reader, and if their choices in books and toys continues to be solid, then yes, I’d recommend this.  If the recipient is someone who wants to explore more erotica and wants someone else to say “Hey, I think this is good, try this,” then yes, give it a shot.

And I can think of a number of games one could play with the toys!

Bawdy Bookworms is also offering a discount code for Smart Bitches readers – free shipping on your first quarterly box with the code SMARTB. At this time, they only ship within the United States, and there are a limited number of boxes per quarter available.

I’m excited to see what comes next month! (HA!)

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  1. Darlynne says:

    My sister won this “Bedazzled by a Brit” Bawdy Bookworm box in the DABWAHA random middle bracket awards. Because she has five teenage boys at home, Pat had the box shipped to my house in an over abundance of concern about what and how it would arrive.

    No fears, as RHG said above, the white box was very simple and unassuming; the clear pink tape sealing it was a nice touch. Inside was a layer of pink ribbon-tied black tissue paper and then–surprise!–the Christina Lauren book, which both of us have wanted to read for the longest time. The shortbread and tea were thematically in line with the package, as was the enclosed explanatory card.

    And, yes, the bejeweled vibrator shipped with its own battery in a bright pink tie bag that also contained a strawberry lubricant. My sister’s face may have been as pink, but the entire box was tastefully and professionally done.

    I agree with RHG about the variety of the toys for future boxes, and it’s not inexpensive when shipping is factored in. Also, what about readers who prefer digital books? Or more shortbread?

    Ultimately, for a surprise gift for someone, or for yourself, we both thought this box was a lot of fun. We especially liked that a well-reviewed author/book was the reading selection. Thank you, Thien-Kim, Bawdy Bookworms and DABWAHA.

  2. Chris Alexander says:

    I can’t ever justify subscription boxes every month, but they seem like a great way to treat yourself or someone.

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