Cool Project Alert: Sight Unseen Anthology

Binge on Books, along with Open Ink Press, has announced a new experimental anthology, Sight Unseen. Sight Unseen will feature romance writers Sherry Thomas, Meredith Duran, Emma Barry, Erin Satie, and JA Rock all writing anonymously.

These stories take you far into the future, out of this world, and into the hot lights of center stage. They include compelling characters, steamy romances, and surprising plots. But that’s what you’d expect from these authors.

The twist? The stories will be anonymous—at the time of release, we won’t announce who wrote what. Will you be able to tell? Or will it remain a mystery? Our lips are sealed.

There’s sci-fi, rock stars, MC romance, contemporary psychics, and a female SFF outlaw.

The book is scheduled to come out on June 6, 2017 in both paper and e-copy. You can preorder a copy at the Open Ink website! And, you can pop over to RT Reviews for an exclusive cover reveal on April 25, 2017.

The authorship will finally be revealed about three months after the book releases, which gives readers plenty of time to guess who wrote what!

Novella blurbs!
Lost That Feeling
Alma knew who she was, once—that is, before she erased her memory with a spell. Some, like the guards at the prison in which she’s held, say that she was a thief, a murderer.

Others say she was a hero. Like Driss, the man who rescues her. He claims to be a friend. He’s certainly handsome. And charming. And brave. In a word: perfect.

That’s the problem. If he’s perfect and she’s a hero, how did she end up in prison with a seven-year hole in her memory to begin with?

A Clear View of You
As a child, Kate had one dream: to escape her mother’s deluded hippie commune and live in the real world, where mature adults know that magic isn’t real. But the real world also has its downsides—like rent, student loans, and a cutthroat job market.

Happily, Kate is uniquely qualified for one in-demand position: psychic. Of course, she’s as fake as the rest of them, but nobody plays a fortune-teller as convincingly as a girl raised by a would-be witch. If only Kate’s newest client weren’t so perceptive . . . and attractive. If only crystal balls didn’t have the habit of lighting up in his presence.

Magic isn’t real, right? Kate is about to find out otherwise . . .

Brad White would be an ordinary accountant with an unrequited crush except for two things: he works for a criminal motorcycle club, and he’s in love with the club president’s daughter. When she discovers the truth about the family business, Brad has to move beyond ordinary and put his life on the line to keep her safe.

Wren Masters, unlike everyone else in her graduating class, chose to stay in Fallow, Montana because, also unlike everyone else, she loves it. But when she finds out her father’s club is running drugs, her family and world crumble. She and Brad risk everything to uncover the truth . . . and begin a scorching affair.

As the conspiracy—and their feelings—deepen, Brad and Wren must choose between family and justice. And neither seems to include a future for them.

Chariot of Desire
CJ Crespo, drummer for the once wildly popular rock band Donjon, has always had a thing for frontman Donny Times. They spent the seventies getting high together, making music together, self-destructing together. But her qualms about ruining a creative partnership with sex kept them from ever hooking up. Now, Donny’s conversion to a bizarre fringe religion that won’t allow him to engage in—or even sing about—sex, drugs, or other “sins” threatens to tear Donjon apart.

As the band struggles to embrace a new decade and a new Donny, CJ must decide where she belongs: by Donny’s side, even if he can’t ever love her? Or out there making her own music, away from a man who gives and takes in equal measures?

The Heart is a Universe
On the remote planet of Pax Cara lies the greatest secret of the universe. Once every generation, the inhabitants must offer up an exceptional young person—the Chosen One—who sacrifices his or her own life for the sake of the that secret, and the planet itself.

However, Vitalis, the current Chosen One, is desperate to free herself from the yoke of destiny. An unexpected invitation to an aristocratic summit seems to be the perfect opportunity for escape. But almost as soon as she arrives, the most eligible prince in existence proposes marriage.

Sparks fly, but Vitalis is wary. Eleian of Terra Illustrata can have any woman he wants. Why has he set his sight on Vitalis, who, unless she manages to flee, will die in sixteen days? Is he hiding an ulterior motive, one that could put everything in jeopardy—her plans, her life, and her heart?

All right! Who’s excited?! 

Doctor Who gif - "Permission to squee!"

Preorder is available at Open Ink!

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  1. What a cool idea!

  2. Chelle says:

    I was super excited about the idea … until I read the cover blurbs. But temperance is a virtue, right?

  3. Vasha says:

    Those novella plots… Were the authors assigned ideas drawn out of a hat, or were they just asked to write something completely different from their usual and to really go wild? The results could be grade-A crazysauce or an embarrassment.

  4. DonnaMarie says:

    I’m in!! Can we came up with some sort of betting pool on who wrote what?

    And extra thanks for starting my Monday a Missy gif.

  5. Jacqueline says:


    Suck it, other book genres. WE GOT THE BEST IDEAS!

    Yes my biased is showing. BUT ME NO CUR, ME HAZING A HAPPY!

  6. Judy W. says:

    So I was all in on this one and thought the $4.99 price was a good buy for novellas. On checkout of this item however there is an additional “pre order” fee of $4.99 making the ebook nearly $10. I have a huge TBR pile to pick from so I may have to pass for that amount. It kinda reminded me of the little kid selling lemonade for a buck but adding a “standing on my lawn” fee. I realize these are known authors but that seemed somewhat steep to me for a new idea like this.

  7. Hello! Wanted to clarify that this book is in fact only 4.99 and thanks to one of the comments here, it was noted and we were able to remove the pre-order fee that should not have been there.

    Hope everyone enjoys the concept of the book – the guessing game is the best part!

  8. SonomaLass says:

    I love most of these authors. At $4.99, I will definitely buy and read this. Once they remove that $4.99 “preorder fee.”

  9. Mims says:

    Unless it’s a winning lottery ticket, I fucking hate surprises. This just raises my hackles because it seems like such a cynical and gimmicky ploy and so unnecessary for these authors. I’d pay full price for a new Sherry Thomas, but I think I’m passing on this on principle. Yes, I’m a party pooper, and I’m here to say your party sucks and also, I hate parties.

  10. Frida says:

    LOVE this idea!

  11. Demi says:

    LOVE this idea! I was sold at the blurb that included the words “deluded hippie community.” The Doctor Who gif with the Mistress and squee was icing on the cake.

  12. Araven says:

    So cool! Just preordered, I didn’t see any “preorder fee”- My total was $4.99, I guess the problem is fixed? Looking forward to this one. 🙂

  13. SusanE says:

    Am I the only one who read the last plot summary and thought “She’s named Vitalis? Isn’t that a hair cream from way back in my childhood?” Google says yes!

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