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The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

The House in the Cerulean Sea

The House in the Cerulean Sea charmed me to pieces even though I’m not quite sure who the book is for. It’s written almost like a fable for children, with simple language and many heavy-handed explanations of its morals. However, the main character is an adult and themes include grinding bureaucracy and the numbness of everyday life. The book is not a romance novel specifically but it does involve a lovely m/m romance. I recommend … Continue reading The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

Book Review

The Dragon and the Pearl by Jeannie Lin

The Dragon and the Pearl

When I really love an author, I often try to pace out diving into their back list as much as my own self-control will allow, leaving me with some guaranteed, go-to winners for when I really need them. This strategy definitely paid off with Jeannie Lin’s The Dragon and The Pearl, the second book in her China-set Tang Dynasty series. Two deliciously complex characters locked in a steamy battle of wills in a well-rendered non-European … Continue reading The Dragon and the Pearl by Jeannie Lin

Other Media Review

Guest Squee: The Untamed

The Untamed Movie Poster

This guest squee is from Heather M. Heather M lives in Florida. You can find her on Twitter @NotThatHeatherM. … (A note: there are what seems like one hundred characters in this show/book, and most of them have three names. While there are specific reasons people are called different names at different times, for the sake of clarity I’ve chosen to stick to what seems to me to be the most commonly used name for … Continue reading Guest Squee: The Untamed

Book Review

Huntress by Malinda Lo


Huntress is a GORGEOUS book. It’s beautifully written and exciting and magical. However, romance fans should know that the ending is bittersweet, and while I can accept a bittersweet ending in fantasy (this is marketed as fantasy, not romance) it felt unfinished. I keep looking for a missing chapter, or, better yet, a sequel. Here’s the publisher’s intro to the plot: Nature is out of balance in the human world. The sun hasn’t shone in … Continue reading Huntress by Malinda Lo

Book Review

Guest Review: A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane

A Heart of Blood and Ashes

Today’s guest review comes from Crystal Anne With An E, who has written a few guest posts before! Crystal Anne With An E is an autism consultant by day, goes to library school by night. She reads a lot, cross-stitches with a vengeance, and is a Hufflepuff, because honey badgers don’t give a shit. … CW/TW: All of them. Child abuse, spousal abuse, animal death, discussion of rape, patriarchy being assholes, gaslighting, possible/likely miscarriage So … Continue reading Guest Review: A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane

Book Review

The Black Lily by Juliette Cross

The Black Lily

I have a real weak spot for sexy vampires. I also have one for fantasy romance, and another one for romance series where each book is about a different couple but there’s a connected plot arc throughout. So I had high hopes for The Black Lily, the first book in a fairy-tale retelling vampire romance series about humans rebelling against corrupt vampire overlords. Unfortunately, my ultimate reaction was pretty mixed and I have not yet … Continue reading The Black Lily by Juliette Cross

Other Media Review

The Great* An Occasionally True Story

The Great* An Occasionally True Story, is written and produced by Tony McNamara, who also wrote The Favourite. It’s very easy to tell if you’ll like The Great. Did you like The Favourite? Do you like gorgeous clothes? Do you feel strongly that you would watch Nicholas Hoult do anything at all? Do you enjoy very dry, dark humor and furious women who weaponize sarcasm? If so, you will like The Great, and if not, … Continue reading The Great* An Occasionally True Story

Book Review

Network Effect by Martha Wells

Network Effect

Since the beginning of May, I’ve been hanging out with Murderbot. I read the four novellas in the Murderbot Diaries series, then this novel, in one long reading marathon. After mainlining the series, I went back to the start and read all five of them again. Then I listened to the audiobooks. That kind of repeated deep-dive rarely happens to me. If you’re not familiar with the Murderbot series, it’s hard sci-fi set in a … Continue reading Network Effect by Martha Wells

Book Review

The Other Bennet Sister by Janice Hadlow

The Other Bennet Sister

I always felt a little sorry for Mary Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. It seemed to me that Mary was isolated in a way her other sisters were not; Lizzie and Jane had each other as confidants, and Lydia and Kitty were partners in crime. Mary’s biggest flaw seemed to be a lack of self-awareness that led to awkward social situations, which lacked the malice or selfishness of other character’s actions, especially Lydia’s. In The … Continue reading The Other Bennet Sister by Janice Hadlow

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