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Romantic Times Rewind: May 2014 Review Images

Smart Podcast Trashy Books Romantic Times Rewind

I’m honestly not sure what having all the images from the episode in the podcast entry would do to the feeds it serves, so I’ll be doing a separate entry with all the visual aids and linking it. You can also find all the RTRW content at our category page for Romantic Times Rewind.  And, most importantly, if you want to listen and follow along with this entry, we have more detail in the audio, … Continue reading Romantic Times Rewind: May 2014 Review Images

Lightning Review

An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris

An Easy Death

Content warning: Violence including gun stuff This is not an objective review because the Sookie Stackhouse novels are a foundational element of my psyche. I am positioned to love anything and everything that Charlaine Harris writes. That being said, I think I can make a pretty good case for why reading this book may be a good idea for the right reader – with a definite caveat in #4. I. A completely fresh book-world. This … Continue reading An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris

Books On Sale

Fantasy Romance, a Cozy Mystery, & More

Books on Sale: The Mask of Mirrors by M.A. Carrick & More

RECOMMENDED: A Mask of Mirrors by M.A. Carrick is $2.99! M.A. Carrick is the name for the writing duo of Marie Brennan and Alyc Helms. Carrie wrote a Lightning Review of this one and gave it a B+:

Readers who like political scheming, fashion as a weapon and a tool, secrets, and swashbuckling will enjoy this, and as a special treat for Tarot fans the characters have their own form of cartomancy which is described in detail in the book.

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Books On Sale

Mostly Today’s Kindle Daily Deals

Books on Sale: An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris & More

An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris is $3.99! This is the first book in the fantasy western Gunnie Rose series. I’m super curious about it and have the first book just sitting on my TBR. One thing that does bug me is that the third book in the series is coming out and the cover is a big departure from the previous two books.

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Hide Your Wallet

January’s New Releases, Part One

I know last Hide Your Wallet we instituted some changes. Well now we have more, thanks to the comment left by Katie C. A lot of you expressed wanting to keep the wide breadth of new releases and Katie’s suggestion was pretty great. We’re still keeping our book maximums (five per person), but have added an extra HYW post per month, allowing another five books per person. The first HYW of the month will cover … Continue reading January’s New Releases, Part One

Books On Sale

Historical Fiction, a Mystery, & More

Books on Sale: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn & More

RECOMMENDED: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn is $2.99! This is part of today’s Kindle Daily Deals, which feature a lot of bestsellers. RHG gave this one a B+:

If you read and loved Code Name Verity this is a book for you. I said a couple of years ago that I expected a lot of World War I stories to come out of this centennial, and I’m pretty pleased to have been right. There are a lot of really interesting stories emerging.  I’m also really interested (for various reasons) in how people deal with the PTSD that come out of traumatic periods in history, and this story is a deeply layered exploration of just that.

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