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416. Beekeeping and Romance with Olivia Waite

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows
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Today my guest is Olivia Waite, author of The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows, and the new romance columnist for The New York Times. We take a deep and joyful nerdy deep dive into beekeeping, romance, and confronting bi-erasure in romance. It’s very fun – get ready.

Thanks to Kate, Shana, Aarya, Claudia, and Leigh for questions!

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  1. FashionablyEvil says:

    Hmmm, I may have to rethink my decision to skip A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby. The title plus the cover would normally be a hard pass for me (“baby” in a title=my anti-catnip*), but Waite’s description sounded really good.

    *is there a term round these parts for the opposite of catnip?

  2. Erin says:

    is there a term round these parts for the opposite of catnip?


  3. MeMe says:

    I’m from Seattle and SO HAPPY to still have a place to read Olivia Waite’s reviews!
    Dan Savage is definitely an asshole who doesn’t need defending (the character based on him in Shrill is too accurate) AND YET… I started reading his sex column in The Stranger with my bff on the school bus in 5th grade and one of his explanations for bi-erasure is that so many gay people come out a bi first as a safer feeling landing pad to test the waters before later coming out as their true identity that those on the outside following this journey over and over again are led to assume that it’s always a way station. This is exactly the same as what Waite said in contradicting him.

    I feel like one of those jackasses who “well, actually” people but he was one of the first voices I heard say, “of course bisexuality is real” and that’s as powerful to the ridiculous 11 year old reading a newspaper on the school bus as the ridiculous 32 year old writing in to “well actually” a podcast.

    I’m also way more excited about A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby now!

  4. Maureen says:

    I’m also super grateful to Garlic Knitter for the transcript of the podcast-I love to read them, not good about listening!

    Bee talk-so interesting to me! I love bees, and value all their hard work. Very cute thinking about young Olivia reading all the bee books in the library. That was me with dolphins and Greek Mythology. No one as invested as a young girl with a consuming interest!

    Love the talk about Boyfriend Material-my absolute favorite read of the summer. This book was absolutely delightful, and Olivia’s thoughts about Alex and Muffy? Heaven! This was a book not on my radar until I read about it on this site-and I stayed up all night, loving every minute of it!

  5. Sarah F says:

    As a romance reader who is also a beekeeper, I am HERE. FOR. THIS. BOOK. Ordering it immediately!

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