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Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.It’s Wednesday and yesterday was the Fourth of July! For those who had plans, did you have fun? I hope so! I’m currently now on my way to Florida from Boston for a funeral, so this edition of links might be a bit shorter than usual AS I AM EXHAUSTED.

Are you tired of Wonder Woman stuff yet? Clearly, the answer is no. For those who have seen the movie and remember the “sword in the dress” scene, it now seems to be showing up on Instagram. Women are hiding weapons in their dresses! Gasp! And it looks really cool! Thanks to Reader Karen for sending us the link!

Link Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, Atlas Obscura has a breakdown of CYOA plot-mapping to help you get the best ending possible:

For years, fans have been creating visualizations of the forking structures of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Often, they’re interested in the types of outcomes at the end of each path. One map labels each ending as “new life, return home, or death,” and another separates them into “cliffhanger, solution, or death.” Christian Swinehart’s extensive graphical analysis of the books labels the endings as “great, favorable, mediocre, disappointing, or catastrophic.”

 As a lover of CYOA books, I nerded out on this.

I know baths can be a controversial topic. Some of us hate them (Sarah!) and some of us love them (me!), so if you’re in my camp, here’s a LifeHacker piece on some tips to take your bath routine to the next level. Since reading this, I’ve definitely picked up some Epsom salts for a more soothing bath time.

Battery chargers!

Every few months a bigger, better, and lighter weight battery charger comes out. At this point I have 3 in various sizes—lipstick sized, 6.5oz, and the 12.5oz, which lives in our travel bag. I can recharge my kids' DS, tablets, my phone, etc, before it runs out of charge. - SW

I think we all love a little dress porn, especially ones MADE OF BOOKS! Yeah, that’s right. Books.

Clothes designer Sylvie Facon‘s latest creation is a steampunk-themed outfit with a bodice crafted from the spines of old texts. (We are assured that the spines had already long since fallen from their respective books and that, in fact, peeling spines is a very common issue for older books.)

What do you think? Gorgeous, right?

Don’t forget to share what super cool things you’ve seen, read, or listened to this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post on a future Wednesday Links, send it my way!

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  1. 1
    jimthered says:

    Ayup, the “sword in dress” trend seems to be quite popular. I’m assuming that these are either very blunt swords or the women have sewn scabbards to the back of their dresses. Here are some examples:

  2. 2
    Zyva says:

    I want the library that goes with the dress:

  3. 3
    LauraL says:

    Those “sword in dress” pictures give new meaning to concealed carry!

  4. 4
    Hope says:

    There is a Wonder Woman movie tie-in doll with the dress and sword and I want it more than my girls do! The tie-in dolls are truly gorgeous and they have product descriptions like “Wears an elegant blue evening gown with authentic details…Conceals her iconic sword for battle play.” ELEGANT BLUE EVENING GOWN BATTLE PLAY! I love it!!!

  5. 5
    Kate says:

    I became a huge fan of Epsom salts after injuring my hip running. I sing their praises so frequently that my friends now call me “Granny Kate.”

  6. 6
    Ren Benton says:

    I don’t have a specific link, just Google “octopus teapots” because they’re all magical.

    I wish I didn’t hate tea so much because y’all tea folk get the coolest accoutrements.

    Then again, who says I have to use it for its intended purpose? *pushes up sleeves and goes on the hunt for a shelf octopus*

  7. 7
    Ren Benton says:

    These Addams Family-esque tea sets floated down my Twitter stream promptly thereafter:

  8. 8

    […] Linkity from Smart Bitches. […]

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