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Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.Hello, all! How are we?!

I honestly feel like I can’t remember what I’ve been up to. I’m in the midst of that allergy haze. Toast is slowly settling. He’s hiding less, which feels like a good sign!

My partner and I finished the tutorial scenarios of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, which took longer than expected. However, I really enjoyed it and I’m eager to get into the real campaign.

Some other highlights: I made a Korean BBQ tempeh wraps from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook ( A | BN | K | AB ) and they were very yummy. Definitely a great resource if you want more veggie meals in your diet or for those with restrictions. I recommended it a ton at the bookstore after borrowing a friend’s copy and I fortuitously found it in a Little Free Library last month.

Tor has a quiz to find out which dysfunctional space crew you belong in! What did you get? Here are my results:

Unfortunately Your Spaceship is Angery

Wow. A lot of people have taken this quiz. A lot of astronaut hopefuls have taken to space, and, um. Your specific brand of cosmic dysfunction is a little weird. Are you aware that your spaceship is mad at you?

You might have the best starship crew this side of the singularity, but that simply does not matter if you foster a negative working relationship with your ship. That’s the thing that protects you from the void.

Look, this isn’t really an advice quiz, but we’ll give you this for free: You’ve got two options, basically.

Find a way to make good with your vessel, stat

Take this quiz again as fast as possible and join a different clown-house space crew—just click random answers, who cares. As long as you remain in the shadow of your spaceship’s ire, you’re living on borrowed time and breathing air that belongs to the thing that’s mad at you

You could also read YOU SEXY THING by Cat Rambo, a sci-fi novel wherein an exhausted group of Space Military retirees attempt to live the simple restauranteur’s life, and instead wind up stuck on a ship that thinks it is being stolen, and is kind of losing it.

This link comes from Emily! A+ to the marketing and production team who designed these packs of dinner rolls to look like abs.

I’ve been playing Tears of the Kingdom (spoiler: I’m underwhelmed), but if you’re a gamer who feels overwhelmed by an open world, here are a few smaller, contained games AV Club recommends.

I may have linked this already, but recently it was the 3-year anniversary of this awesome viral video of stuntwomen and actresses.

Don’t forget to share what cool or interesting things you’ve seen, read, or listened to this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post on a future Wednesday Links, send it my way!



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  1. Escapeologist says:

    My space quiz result:

    Landlocked Donut Production Crew

    You know as far as crew’s go, you’re actually pretty good at this relationship-navigating, conflict-managing mess! Tragically, you’re spacely dysfunction takes a different form: You are hopelessly grounded.

    Meet Lan Tran. She’s a retired starship captain, currently a donut entrepreneur out of California’s San Gabriel Valley. She runs a tight ship (shop) and your Crewmate Tasks™ include laying on the glaze and Point-of-Sale customer service.

    You may not see nebulas out the window, but at least your (1) view is flavorful. And when the shop’s not so busy, you can read LIGHT FROM UNCOMMON STARS by Ryka Aoki to learn more about your situation and also violin-playing demons.

    … time to bump this up on the TBR list

  2. Star says:

    There should be more romance novels with stuntwomen as heroines! Or…any? Kari Lynn Dell’s final book has a heroine who had done some body doubling and maybe some stunt work, but I’m uncertain about the stunt work, and either way she wasn’t doing it any longer.

    Also heroines who powerlift and more characters who are serious about yoga; most characters who are serious yogis or yoginis seem to be villainous, foils, or comic relief (except for Ari and Nate from Sarina Bowen’s adult hockey series), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female powerlifter in a romance novel at all, which is too bad because damn, women who lift are completely badass and could be really fun heroines.

  3. Emily C says:

    My space crew actually sounds pretty darn accurate:

    Dedicated to the Liberation of All Sentient Life & Down-On-Your-Luck, but not without Pluck

    Dysfunction is a plant with many stems. I don’t know if that makes sense exactly, but listen: When you’re space crew is comprised of those brave, disaffected, lost, and/or self-destructive enough to rebel against an adversary whose mere thoughts mold and reshape reality, you’re gonna come up with a truly motley assortment.

    You’ll have different perspectives and values, and that will cause some conflict. No doubt your nigh-omnipotent enemy will act as a stressor as well. See? Multiple dysfunctional stems, and that’s before we get into any interpersonal mess.

    Here’s the good news: Your dysfunction only continues because everyone involved agrees that your goal is important. Vital, even. More crucial than individual survival and sanity. Enjoy driving each other crazy. To lose your sh*t every so often is to be alive.

    Also, readEMPRESS OF FOREVERby Max Gladstone and meet my hot pirate queen werewolf girlfriend, Zanj.

  4. Vasha says:

    @Star: I think Alisha Rai is going to write a sequel to Partners in Crime starring the heroine’s sister, who is described as a weightlifter who is seriously built.

  5. JoanneBB says:

    You Sexy Thing by Cat Rambo is excellent, space opera, not a romance (but there are a variety of feelings). That’s the book referenced in the astronaut quiz.

    Power lifter: one of ‘Digging Up Love’ and ‘Stirring Up Love’ by Chandra Blumberg has a main character who lifts, I’m pretty sure it’s the first one but I read them both a year ago.

  6. denise says:

    @Star, not a stuntwoman, but an actress working with a stunt coordinator:

    Once Upon a Bad Boy by Melonie Johnson. It’s a second chance love.

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