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The Sweetest September
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To celebrate the four – yay, four! – Harlequin Superromances nominated for the 2015 RITA®, several Harlequin Superromance authors asked if they could host a giveaway. They’d like to give one lucky winner a year’s subscription to the Harlequin Superromance line – that’s four books a month, for a year. Nice!

Details? Of course! The winner will be subscribed for one calendar year to the Harlequin SuperRomance line, and will receive four print Superromances every month. Prize value: $170+ USD.

What kind of books are in the Harlequin Superromance line? Well, first, they’re larger than other books published in the category lines – up to 85,000 words. Second, they, to quote the Harlequin website, “are filled with powerful relationships that deliver a strong emotional punch and a guaranteed happily ever after.” In other words, FEELS. FEELS AHOY EVERYWHERE GET THE FEELS ROOMBA TO CORRAL THEM.

Her Kind of Trouble
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Here are what some Superromance authors have to say about the line they write in, and why they love it:

Liz Talley: Superromance is… robust, fully-fleshed romance that stretches the gamut of settings, character-types and genres. Superromance is perfect for the eclectic and discerning romance reader.

Claire McEwen: I love Superromance because the stories are complicated and interesting.  When I read them, I get the intense romance and happy ending that I so enjoy, but I also get so much more: fully realized secondary characters, fascinating settings, really creative conflicts and situations.  When I finish a Super I feel like I’ve actually been with the characters in a very emotional and compelling place.  It’s the best kind of escape.

Lenora Worth:  I love writing Superromance. The stories are longer, deeper and include more family dynamics. I’ve always read Supers. And I always wanted to write for the line. A Super can be very sweet or more steamy and I like that about the line, too. It’s a saga that draws the reader into the characters and their world. I’ve learned a lot, writing for Superromance. 

Once a Family
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 Jennifer Lohmann: What I love aboutSuperromance can best be described in pitching my books to my editor. When I pitch something like, “So, there’s this heroine who lost her Olympic gold medal because she doped…” my editor responds, “Great! Don’t pull your punches.” It’s that “don’t pull your punches” attitude that makes Supers so wonderful.

If you haven’t read a SuperRomance before, and you like contemporary romances with layered stories and  lot of emotion, you’ll want to enter this giveaway.

Starting with June
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Standard disclaimers apply: I’m not being compensated for this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Open to residents of the US and Canada. Comments close at noon ET, Friday 24 April 2015, and the winner will be selected at random. The winner will be announced same day. You must be 18 years of age or older, and ready to read all year to win. By submitting  an entry to the contest as set forth herein, each entrant does acknowledge and agree that, in the event such entrant is victorious, such entrant will perform a ceremony reasonably appropriate to such circumstance. In other words: you must dance! Happily!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell us what kind of contemporary romance you most like to read? (Chances are, there’s a Superromance that fits your favorite.)

Good luck, and thank you to the Superromance authors who blog together at for giving away the subscription!

Congratulations to our winner: Jessica! And thank you to the Superromance authors for this really awesome, most excellent giveaway!

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  1. 1
    Brynhild says:

    I tend to read more historicals than contemporary romance, but I can tell you what kind of contemporaries do get into my rotation- I like independent heroines who find love unexpectedly, who are snarky and witty and as sarcastic as possible. I like heroes who are open and funny as well, as opposed to the brooding dukes that seem to be in every single historical ever. I have a weakness for academic heroes and heroines, especially if the writer convinces me that the characters know what they’re talking about. I like keeping BS-for-the-sake-of-drama to a minimum. I also don’t mind reading spicier scenes. I like it when the hero and heroine start off as friends and slowly realize attraction is creeping in as well. My perfect contemporary would be Ella Enchanted in a modern setting, with adult characters who build a solid foundation for romance. I need an emotional connection to the characters- reading about attractive people being attracted to each other doesn’t do anything for me unless I’m emotionally invested in the story.

    In other words, I love the polar opposite of FSoG- snarky, smart characters who can engage in witty banter and have respect for each other!

  2. 2
    Francesca says:

    I loathe insta-lust, especially the variety where they go around telling themselves and everyone else how much they hate the other. This seems to be a law in revenge-themed books, which I can’t stand. No billionaires (done to death); no Russian mafia (they are criminals, not heroes); no motorcycle clubs (see above); no plot moppets (just – ugh!).

    So what do I like? The hero and heroine must behave like adults. There can be misunderstandings, but they are discussed sooner rather than later. The main characters must be smart and good at what they do (but not the best ever in the history of the universe).

    I have a sneaking fondness for small towns, provided they are not unbearably twee. I love beta heroes, but I will admit that my secret crack is the scheming villainess.

  3. 3
    Michele H. says:

    I like contemporary romances where the reasons the h/h are struggling are legitmate- getting over the death of a spouse, long-distance relationship, etc. I get annoyed when the conflict seems played up just to make the book longer (“he’s from the wrong side of town, she had a bad breakup in college and can never love again, etc). If I am going to feel all the feels, it better be for a relationship I want to root for!

  4. 4
    Rose F. says:

    I am also a bit more of a historical romance girl, but the contemporaries I love the most are ones with vulnerable women who through the course of the story overcome the hardships of their lives to become successful. I’m always a fan of a good tear-jerker, and down-to-earth, light-hearted Heroes are an absolute must.

    My weakness is definitely for stories where the heroine returns to her small hometown after time away and find love with their hot, unattainable high school crush.

  5. 5
    ML says:

    I like a lot of different contemps: the deeply emotional and the light humorous ones all work for me. I hate consta-lust (yes, I get it, you’re hot for each other; I don’t need reminders on every page) and drawn-out Big Mis moments. There is a lot of great stuff happening in contemporaries right now.

  6. 6
    Sally says:

    I’m a sucker for marriage of convenience stories. I like forcing the hero and heroine in a situation where they have to act like a real married couple in public, but in private they have to work out the whole love business. It’s my weakness; my library are full of MOC books.

    I also enjoy contemporaries with “unusual” professions, by which I mean something different from the usual CEO, cowboy/rancher or military man. The hero in one of my favorite Superromances is a comic book artist! (A Kid to the Rescue by Susan Gable)

  7. 7
    Vasha says:

    I like contemporary romances featuring characters that seem like people I could know — urban, and not super rich. And the plots and conflicts should be firmly grounded in everyday life. A bonus if there’s a rich sense of the social setting. I prefer characters who are adult and thoughtful too!

    (If I ever read category romance at all, it is usually Superromance.)

  8. 8
    Maureen says:

    I like all different types of contemporaries but my favorites usually have a heroine who has faced some kind of adversity and is finding the strength to get past it.

  9. 9
    Erin says:

    Oooh… I love contemporaries with more of a mystery feel. Bonus points if the main characters fall in love while ALSO solving crime.

  10. 10
    Limecello says:

    My favorite type of contemporary romance I think is friends to lovers. It also umbrellas a lot of my other favorite tropes – best friend’s sibling, secretary/boss (generally they have a friendly working relationship …)
    Even if they were friends but drifted and are reconnected there’s always a lot of history and connections to be explored.

  11. 11
    Erin says:

    I like a lot of suspense/mystery romance, but am also on a kick of small-town, sweet, quiet kind of romances.

  12. 12
    Lina says:

    I love those opposites attract contemporary books … Or books where one or both of the main characters is from another country. Maybe I’m big into tropes. What I find the most fun about the genre is the challenge of getting the couple together. Older brother or sisters friend books are also fun… Total trope lover here

  13. 13

    I love small town contemporaries. I grew up in a small town so it is fun to watch how authors play with the community dynamics. I also really love SuperRomances! What a great giveaway!

  14. 14
    Rachel says:

    Historically, I’m more of a historicals person (sorry, had to), but lately I have been trying to expand my contemporary palette. I’m a big fan of stories about exes getting thrown back together- but definitely more in the vein of ‘acrimonious divorced couple that just can’t keep away from each other’ than ‘high school sweethearts who find each other again.’ I love smarty-pants couples, especially ones who struggle with getting their EQ to match their IQ. And I absolutely love and require my contemporaries to take advantage of their modern setting and show us an egalitarian partnership in which both partners are feminists and act like it, and in which a female protagonist has a strong support network outside her romantic partner.

  15. 15
    Melanie says:

    I love contemporaries where there’s an interesting profession or hobby that plays some significance — so I get to learn about something I’ve never done. Similarly when it’s set somewhere I’ve never been. I love the feeling of having my head filled up with stories with elements that are new to me!

  16. 16
    Beth says:

    I like h/h who are independent people who have lives. Careers, friends, family, etc, and the relationship is a good addition to their lives, not the only thing they are living for. I like intellectual equals, people who can have a conversation that matters to them.

  17. 17
    Erica H says:

    My favorite contemporary romance are one filled with humor. A very close second is mystery/suspense. If you add them both together, and you have my catnip

  18. 18
    Avengela says:

    I like to read contemporary romances that are just a little bit absurd. A good belly laugh goes a long way in romance.

  19. 19
    Ellie says:

    funny & quirky. Mystery elements but not “We’re on the run through a Colombian jungle hiding from her crazy ex who is also a mafia don” suspense.

  20. 20
    Brandy says:

    My favorite contemporary romances usually make me laugh, and there are lots of little zingers in the dialogue between the hero and heroine either in complete jest or in initial dislike/distrust. Quiet academics paired with more gregarious people are usually good for that type of interaction, and I also like a hero who is the older brother’s best friend or the best friend’s older brother.

  21. 21

    I like contemporary romances where there is a lot of banter and back-and-forth between the heroine and the hero. I’m also a sucker for the fake-relationship-that-turns-real plot.

  22. 22
    marjorie says:

    ahahaha FEELS ROOMBA. all the points for FEELS ROOMBA.

    (no need to enter me in contest, just wanted to applaud FEELS ROOMBA.)

  23. 23
    Lisa M says:

    I prefer contemporaries that are stand alones. I get why authors do series, but I’d like to enjoy a book on it’s own and not be all “oh, so two other brothers are going to be the heros for the next books in the series.”

  24. 24
    susan says:

    I like a lot of different types of contemporaries–RS, sports, big city, small town, just regular folks. Actually, the Superromance line is my favorite of all the Harlequin lines because the stories are longer, a little more complex, and there are a lot of good writers writing for the line. It is very frustrating that they are not easy to find in stores–I have to order them online.

  25. 25
    Heather S says:

    I love ones set in places like Spain, England, Australia, featuring 20-something/30-something singles with no kids, no babies, no pregnancy. Nothing makes me drop a book faster than an annoying plot moppet.

  26. 26

    I’m a sucker for the small town contemporary, but I also enjoy strong H/h dynamics. I want them to be determined and to know what they want, but to know that they are also missing something in their life. I need them to have solid friendships (and no, I don’t care if the friends are sequel-bait), but some great conversations between friends go a long way to selling me on the characters as human beings.

  27. 27
    Larissa says:

    I tend to read mostly paranormal or historical, but I have really enjoyed contemporaries involving multiple siblings across the series finding true love. Also a sucker for contemporaries set in Scotland.(There needs to be more!)

  28. 28
    Geri says:

    As long as there isn’t an insta-love and love triangle in it, I’ll read it. Most especially if there’s great banter between the hero and heroine. Extra bonus points if the heroine is funny and the hero isn’t a possessive jerk.

  29. 29
    Novel deVice says:

    I read more historicals than anything, but in contemporary, I like witty books with realistic protagonists and difficulties centered around genuine issues of circumstance rather than refusal to use one’s words. I also like modern versions of arranged marriage plots, so maybe I don’t care THAT much about realism actually. 😉

  30. 30
    Texas Book Lover says:

    I can honestly say I haven’t read any superomances yet but sound right up my alley. I love a contemporary romances that make me feel from the minute I pick them up to the very last word. I love to laugh and cry while reading them. But in the end I am in it for the way they make me feel happy. I read romances because they make me happy. I want a book that I don’t want to put down and I sneak and read while at work and then tell everyone about because it was soooo good I can’t stop thinking about it.

  31. 31
    Megan Larsen says:

    I like contemporary romance set in a small town – especially if it’s a continuing series. I also like historical with a strong heroine. Romantic suspense is also a favorite – prefer a strong heroine and a reasonably Alpha male. Insta-love and over the top alphas do not play well! Love anything set in England or Scotland.

  32. 32
    Lola says:

    I love the contemporary romance genre and my favourite type of books are either second chance romances, small town romances or friend to lovers. I like romances where the couple doens’t keep secrets and instead communicate with each other and are honest.
    I recently read my first two Superromances by Joanne Rock and I loved them, I am hoping to read more Superromances soon!

  33. 33
    Sherry Bohrmueller says:

    I love any contemporary romance, but I do tend to pick those with cowboys!!

  34. 34

    I love all kinds of Contemporary Romance books. I love suspense, mystery, true happily ever after, even Christian. I like sweet romances that imply the intimacy and romances that include more erotic elements. I love stories that include hometown heroes – sheriffs, firemen, police, soldiers, ranchers, cowboys, etc. I love unplanned pregnancy stories. Basically, I love almost all romance stories and I’d be reviewing these books on my blog if I win the contest!! Pick me! Pick me!!

  35. 35

    I enjoy the more dramatic contemporary romances, and cowboys! Gotta love cowboys or any setting in the South!

  36. 36
    Sue C says:

    I like suspenseful romances and ones with canine handlers.

  37. 37
    SarahCW says:

    Holy cow – what an amazing giveaway! When it comes to contemps, I’m pretty easy to please. Sports romance, second-chance stories, mistaken identity, friends-to-lovers…I’m even OK with a good ol’ secret baby plot. My only complaint is instalove so I’ve learned to stay away from those.

  38. 38
    sasha freeman says:

    I like romance books that involve kids. But I love reading so much, I read anything I can get my hands on.

  39. 39
    Sarah says:

    I love contemporary romances that feature normal, everyday people (sorry bad boy billionaires, although I’ll probably read you too.) with a dash of humor thrown in. My catnip troupes are marriage of convenience and innocent/virgin heroine asking the hero to show her what a debauchery lifestyle is like.

  40. 40
    Evelyn Berry says:

    My genre drug of choice is paranormal or historicals, but when I do pick up a contemporary I want to read about smart heroes/heroines with snappy dialogue, realistic conflict, and adult resolutions (that means nothing that can be solved with a conversation).
    Situations and people that are unique will definitely spark my interest, but I haven’t given up on billionaires (as long as heroines can be billionaires, too.)

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