Crochet Pattern: RT Wristlets

Hey you sexy hookers! Last month, the Bitchery all gathered at the RT Book Lover’s Convention in Dallas. Mayhem ensued. As did stitchery.

This is a crochet pattern, and since my native language is knitting, I’m a little bit less certain about the translation. These wristlets are quick, fucking adorable and perfect for when you had too much tequila and need to hang out in the hotel room watching The Blacklist and nursing a 7-Up. Not that I had too much tequila. It was just the right amount. Also there was a mechanical bull.

Things you will need:

  • Size  H and I crochet hooks
  • 123-200 yards of DK weight yarn (I used Knit Picks City Tweed). I chose the color Morning Glory for obvious double entre reasons. I used less than 1 skein but the wristlets I made were quite small.
  • scrap yarn in 3 different colors for your flowers
  • 3 adorable buttons
  • a tapestry needle for seaming.



1. Look at this picture of Chris Evans. You’re welcome.

Chris Evans in a black sweater looking really pretty hot


2. Using size I hook, chain 32 (the last 2 ch count as the first dc)

3. Turn work and dc in each chain (total of 30 dc). Join in the round with a slip stitch. You’ll have a little gap, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of that little bastard later.

4. Ch2, skip the first dc, fpdc around the next dc. Repeat in this fashion around. You’ll have 15 fpdc stitches total (does not include the ch2 at the beginning) Join round with slip stitch.

4. Ch2. Fpdc around (15 fpdc total). Join with slip stitch. Repeat until wristlet is the length you want.

5. Weave in ends.

6. Repeat for second wristlet.

If you don’t want flowers, you’re done. If you want a thumb hole, about  a quarter of the way down your wristlet, skip one fpdc and ch5 instead. Please note that I have small arms/hands. You may need to start with a ch 42 if you have larger arms/hands. You could make it really small and make a penis cozy too!

Make 3 flowers:

1. Using size H hook and the first color of scrap yarn, chain 3, join with slip stitch to make ring.

2. Dc 14 times into the ring. Join with slip stitch.

3. Into the first stitch hdc, dc, tc.

4. Into the second stitch tc, dc, hdc. Now you have a petal!

5. Slip stitch into the next stitch.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have 5 petals.

7. Sew a button into the middle of the flower. Sew in all ends.

8. Repeat with other yarn colors until you have 3 flowers. Sew them onto your wristlets as desired.

Carrie wearing new purple wristlets with button flowers - they're very cute close up of button flowers and purple yarn wristlets

Enjoy your wristlets! Happy crocheting and feel free to send us pictures of your finished work. I’m @ElyseIndeed on Instagram and Twitter, and Smart Bitches is on Instagram, too!


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  1. Lostshadows says:

    Yay! Crochet patterns!

    But I’m still kinda new at crochet and I’m not sure what the fp of fpdc means.

  2. SB Sarah says:


    If I’m right, and I might not be because I don’t know how to crochet, FPDC stands for front-post double-crochet. Here’s a video that explains it.

  3. MaryK says:

    This is perfect! I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and wanted a small project to take along. Thanks!

  4. Lostshadows says:

    @SB Sarah: Thanks!

  5. leslie says:

    During the holidays everyone gave me wrist warmers……I can’t tell you how much I love them! It’s hotter than Hades outside, but my office is a freezer, so here I am typing this out while wearing my violet cashmere wrist warmers.

    Thanks for the post!

  6. Gloriamarie Amalfitano says:

    Umm… those crocheted wristlets sure look like they were knitted to me

  7. Elyse says:

    @Gloriamarie The fpdc creates a ribbing effect similar to knitting–just faster!

  8. Gloriamarie Amalfitano says:

    Does it now! Live and learn. I usually intensely dislike the fabric that crochet makes, unless it is Irish crochet, but this is quite nice.

  9. You can also do a pair lengthwise and get the same effect by DCing in BLO. Your foundation chain should be as long as you want your wristlets to be, and number of rows is how many you need to make the rectangle fit around your wrist.

    I love this yarn. It is gorgeous.

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