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Hide Your Wallet

Our Favorite Reads of 2023

Once again, I challenged our reviewers to pick their favorite (only one!) book they read this year. However, Sarah changed the rules up and said everyone’s favorite read had to be a 2023 release, but that they can have two bonus pick for books not released this year. Here are our favorites of the year! We’d also love to hear about your best read of 2023! Since Sneezy is recommending webtoons, I’ll drop them here. … Continue reading Our Favorite Reads of 2023

Hide Your Wallet

Hide Your Wallet: September 12th Release Week!

Welcome back to Hide Your Wallet, where we discuss this week’s new releases! There are lots of fantasy and witch-themed books on this list. There are also some contemporaries and an eerie anthology. Seems like the perfect lead up to October to me! Which titles are on your list for this week? We want to hear all about what you’re excited to get into your hands, on your e-reader, or in your headphones!