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Tamon’s B-Side, Vol. 1 by Yuki Shiwasu


Tamon’s B-Side, Vol. 1

by Yuki Shiwasu

A young woman, Utage Kinoshita, who loves the popular boy band F/ACE, has a job as a house cleaner. When she covers for a colleague who calls out, she discovers the assignment is for her favorite member of F/ACE, Tamon Fukuhara. However, Tamon’s charming, bad boy persona is fake and the poor guy is riddled with imposter syndrome and anxiety.

A lot of manga feature teenagers as the main characters; that’s the case with all of the manga I read recently. However, this one takes the characters to a hyperbolic level and I probably would have enjoyed this more if I were either younger (because I enjoyed similar manga like this in tone when I read a lot of them in high school) and/or related more to fan culture. I am a hater at heart and I can’t think of any piece of media or celebrity that I’m necessarily ride or die for.

I didn’t last very long with this one. Both Utage and Tamon are too exaggerated for me with Utage proclaiming that she wants to “live in Tamon’s mole” and Tamon frequently prostrating himself in front of Utage and weeping that he isn’t worthy of a fan like her.

I’m also not interested in celebrity romances as a whole. To be honest, that sort of relationship sounds exhausting. This one was definitely a mismatch, with an emphasis on “it’s not you, it’s me.”


Tamon is an insecure mess in real life, and what’s worse, he’s threatening to quit! Utage refuses to let anyone stand in Tamon’s way—least of all himself. What’s a fangirl to do but roll up her sleeves and support her favorite singer with everything she’s got?

Contemporary Romance, Manga, Romance, Young Adult
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  1. EC Spurlock says:

    If you didn’t care for this you might like the webtoon I Married the Anti-Fan
    about an idol who is rude to a reporter and causes her to lose her job; she tries to wreck his image in revenge and they end up cohabiting for a reality show. Both leads are older and both have secrets so things get quite complicated. The series is complete so feel free to binge.

  2. Amanda says:

    @EC Spurlock: Thank you! I’ll check it out because it for sure sounds like more my speed.

  3. kris bock says:

    It’s possible I got the recommendation here, but I may have just stumbled across it on Hoopla, so if you haven’t tried it, I liked A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation series. It’s a rather sweet adventure with a slow burn male male romance (I’m assuming as so far it’s pretty much subtext romance).

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