My Kingdom for a Press Release: Sony Announces Wireless Reader

The website isn’t updated at Sony and I’d give anything for a detailed press release, but here’s the data on Sony’s new Daily Edition wireless reader, from the ZDNet live blog:

  • $399, and on sale in December
  • Wireless connectivity via 3G network (Oh no, I hope it’s not the Absolutely Terrible & Tawdry network I’m already familiar with)
  • 7” Touchscreen
  • Mac and PC compatibility
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation for reading
  • Online bookclub at Words Move

Here’s a picture of the three new Sonys side by side, from Slashgear:


Oh noes! Even as I write this, I am bummed. From the Slashgear article:

It will be available in December and use AT&T 3G, though there will be no monthly charges for the data connectivity.

My hopes dropped like the calls I try to place on the AT&T 3G network in the NY Metro area, illusory like the five bars of signal strength that taunt me when I have no connectivity.

I love the idea of bargain shopping at different bookstores from the Sony unit wherever I am, and I hope the shopping and downloading process is as easy as it is on the Kindle. I know some folks bemoaning on Twitter today the lack of a “new releases” page at BooksonBoard and Fictionwise accessible through the Stanza app, which made it hard for them to find the books that were released today. I wonder if a site for the wireless Sony like that pulls the prices for ebooks from several vendors would be a good option for users.

So what’s your reaction? Interested? Going to wait to see all three before you make your choice? And do you think it levels the playing field at all against the Kindle?

Thanks to Liz, a Smart Bitch Test Driver, for the links!

ETA: Sony has the mother of all press releases available now. Details and more, emphasis on “more.”


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  1. I’d like to see them in person, but my gut reaction is I’d prefer to have the middle size with wifi.

  2. GrowlyCub says:

    I agree with Kristin.  I would prefer to have the middle size with Wifi and for less than $300. 🙂  I like my 505 a lot.  Add wifi, annotation capability, reposition the buttons slightly and add an easier browsing function and I don’t need a bigger size.  I’ll definitely have a look-see once they are out in the stores, but I just bought my 505 in February and don’t see needing a new device this soon.

    Also, I’m not convinced that the move to epub is doing me any favors.  I buy all DRM e-books in lit format (when available, which means that I’ve been buying many fewer new releases lately, because so many are not available in lit these days – I’m looking at you, Fictionwise!) which I convert to rtf files.  I want to be able to adjust my documents in font and size.

  3. teacupnosaucer says:

    But will it have Wireless connectivity in Canada? That’s what *I* want. I feel like we always get left out of these things.

  4. Mary G says:

    It’s starting to address some of the concerns I had (based on my test-drive of the 505)… so definitely a move in the right direction.

    Ironically, I have AT&T U-Verse for my home internet (and TV etc) and love it… but I have Verizon for my cell phone… so I’ve not had the pleasure(?) of exposure to AT&T’s 3G.  Maybe I can connect it via AT&T’s wireless hotspots that come free with U-Verse.

  5. Lorelie says:

    And while 3G will be free, just like the Kindle, wireless access only gets you access to Sony’s book store, none of the other new partnerships announced. Boooo.

    From the gizmodo article:

    My lust for a Sony WiFi dropped to nil with that info.

  6. Robin says:

    I care not for the wifi – I’ve done just fine with the 700 I’ve been test driving – and I am thrilled to pieces that they are coming out with a low end basic reader that’s affordable. An ereader will not (at least in the near future) completely replace paper books for me; using saves me a ton of money! I have gotten so spoiled, though, having the Sony as an option. Oh, how I will miss it when it goes back to Sarah (until I can buy my own).

  7. Sandia says:

    is it just me or does the wireless version look oddly skinny and long?

  8. liz m says:

    I know they’re planning on having extensive displays around the country, but I have to say if they’re like Target’s, they might as well not bother. That thing was so bad that it actually kept me from buying one. Doing to test drive has 100% converted me to e-book. I planned for it to kill all lingering desire.

    They should loan these things out through libraries or something, the answer is getting them in people’s hands in the real world. Two of my friends bought e-readers the first week of my test drive – one was a kindle, one isn’t yet known to me cause I haven’t talked to her about what she ordered.

    It’s such a mental shift, but once you take it, you’re sold. It’s like introducing the Wii –

  9. Jessica G. says:

    I still love my 505, but out of the three I am most tempted by the 600. Wireless just doesn’t interest me. I think they have a damn good line up right now though. So many choices for everyone! They did a great job balancing the features on each, IMO.

  10. library addict says:

    I don’t care about the wireless either.  I want the 600/Touch.  Sadly the $299 price tag is still pricey for me. 

    But with the library/OverDrive capability I think Sony is taking big steps in the right direction.

  11. ev says:

    I am happy with my 700. I really don’t want wireless- it would not only be too tempting to abuse, but if I can’t price shop, would I want to? And I am not sure I like the size of it. It looks like it’s a couple inches bigger which would mean a bigger purse to carry it in.

  12. joykenn says:

    Having drunk the Kindle-aid I’m not too impressed with the new Sony.  I do CRAVE however the library/OverDrive capability.  Amazon is really missing the boat here.  That feature alone might make Sony my next purchase.  If I can convert my husband to reading on the Kindle I might spring for a new Sony for myself and pass my Kindle on to him. 

    I’m waiting til I hear if they have color available, though.  I’ll be standing in line for that.  It will make reading a magazine REALLY worthwhile on an ebook reader.  I can’t wait for the cover snark we’ll get with a color ebook reader!  With color and the text to audio provision I’d be all over whatever reader offered that.  Yeah, wireless via 3 G is nice but I can do without that.  I’d rather see WiFi access anyway.  Come on folks I’d even spring for $399 for my perfect reader, maybe a little more.  I’m saving my pennies now for that configuration!

  13. Renee says:

    I’m very interested in the middle one. I love the idea of a touch screen. Wireless is a nice extra, but not necessary. However, I’m thrilled with the new OverDrive and (less recent) Mac capabilities. Honestly, $299 is still a little pricey for it, but will just have to start hoarding Borders gcs to save up!

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