Cover Awe: Patterns, Cutouts, & More

Let’s look at covers that have caught our eye!

Impulse Spy by Carrie Ann Knox. A papercraft cover. The background is a white display of shoes. In the foreground is a cutout of a woman in a black dress with red hat and red knee-high boots.

Cover design by James T. Egan & Bookfly Design

From Pam: Do y’all accept suggestions for Cover Awe? Because the following cover just grabbed my eyeballs and won’t let them go.

Elyse: Oh that is lovely

Sarah: This use of cutouts and shadow is a brilliant design.

A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske. A Victorian pattern. Background is a deep purple with orange and coral flowers and vibes. There are silhouettes of two men in orange in the center. The title is glittery gold.

Cover art and design by Will Staehle

Elyse: These are all of my favorite colors

Sneezy: Ooooh that PATTERN!

And I love how it’s woven through the words and interacting with the silhouettes!

Catherine: That top one is like a William Morris design.

Amanda: It reminds me of those fancy wallpapers – I want to say Victorian but I have no knowledge of history and design.

Anatomy by Dana Schwartz. An overhead shot of a woman in a red dress. The dress' skirts are flared out to look like the shape of a human heart.

Cover design by Kerri Resnick

Elyse: I used to work in a bookstore and I hated it when customers came in and were like “I’m looking for the book with the blue cover I saw last week” but if someone said “I’m looking for the book with the woman whose dress formed a human heart” I would definitely remember.

Amanda: I love this one so much! Lots of Gothic vibes.

Fire Becomes Her by Rosiee Thor. A woman in a dress is facing away from her. Her dress is dark blue, but is starting to catch fire at the hem and there are sparks and flames traveling upward.

Cover design by Jacey Digital

Sarah: Holy crapping hot damn

Carrie: Stunning in the true sense of the word. So creative, so different, and what a powerful visual and emotional impact.

Tara: Right? That was a “whoaaa” from me.

Sneezy: WOW!!!!!

(Also, I would love if a Eurovision contestant wore this dress)

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  1. Lizzie R says:

    For Sneezy – check out Estonia’s Eurovision 2018 finalist in blue or Moldavia’s 2013 entry in red for a more flame like appearance.

  2. Omphale says:

    Catherine – William Morris designs illuminate a key character point in the novel, so it’s definitely intentional!

  3. Barb says:

    What a great group of covers this week!

  4. PamG says:

    My last boss but one decided our staff restroom needed decor so he brought in a shawl/scarf from the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop that featured a kind of patchwork of William Morris designs. The fabric is stretched over a piece of foam core and mounted on the wall and measures maybe a meter square. After 20+ years of contemplating that thing, alls I can say is I’ve never seen a more phallic or perhaps genitalic display of floral design. So appropriate for a romance cover but for a workplace restroom–I just don’t know. I sit in there speculating on whether I’m the only one who sees it and what that says about me.

  5. Varian Ross says:

    *bookmarks several of these cover artists for if they ever decide to self publish*

  6. Kareni says:

    The heart cover is clever and stunning! And that final cover is lovely. Definitely a winning collection.

  7. Rachel says:

    Just finished A Marvellous Light yesterday and I AM BUZZING. Total squee, one of my favorite books of the year.

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