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Vanishing Falls by Poppy Gee

Vanishing Falls

Vanishing Falls is one of my few DNF’s of the year, and it’s extremely unusual for me to DNF a mystery at all (I need to know what happens!). This book pretty much failed on all counts, though, and I couldn’t force myself to finish it. First of all, I picked up this book expecting a Gothic mystery, but that’s not what this is. The book is set in the Tasmanian town of Vanishing Falls. … Continue reading Vanishing Falls by Poppy Gee

Lightning Reviews: Halloween Reads & a Historical Mystery

This edition of Lightning Reviews has two books you may want to pick up for the spooky season. One is definitely horror that is eerie and on the adult side. The other one is a Gothic YA historical fantasy, which may appeal to those who want something not as scary. Lastly, we have a historical mystery continuation out later this year.

Lightning Reviews: LGBTQ+ Romances & Ren Faires

Welcome back to Lightning Reviews! This is where we group reviews that are on the shorter side, typically 500 words or less. This time, we have two sports romances that feature m/m and f/f pairings, and feature winter sports in particular. We also have a geeky contemporary romance. Enjoy!

Lightning Reviews: Earls & Murder

For this batch of Lightning Reviews, we have a historical romance, a mystery, and a historical mystery! One is a continuation of a series that Sarah loves, one is a start to a brand new series, and the third is a standalone. I also love it when you all play “guess the reviewer” as you read them!

Lightning Reviews: A Bit Longer, But Still Quick!

Welcome back to Lightning Reviews! There’s a whole assortment here: a mystery, a contemporary romance, and a historical romance. The grades here range from borderline middling to straight up DNF. There are also a couple here a little longer than our typical Lightning Reviews, though they’re still shorter than our regular reviews, which are typically over 1000 words.

Lightning Reviews: Nonfiction & Cinderella

Are you ready for more Lightning Reviews? If you’re new to the site, welcome! Lightning Reviews is where we compile two or three quick, mini reviews. This time around, we have two very different nonfiction titles and a Cinderella retelling.

Lightning Reviews: A High and a Low

We only have two books for this installment of LIGHTNING REVIEWS, but that’s okay! I think you’ll still find a book here to add to your TBR pile. Both books are wildly different and received opposite grades.

Lightning Reviews: A Selection of Romantic Sugenres

The Lightning Reviews today are all romances! I feel like it’s been a while since that happened. However, they are all different when it comes to subgenre: historical romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. Also on the bright side, they’re all reviewed pretty favorably in case you need more suggestions on what to read!

Lightning Reviews: Graphic Novels & Wales

Welcome to Lightning Reviews! If you’re new here, hello! This is where we run a trio of short, mini reviews of books when we can’t muster up more than a few hundred words. This time, we have two different graphic novels being reviewed by Carrie and a historical mystery series Sarah can’t stop talking about!

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