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March 2021 New Releases, Part Two

If you’re new to Hide Your Wallet, this is where we list new releases we’re pretty excited for in the coming month. Each reviewer has a book maximum (five per person), but we’ve separated HYW into two parts. The first HYW of the month will cover books that release from the 1st to the 14th. The second HYW will cover books released from the 15th to the end of the month. We also think this … Continue reading March 2021 New Releases, Part Two

Hide Your Wallet

Book Beat: Pho, a Thriller, & More

Welcome to Book Beat! Book Beat aims to highlight other books that we may hear about through friends, social media, or other sources. We could see a gorgeous ad! Or find a new-to-us author on a list of underrated romances! Think of Book Beat as Teen Beat or Tiger Beat, but for books. And no staples to open to get the fold-out poster.

Books On Sale

Small Town Romance, an Anthology, & More

Books on Sale: A Cowboy to Remember by Rebekah Weatherspoon & More

A Cowboy to Remember by Rebekah Weatherspoon is 99c at Amazon and $1.99 elsewhere! Shana reviewed this one and gave it a B:

A Cowboy to Remember was an enjoyable read, but left me with the type of disappointment that only happens when your expectations are very high. Still, this is a low angst, and frequently funny romance that allows readers to get their cowboy fix without traveling to a red state.

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Hide Your Wallet

February’s New Releases, Part Two

I know last Hide Your Wallet we instituted some changes. Well now we have more, thanks to the comment left by Katie C. A lot of you expressed wanting to keep the wide breadth of new releases and Katie’s suggestion was pretty great. We’re still keeping our book maximums (five per person), but have added an extra HYW post per month, allowing another five books per person. The first HYW of the month will cover … Continue reading February’s New Releases, Part Two

Books On Sale

Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, & More!

Books on Sale: The Gamble by Kristen Ashley & More

The Gamble by Kristen Ashley is $1.99 and a price-matched Kindle Daily Deal! This is also the first book in her Colorado Mountain series, which seems to mostly be a contemporary romance with suspense elements. Two more books in the series are also part of today’s KDD! New readers of Ashley had a few minor complaints about getting used to her writing style, but overall people couldn’t get enough of the emotional rollercoaster set in a small, snowy town. It has a 4.2-star on GR.

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RITA Reader Challenge Review

A Malibu Kind of Romance by Synithia Williams

A Malibu Kind of Romance

Trigger warning for attempted assault and date rape. Full disclosure: I wanted to love this book. I wanted to devour every single word of it in a fit of sun loving – I am so over this winter and I really wanted to escape to someplace warm and tropical adventure. I had read Synithia Williams’ Full Court Press last month and it had hit all of those marks for me so when I saw this book … Continue reading A Malibu Kind of Romance by Synithia Williams