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Hide Your Wallet

Hide Your Wallet: September 5th Release Week!

It’s Tuesday! I hope everyone in the States enjoyed the long weekend and maybe even got some reading done. It’s a short release week for us at SBTB HQ, though next week is looking rather beefy. We have a contemporary romance, some horror that Carrie just reviewed and enjoyed, and some witchy historical fiction. What’s on your TBR pile for this week?

Book Review

The September House by Carissa Orlando

The September House

TW for description and discussion of violence, including domestic violence, alcoholism, fear, emotional and physical harm to children, death of children and birds. My goodness, I have a LOT to say about The September House, a haunted house story that is emphatically not a romance. This book tackles mental illness, domestic violence, alcoholism, messy parenting, and the logistical difficulties of getting gasoline fumes out of antique upholstery. I didn’t so much read it as eat … Continue reading The September House by Carissa Orlando