Questions? Questions? Upcoming Live Event Interviews with Gena Showalter and Nalini Singh

Two interview events, one now and one coming soon!

Book Cover First, as I mentioned last week, this evening at 6:30pm, I’m interviewing Gena Showalter at the Apple store in Soho, New York City (103 Prince Street). The interview will be about 40 minutes with time for Q&A, and will be taped for a podcast to be released later.

Also: Tuesday, 24 May at 10:30am in the Sourcebooks Booth, #4356, I will be signing advance reader copies of Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels. After that, I’ll be haunting the romance publisher booths. One year at BEA I wandered into a Gail Carriger signing and the clamors for books via Twitter led me back to the Carriger tea twice to send copies to people. That was fun. 

Book Cover Not at BEA this week? Not to worry – here’s another event to plot and plan for! It’s in early June in NYC, so you can start planning now. 

Nalini Singh is going on a World Tour (which means she’s leaving New Zealand and coming here and other places, including, I hope, Greenland, to promote Kiss of Snow) and she’s coming to New York.

This would be much more effective in audio with an urgent-sounding voiceover, wouldn’t it? NALINI SINGH WORLD TOUR! COMING TO NEW YORK ONE NIGHT ONLY! WE’LL SELL YOU THE WHOLE SEAT BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE! (Now I am having Kiss of Snow World Tour t-shirt ideas. Heh.)

I will be interviewing Nalini Singh at on-stage at the 86th Street Barnes & Noble (Bet. 3rd and Lex) on June 2nd at 7 PM.

Want to add it to your Google calendar? Here, have a button:

I really enjoy doing interviews, but I want to make sure I include any questions you have – so if you have a query for Nalini Singh or for Gena Showalter, hook me up with your nosy questions in the comments. I know the Showalter interview will be recorded for a podcast to be posted later, so you can definitely hear it if you can’t make the trip to SoHo today. But I’d love to include your questions! So tell me, what would you like me to ask?


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  1. 1

    Is the Psy/Changeling series continuing after KISS OF SNOW? When is the next book out?

  2. 2
    Michelle says:

    Question for Gena. Was there ever a time when you didn’t have all these stories in side you, crying to come out? Do you think that this is something that had to happen for you? You have to get these stories out?

  3. 3
    Anna says:

    ? for Gena: wondering if there will be a 3rd installment to the Belle/Rome series. I really enjoyed those books.

  4. 4
    joanne says:

    The NALINI SINGH WORLD TOUR! needs a rock band, no?
    And male dancers.
    And Champagne.
    And Pyrotechnics.

    Oh, and when for the next Archangel book?

  5. 5
    Donna says:

    For Nalini: Will we be seeing stories for all of Raphael’s Seven at some point?

  6. 6
    Lisa J says:

    For Nalini – When will Kaleb get a book?

  7. 7
    Mouna M says:

    FOR NALINI – Your fans have carried on ad-infinitum/ad-nauseum about the age gap between Hawke and Sienna which by my calculation is around 14 or 16 years (if he was 30/32 when she was 16).  Traditionally in romance, heroes in most genres, are at least a decade older!  Why do you think there has been this drama about their ages?  Is it because she was 16 when it started or is it that the younger generation of readers are no longer attracted to such a large age gap?  No one mentions the thousand plus years Raphael has on Elena – so why the icky factor when it is 14?  NB: reading the boards you would think that you were on the verge of writing pedophilia with the amount of disapproval and tut-tuting going on!

  8. 8
    Kylie says:

    Sarah – see you @ the NYC event. On the heels of KoS, will we continue to catch glimpses of Hawke & Sienna in future Psy/Changeling installments, even though the series is moving into another arc?

  9. 9
    Donna says:

    Really, no one else has questions?

    How about, what was/is it like having your parent(s) read your books? Is it a little like being a Playboy centerfold? You know – TMI you’d rather they didn’t have?

    Do you find yourself giggling hysterically during/after writing a
    lurve scene?

    I’ve often thought Nalini Singh’s walls must be papered with giant spread sheets. How much time do you spend working out the details of the world you’re building & where the characters are all ultimately supposed to end up before actually putting pen to paper? (oops, I think I just showed my age…)

  10. 10
    cleo says:

    Two questions for Nalini –

    1 – Do you have an end planned for the Psy-Changeling series? 

    2 – The PsyNet reminds me of early William Gibson cyberpunk – is that an influence?  What are other influences?

  11. 11
    kylie says:

    I adore anything Hawke + Sienna…so this has crossed my mind: has Sienna started planning her 21st birthday celebration and how does her wolf feel about it? It may be a couple years away but we all know what Hawke’s reaction was toward her 18th! But then that was a whole different lifetime ago for them 🙂

  12. 12
    jubee says:

    For Nalini:

    Psy/Changeling: What and who’s next?

    Guild Hunters: How do angels wear tops?

  13. 13
    Lea says:

    For Nalini:

    You’re not planning to kill Vasic any more are you?

    Will we see any of the younger generation of SD/DR ‘mate’ in the second arc?

    How soon will readers get Kalebs book?

    Which of the Seven do you plan to write about after Dmitri & Galen?

  14. 14
    Nichole says:

    OMG! I used to go to that B&N ALL THE TIME and it kills me that I don’t live in NYC anymore and can’t go! :(((

    Anyway, Questions for Nalili:

    1) I know others have already asked, but when are we gonna get kaleb’s book? I’m dying to know!

    2) I’ve always wanted to know how homosexuality factors into predatory changeling societies. Do they exist? Are they accepted? Is it a problem that birth rates are so low already? Is a gay male predatory changeling’s masculinity called into question? Love and family are such a big deal that I can’t imagine that they would be kicked out of the pack. But procreation and continued survival are also important. I would really like to know how this is addressed and if you ever intend on mentioning it in your books.


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