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376. A Conspiracy of Deadline Cakes: Live at Loyalty Books with Sherry Thomas!

The Art of Theft
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Two live recordings, back to back! This week, I’m in conversation with Sherry Thomas, author of the Charlotte Holmes series. I recorded this on Friday, 25 October, 2019, at the Loyalty Bookstore in Washington DC. As usual, I had questions from my nosy brain and from the SBTB community – and in the middle we have crashing cups, a spontaneous reading from the author, and a special additional guest: audiobook narrator Kate Reading came to the event to meet Sherry, and the poor woman sat next to me so I asked her a question, too.

Thank you to Hannah and Diana from Loyalty Bookstore, to Tara O’Connor from Penguin RandomHouse, and to Jazzlet, Sarah Drew, Shari, Anonymous, and Aarya for questions!

My favorite parts:

49:50-50:20 – What we admire about Mrs. Watson

50:33-51:20 – What Mrs. Watson learns about herself in this book


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  1. Kareni says:

    Thanks for another enjoyable interview and for the transcript.

  2. Iris says:

    This is such a great interview, thank you so much for the time you devote to these. My extremely loud squee when Sherry Thomas mentioned that the series is likely to extend to more than five books had my husband racing in to check on me from 5 rooms away.

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