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519. Publicist, Bookseller, and Author Danielle Jackson

The Accidental Pinup
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Danielle Jackson’s new book, The Accidental Pinup, is out now, and I bet you’ve seen the cover in many, many places. It’s terrific. Danielle and I chat about her book, what happened when she saw the cover, and about every professional role she’s had within publishing. She’s been a publicist – she was my publicist for one of my books! She’s also a bookseller, and now she’s an author. So her perspective on the book world is very informed, and pretty unique.


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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

You can find Danielle Jackson on her website at She co-hosts the Fresh Fiction podcast!

Danielle mentioned a model named Ashley Graham.

We also mentioned the amazing cover of The Accidental Pinup, and Capri’s Book Island’s incredible cosplay of the cover!

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  1. Kareni says:

    Thanks for a fun interview, Sarah and Danielle. And, yes, that cover is lovely!

    Thank you, Garlic Knitter, for the transcript.

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