Friday! Personal! Ad! Day!

Right, so much for my Dennis-Hopper-in-Blue-Velvet impression. So sorry today’s personal ad is late, but better late than never.

You know the drill: title + author’s name + heroine’s name =

bestest thing EVAH

Smart Bitch Aristocratic Title. In honor of the 163rd Annual Portland Plunderathon tomorrow (kind of like Santacon, only with pirates—any other Portlanders showing up?), I’m going to go with a pirate romance.

Single white American lassie, squeaky yet comely, unjustly kidnapped by English duke and his piratical half-brother due to a misunderstanding that just will not quit. Am looking for a partner to help me escape, but the one time I did I caught malaria, which made everyone on board the ship (all of whom I’d charmed, of course, up to and including the pet pig) very sad, so maybe escaping isn’t a great idea….


General Bitching...

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  1. SandyO says:

    The Windflower by Laura London (aka Tom and Sharon Curtis).  Merry Patricia Wilding.

  2. Chez says:

    Oh pooh I actually knew this one and still didn’t manage to be first.  I loved, loved, loved this book and still think I would maybe sign over my first childs ovaries or something to get Cat’s story.

  3. CindyS says:

    Except for the brother part, sounded like a Garwood 😉

    Guess I should get around to reading this book.

    CindyS – destined to be one of the ‘peasant people’ forever!

  4. Except for the brother part, sounded like a Garwood 😉

    Holy mother, I was just going to say this! Great minds and all.

  5. Candy says:

    Yay! SandyO has it.

    And The Windflower only SOUNDS like it could’ve been written by Garwood, but it’s so, so much better.

  6. dl says:

    Hey, finally knew one but I was out doing mommy things with the daughter.

    By the way, where did this author couple go?  Dropped off the planet before they wrote Cat’s story.

  7. Stephen says:

    I was half expecting it to be Seventy-two Virgins by Boris Johnson…

    (word verification music69 – the food of love and all that, I suppose…)

  8. Too easy, Sarge.  Everyone who reads pirate romance knows Windflower.  I still long for Cat’s story.

    But congrats to SandyO!  Welcome to the ranks of the peerage.


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