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Books on Sale: More Meredith Duran, Some Contemporary Romance and DESSERT!

Book At Your Pleasure

RECOMMENDED: Thanks to Tabs for the heads up: At Your Pleasure by Meredith Duran is $1.99 right now. Guest reviewer Jessica Luther, a reproductive rights activist and an historian, reviewed it for us in June 2012 because she adored this book:

This is not an easy story but it is a wonderful one. I am sucker for a romance novel that leaves the end uncertain until very late in the story. I also love good history. Duran accomplishes both in a most satisfying way. (Grade: A-).

By candlelight, she lures him…

Glittering court socialites and underworld cutpurses alike know that Adrian Ferrers, Earl of Rivenham, is the most dangerous man in London. Rivenham will let nothing—not the deepening shadow of war, nor the growing darkness within him—interfere with his ambition to restore his family to its former glory. But when tasked by the king to uncover a traitor, he discovers instead a conspiracy—and a woman whose courage awakens terrible temptations. To save her is to risk everything. To love her might cost his life.

At swordpoint she defies him…

Lady Leonora knows that Rivenham is the devil in beautiful disguise—and that the irresistible tension between them is as unpredictable as the dilemma in which Nora finds herself: held hostage on her own estate by Rivenham and the king’s men. But when war breaks out, Nora has no choice but to place her trust in her dearest enemy—and pray that love does not become the weapon that destroys them both… 

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 Book Fool Me TwiceThis deal is still on – and goes nicely with the discount on At Your Pleasure – especially if you want to give a gift to a friend who loves historical romance!

Fool Me Twice by Meredith Duran comes out in March 2014, but it's discounted for pre-order right now at $1.99. Meredith Duran is a tremendously talented historical romance writer, so I imagine this book will be worth far more than $1.99 (I haven't read it yet). Buy your future self a present, and in March, when the book magically appears, you can thank you past self for being so thoughtful!

Sensible and lonely, Olivia Mather survives by her wits—and her strict policy of avoiding trouble. But when she realizes that the Duke of Marwick might hold the secrets of her family’s past, she does the unthinkable, infiltrating his household as a maid. She’ll clean his study and rifle through his papers looking for information.

Alastair de Grey has a single reason to live: vengeance. More beautiful than Lucifer, twice as feared, and thrice as cunning, he’ll use any weapon to punish those who fooled and betrayed him—even an impertinent maid who doesn’t know her place. But the more fascinated he becomes with the uppity redhead, the more dangerous his carefully designed plot becomes. For the one contingency he forgot to plan for was falling in love…and he cannot survive being fooled again. 

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Book If the Shoe FitsIf the Shoe Fits is a KDD today at $1.99. This is a contemporary romance, and second in a series about contemporary Americans falling in love with British royalty.  

Sarah James is an accomplished American woman who heads her own chic shoe company. Devon Heyworth is the rakish, ne'er-do-well younger brother of the 19th Duke of Northrop. When the two meet at the Duke's wedding they embark on a whirlwind weekend romance.

And what begins as a casual fling at a royal wedding quickly proves to be far more meaningful.

But when a string of misunderstandings threaten to tear them apart, their meddling aristocratic relatives join forces to reunite the star-crossed lovers.

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Book The Rosie Bakery's All Butter Cream Filled Sugar Packed Baking BookThe Rosie Bakery All-Butter, Cream-Filled, Sugar-Packed Baking Book is $2.51 at Amazon, and $2.99 elsewhere. I love how the title does not hide what this book is. I also want to eat just about everything inside the book. Laura Xixi tweeted at me that she hopes the book includes their “Chocolate Orgasm” brownies recipe, which appears on store receipts as “orgasms.”

Indeed it does, which means this book has $3 orgasms. CHOCOLATE ones!  

Throw moderation out the window. When you want that real homemade flavor, from-scratch frosted layer cakes, brownies that taste like brownies, and cookies that taste like the ones your grandma used to make, only real ingredients will do: real butter, real cream, real chocolate, and lots of it. That’s how Rosie’s has been baking its award-winning treats for over thirty years, and why the Rosie’s Bakery All-Butter, Fresh Cream, Sugar-Packed, No-Holds-Barred Baking Book won an IACP/Julia Child Cookbook Award. Now, that book and the follow-up—Rosie’s Bakery Chocolate-Packed, Jam-Filled, Butter-Rich, No-Holds-Barred Cookie Book—are back, updated, revised, and combined into one super recipe collection.

Packed with more than 300 irresistible recipes—more than 40 never before published—from Judy Rosenberg, owner of Rosie’s Bakery, the famous chain of New England bake shops that has won numerous Best of Boston awards, The Rosie’s Bakery All-Butter, Cream-Filled, Sugar-Packed Baking Book is for holidays, birthdays, pick-me-ups, the cookie jar, bake sales—when only genuine homemade goodness will do.

Fabulous cakes and cupcakes: Lemon Coconut Layer Cake, Velvet Underground Cake, Chocolate Custard Sponge Roll, Sour Cherry Fudge Cake, Coconut Pecan Oatmeal Cake, Maya’s Little Butter Cupcakes, and Coconut Fluff Babycakes. Delectable cookies and bars: Pecan Crunchies, Fresh Ginger Crisps, Dagwoods, Honeypots, Noah Bedoahs. Plus the unspeakably delicious Chocolate Orgasms, and more. 

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  1. 1
    Sarah Christena says:

    If The Shoe Fits is coming up now as 2.99.

  2. 2
    DonnaMarie says:

    The Rosie’s Bakery book is a must have. Love the recipes. Love the brownies. Love the philosophy engendered in the title.

  3. 3
    laj says:

    If The Shoe Fits is a train wreck. It was sort of a Brit Bet Me, but it was more offensive than entertaining. The plot was all over the place and I am sooo tired of the mean stepmothers and mother-in-laws in contemporary romances. I thought the first book was pretty awful too.

    Meredith Duran is so good! I keep hoping for the story of the Earl in her first book that was estranged from his wife. I will definitely buy both books.

  4. 4
    kkw says:

    Rosie’s cookbook is fantastic. Get it now, make the pumpkin cheesecake for thanksgiving, become a hero to everyone you know. There’s a chocolate mousse cake that I often make for holidays and dinner parties (in the freezer, ahead of time, genius). Best rugahlah recipe I’ve found, though it’s a bitch, but the instructions are clear and it’s worth it. I make them every year, oh, and the butter glazed nutmeg cookies… My copy totally is falling apart, but it automatically opens to the chocolate orgasms, after which there will be no other brownie, I promise you. I got this as a graduation gift from my high school home ec teacher, one of the smartest women and best teachers I’ve ever met.

  5. 5
    Jo says:

    I am tempted to buy Rosie’s Bakery cookbook but I’m not in the US. Can anyone tell me if the ingredients, measurements ect pretty universal?

  6. 6
    Lil says:

    I love Meredith Duran enough to want to have her in hard copy, not an ebook. (Sorry but for me, ebooks are for things I would never want to reread.) So I will be ordering the paperback.
    I do, however, wonder about the comparison with Sarah MacLean. I like them both, but I don’t think of them as at all similar. Do other people?

  7. 7
    ohhellsyeah says:

    @laj I am waiting for that book too!

    While I was draining my bank account at the kindle store, I discovered that the price for Fool Me Twice has finally been lowered at the Canadian store.  It’s $2.99 so go pre-order that fellow Canadians!

    I really loved At Your Pleasure.  If you like historically accurate non-regency historicals, this is a book for you.  Or if you love emotionally tortured, angsty characters.  There’s lots of that too.

  8. 8
    Marc says:

    In Canada you can use the unlimited50 coupon at Kobo and get half priced chocolate orgasms.

  9. 9
    kkw says:

    @jo the ingredients tend to be very straightforward, easy to get things, assuming you have access to good dairy products. The measurements, at least in the original print version, are only US, by volume not weight, so you would need a set of cup measures (ideally dry and liquid) which is a bit of a pain, but you could undoubtedly pick up a set on Amazon for cheap…
    I totally have US measures plus a set of imperial measures and a little scale and a different metric scale and the glass yogurt jar from 20 years ago for the ratios my French farm family used. It’s a slippery slope, and no doubt I will end up on a tv show about horders. But there will be lots of delicious baked goods between now and then.

  10. 10

    Hang on a minute…is this another case of the Unauthorised American Naming of Dukes?  Devon?? Seriously?  I seem to remember when Princess Anne called her daughter Zara there was nearly a diplomatic incident – I think Devon would have you thrown out of the nobility, and ‘John’ carefully written into the family bible.

  11. 11
    Jo says:

    @kkw. Thank You. I’ve just downloaded it. Also, I do agree its a slippery slope. I’ve commandeered a hallway cupboard for kitchen gadgets as there is no longer the room for them in the kitchen :)

  12. 12
    Kelly S says:

    Jo – I typed thus last night but it didn’t show up here for some reason.  Anyway, I bought Rosie’s book and it does have conversion charts in it.  You should be fine.

  13. 13
    Jo says:

    @Kelly S Thanks. That will make life easier. :)

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