Save the Contemporary!

It’s time once again to highlight contemporary romance, which I love, and promote a book I really enjoyed – as did Jayne at Dear Author, and Rowena at Book Binge, Sabrina at Fresh Fiction, Stacy at Stacy’s Place, and Lea at ClosetWriter.

Head on over to Save The to get the details – books, an iPod Touch, and a fine bottle of red wine are up for grabs if you help us spread the word about Julie JamesSomething About You and contemporary romance.

Good luck!


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  1. JoanneL says:

    It’s time once again to highlight contemporary romance

    Which translates into It’s Almost Time for that yearly exercise in humiliation and shame: DA BWAHA


  2. SB Sarah says:

    We’re working on that next. it is ON like web frenzy donkey kong.

  3. Becca says:

    Julie James’ Something About You has been ordered – the review at Dear Author convinced me to try it. It sounds great!

  4. Jessa Slade says:

    Thanks for supporting the contemp.  I have a writing buddy whose fun and touching manuscript was just rejected because “the contemporary market is too soft.”  Contemps need a mascot, like the Charmin bear, except not annoying.

  5. Brenda B. Hill says:

    I love contemporary romance and so glad to find it is still available and out in the stores or on line.  Most of the blogs I read have other books and almost no one has contemporary romance.

  6. Jessica G. says:

    I knew it would be “Something About You.” I must be psychic…

    Downloading my copy tonight. I’ve really enjoyed her previous books and it looks like I won’t be disappointed this time either. I got into reading contemporaries with this promo. Thanks for doing it!

  7. Julie says:

    I bought a copy of “Something About You” last night, and I’m engrossed already. It’s outstanding.

    Jessa, would you mind sharing with the class what publishing house your friend submitted to? I write single title contemporary as well; I’d like to avoid them.


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