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Links: 90s TV, Strikes, & More

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Welcome back to Wednesday Links! I’m currently on a social interaction hiatus and wow, does it feel great not to make plans for a while. I’m also not as motivated to leave my home when it’s above 85 degrees. No, thank you! In monumental news, our shy Toast (the cat we adopted in May who was rescued from a hoarding situation) walked up to my hand and gave it a sniff. It’s the first time … Continue reading Links: 90s TV, Strikes, & More

Reading Le Guin

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Ursula K. Le Guin is a writer who truly changed the world. Starting in the late 1960s, she created fantasy outside of the usual white male-dominated stories, pushing the genre through the years to be more diverse and more feminist. Her stories challenge concepts about gender, and her public activism has focused on human rights, a healthy environment, a free and thriving press and arts, and egalitarianism. Getting started with a writer like Le Guin … Continue reading Reading Le Guin

Book Review

Choose Your Own Love Story by Ilyse Mimoun

Choose Your Own Love Story

When I first heard about Choose Your Own Love Story, I was so pumped for this. I wore out nearly every Choose Your Own Adventure book my school’s library had when I was a kid. So combine that with some romance and I wanted to get my hands on this immediately. Unfortunately, the introduction of the concept was the only thing I liked about the book. The basic premise is that your long term boyfriend has … Continue reading Choose Your Own Love Story by Ilyse Mimoun

Book Review

Archie Comics: The Reboot

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I have a lot going on in my world right now. We’re moving from Jersey to (most likely) Maryland, so my brain is overtaxed with lists. So many lists. Lists that give birth to their own lists, all of them color-coded with various highlighters, and organized in a constantly shifting order of importance. In fact, this description from Devil’s Bride best captures my brain right now: “Within minutes, she was immersed in lists—initial lists, then … Continue reading Archie Comics: The Reboot