Book Reviews

Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner

Cleat Cute

I had a crappy, stressful week and I was tired and I don’t care about soccer AND YET I found Cleat Cute to be delightful. Honestly if this book worked for me on this particular week it ought to work for anybody. This Grumpy/Sunshine f/f romance has clear traces to Ted Lasso but not so many as to feel derivative. It’s just a really nice story about two decent human beings falling in love. Grace … Continue reading Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner

The Witchwood Knot by Olivia Atwater

The Witchwood Knot

CW: In the author’s words: ‘mild, non-graphic sexual harassment of both a female employee and a child’ More on that in the review though. I hadn’t intended on reviewing this book. I absolutely devoured Half a Soul and this book was set in the same world, so I planned a few happy evenings of returning to that world. Perhaps my memories of Half a Soul aren’t accurate, but I didn’t expect to have my feelings … Continue reading The Witchwood Knot by Olivia Atwater

Housebroke by Jaci Burton


Housebroke is a perfectly charming romance that is lighter than air and that has very little active conflict. There is no reason for this couple not to begin registering for wedding gifts by, oh, say, Chapter Three. This is a lovely couple whose problems consist of one of them having too much money. In other words, a non-problem. For goodness sake, Hazel, open the dog shelter of your dreams and get on with the relationship … Continue reading Housebroke by Jaci Burton

The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson

The Fake Mate

For context, you need to know that I’m a big paranormal fan, I enjoy fake relationships a great deal, and I love a steamy book. So this book should have been perfect for me and the first 60% absolutely was. Unfortunately, it hit the skids at about 70% and didn’t really get back on track properly after that. Mackenzie is an ER doctor in Denver and she’s a shifter and an omega. The rumours are … Continue reading The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson

Second Chances in New Port Stephen by TJ Alexander

Second Chances in New Port Stephen

Second Chances in New Port Stephen is a delightful second-chance romance between two men in their forties who reconnect over the Christmas holidays. It’s not overly cutesy, and although a lot of the plot involves my least favorite trope (Poor Communication) and one of the characters is a little too self-centered for my tastes, I really enjoyed this book. Eli and Nick grew up in Florida together and dated in high school, long before Eli … Continue reading Second Chances in New Port Stephen by TJ Alexander

Sweeten the Deal by Katie Shepard

Sweeten the Deal

Sweeten the Deal is a contemporary romance that flips the usual financial conventions around. In this book the heroine is a decade younger than the hero, but she’s also a millionaire who hires him to be her companion. Typically the person with the financial power in contemporary romances is the hero and the older character, not vice versa. I picked up the book because I was intrigued by that premise, but what I found I … Continue reading Sweeten the Deal by Katie Shepard

A Demon’s Guide to Wooing a Witch by Sarah Hawley

A Demon’s Guide to Wooing a Witch

The first book in this series is not perfect, but I read it because I enjoyed the interplay between the main characters. For book two, the same happened: great interplay between the main characters but then things fell apart beyond that. Calladia Cunnington is the mayor’s daughter and the mayor has clear expectations for how Calladia should behave, expectations which do not include wearing athleisure and enjoying a casual brawl. Moments after book one ends, … Continue reading A Demon’s Guide to Wooing a Witch by Sarah Hawley

Calamity by Constance Fay


When I get wind of a new sci-fi romance coming out, I’m always determined to give it a try. Sadly, the first person point of view hurt my experience more than it helped and I had to call it quits. What a shame! Temperance Reed was banished from the affluent Reed Family, and she’s now working on a scouting ship. When her captain runs off with the ship intern (the same captain she’s been having … Continue reading Calamity by Constance Fay

It Had to Be a Duke by Vivienne Lorret

It Had to Be a Duke

This is my first Vivienne Lorret historical romance. I picked it up because I feel like I’m forever chasing the Good Book Noise™ or rather Good Book Experience I had with Tessa Dare’s When a Scot Ties the Knot. I want a leading character who plays along with the lie of being betrothed, or dating, etc. It’s a slightly different flavor of fake dating with a little more oomph and tension. Rather than two people … Continue reading It Had to Be a Duke by Vivienne Lorret

The Gentleman’s Gambit by Evie Dunmore

The Gentleman’s Gambit

I know a book is depressing when a) the sex scenes don’t perk things up and b) I need to comfort read Murderbot to feel okay about life again. Catriona Campbell is a suffragist and an academic. She has a belter of a start in this book as she emerges from a loch nude and there’s a man birding on the shores. Legitimately birding, and therefore utterly flummoxed by her appearance. Catriona is defiant and … Continue reading The Gentleman’s Gambit by Evie Dunmore

Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan

Do Your Worst

I don’t want to write this review because I absolutely adored Danan’s first two novels. They were fresh and original and lovely. This novel is…well, it’s okay. That’s it. That’s the highest praise I can give it: okay. Riley Rhodes is a cursebreaker. It’s a family thing that her grandma started (but initially the impression is given that it’s much older than that). Her mom didn’t take up the mantle and now, in her 30s, … Continue reading Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan