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374. Artisanal Podcasting Under the Big Gay Umbrella: A Conversation with Jeff Adams and Will Knauss

Jeff and Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast - words against a swirling rainbow imageToday I’m chatting with Jeff Adams and Will Knauss from the Big Gay Fiction Podcast, and the Big Gay Author Podcast.

We talk about, big surprise, podcasting, about writing, and then we celebrate together that we were both featured in Oprah Magazine online in an article, “21 of the Best Book Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Not Reading,” written by McKenzie Jean-Philippe.

Special thanks to Melonie Johnson for sharing her recording setup with me so I could create my own.

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

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The Merry Viscount

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With Christmas around the corner, Miss Caroline Anderson hoped to persuade a London tavern owner to carry the Home’s Widow’s Brew—only to discover the dastard was more interested in her ankles than her ale! To her further annoyance, her stagecoach back to Little Puddledon is waylaid by louts and a snow-covered ditch. Amid a nasty storm, Caro seeks shelter at a nearby estate—only to be greeted by Viscount Oakland, aka Nick, her brother’s childhood friend—and her schoolgirl crush. Now he’s the half-dressed host of what is clearly a holiday bacchanal. Still, his house is irresistibly warm.

Ever the free spirit, Nick has invited the wilder gentlemen of the ton, and an assortment of London’s lightskirts, to celebrate Christmas in a more traditional, pagan fashion. So he’s surprised to find Caro at his door. Now, with a blizzard raging, he must take her in—despite his fear she won’t take to his guests, and worse, upend his party. But she may surprise him—and upend his life.

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    Kareni says:

    Another enjoyable interview — thank you!

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