Best. Romantic comedy idea. EVER.

An acquaintance of mine, Noah Brand, came up with the best idea for a paranormal romantic comedy. EVER.

Srsly. Go read it.


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  1. Myriantha Fatalis says:

    I don’t normally go for paranormals, but I would be SO INTO reading this.

  2. Kiku says:

    That is absolute and total genius.

  3. Rebekah says:

    LMAO!  Oh my gosh!  I love it!

  4. shaina says:

    wow. but i just cant see a HAE coming from this…there would have to be some way of stopping it and the heroine would have to be one of the humans and the hero one of the vamps and they would have to work together and fall in love to save everyone somehow…crap, now I’LL be thinking about it all day…

  5. BevQB says:

    I turned 50 on December 30.

    I’m not keen on certain plotpoints.

    ‘Nuff said.

  6. Josie says:

    Brilliant! There really aren’t enough Romantic Comedies featuring zombies in my opinion.

    I highly recommend checking out a film called ‘Shaun of the Dead’. This is a Rom Zom Com (Romantic Zombie Comedy) set in England and it’s absolutely hilarious!

  7. Marianne McA says:

    The Shaun of the Dead people have a new film out in a couple of weeks – Hot Fuzz. Seems to be a similar idea – an American Cop-type movie, except set in England. Hope it’s half as good as the first.

  8. Amy E says:

    That is a compelling world, all right.  Wow.  Talk about a disaster made in heaven!

  9. Jackie says:

    Freaking brilliant. I just posted my thoughts on this. Damn you, Candy, for linking to that site. Because now I can’t stop thinking about this.

    DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!

  10. AngieZ says:

    I guess I am going to have to come to the defense of the poor zombies.  Why must they be the bad guy. 

    Maybe the hero can be a brooding zombie who is tired of living.  After eating the brains of his one true love years ago, he believes he will never find love again.  All the zombie women he knows are shallow and only thing on their minds.  Along comes the kick ass heroine vampire sent out for supplies and against all odds he wants something from her other than brains.  Fighting his urge to eat her (pun intended), he sets out to win her heart.

  11. CantateForever says:

    ooh, that last idea is great, Angie.

  12. Doug says:

    I see a whole family of two-textured paranormals spinning out from this in a CSI-like epidemic:

    CHUDs vs. werewolves

    vegans vs. meat-eaters

    wendigos vs. Ted Haggard & friends

    possibilities are endless . . .

    Candy, you have a brilliant sniffer.

  13. MaryJanice Davidson says:

    I am so freaking jealous I didn’t think of this.  Think Noah would sell me the rights?  😉

    The weird thing is, I’ve been toying with a zombie romance for over a year, mostly because I’m so afraid of the things.

  14. Jeri says:

    (cross-posted comment)

    Regarding twist/zombie weakness: If the zombies don’t starve, then why must they eat human brains?  Maybe brains are an addictive drug. 

    OR an aphrodisiac.  I see a huge, sloppy zombie orgy taking place on a pile of half-eaten human corpses.

    Should I be worried that I can see that?

  15. Sarah says:

    Jeri said:

    “OR an aphrodisiac.  I see a huge, sloppy zombie orgy taking place on a pile of half-eaten human corpses. “

    Please don’t give Laurell K. Hamilton any ideas.

  16. That was a delightful (if somewhat gruesome) hop thru The MINDS of the Blog Collective. Thanks for sharing the link – great entertainment.

  17. Marta Acosta says:

    Gawd, I’ve been trying to trademark Year of the Cannibal Zombie Novel (TM) and your friend has gone out and written a perfect plot!  (Cormac McCarthy is making great strides for cannibals everywhere with the success of The Road.)

    The heroine of my novels writes stories about cannibal zombies and their sense of ennui…this would be a great story for her to write.  But I’m seeing it as more of an existential fin de siecle than a romantic comedy.

  18. Milk Tea says:

    I wouldn’t care what happened in the story. I would read it so hard my eyes fell out. That is beauty.

    I’m also for the sexy zombie hero. Maybe he could be a sexy zombie cowboy.

    I would give anything for a sexy zombie cowboy.

  19. Um, that’s freakin’ scary.  There’s a reason I don’t read Stephen King.  I have, but I suffered for it.
    It’s a VERY interesting idea, but I’m an HEA nut and I’m not sure a rom comedy about this kind of misery will satisfy my shallow senses. 
    It wouldn’t surprise me if this idea makes it.

  20. Fiamme says:

    Dead funny… BUT the pedant in me wants to know what the zombies are eating. Each other?  I thought they NEEDED to eat something?

  21. Emily says:

    I’d pay to see that. Twice.

    (started22—it’s a sign. Get them Hollywood execs on the phone and pitch pitch pitch!)

  22. Julie Doe says:

    I can SO see this as Sam Ramie/Bruce Campbell movie…OK, except for the teenage thing, but the characters could be made a bit older.

  23. Amy E says:

    It’s Friday.  I actually managed to get here EARLY.  I’ve got my thinking cap on.  (Mostly to hide the bad hair day.)  WHERE IS THE PERSONALS AD???  C’mon, Bitches, bring it.  I’m ready for you. 

    Peasant Amy of the Unwashed Masses

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