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  • Found by the Lake Monster

    Found by the Lake Monster by Lillian Lark

    Found by the Lake Monster by Lillian Lark is $1.49 at Amazon and $2.99 elsewhere. I’m so curious about this Monstrous Matches series and the covers are really wonderful. However, I believe this one is a novella and is listed 1.5 in the series.

    A lake monster in heat, a lost human in the woods, and the lie that gets her stuffed…

    Getting lost in the woods was not the adventure Amy had in mind when she jumped at the chance to search for the local lake monster. She just wanted to liven up her steady but boring life, not wonder if every shadow on the ground is a snake and worry that no one will ever find her.

    Luckily, someone does find her.
    Unexpectedly, that person isn’t human.
    Wildly, he seems to think that she’s his date.

    Adrian faces what could be his last heat. As his temperature rises and his biological clock ticks, his only hope is that the witch being sent by a famous matchmaker will be as compatible as he dreams.

    Can he convince his date to not only provide relief during his heat but also carry his eggs?

    Found by the Lake Monster takes place in the same world as Stalked by the Kraken and includes breeding, knotting, and oviposition.

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  • Something True

    Something True by Karelia Stetz-Waters

    Something True by Karelia Stetz-Waters is  $1.99! Stetz-Waters newer books have been favorably reviewed and mentioned on the site. This is an older title and the description notes some pretty serious themes.

    Tate Grafton has a tough exterior, but underneath she’s kind, caring, and fiercely loyal. That’s why she first started working at Out in Portland Coffee-it was her way of repaying the shop’s owner for taking her in as a homeless teenager. Nine years later, the coffee shop is floundering and Tate feels like she’s letting life pass her by . . . until she shares an unforgettable night with a beautiful stranger. When the mysterious woman disappears the next morning, Tate doesn’t even know her name.

    Laura Enfield was supposed to be in Portland for only a few days-just long enough to oversee a simple business deal before joining her conservative father on his political campaign. But when the closeted Laura romances an employee of the coffee shop her company is shutting down, things get suddenly complicated. Now, the lies she’s told for years are beginning to unravel, and her biggest secret is about to be exposed. Laura can’t stop thinking about the barista with the soulful eyes, but after a lifetime of deception, can she finally embrace something true?

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  • The Color of Love

    The Color of Love by Sandra Kitt

    The Color of Love by Sandra Kitt is $1.99! This contemporary romance came out in 1995. Kitt’s latest book was released last February and had a Buzzfeed write-up on it. Did you pick it up?

    Acclaimed for her moving depictions of interracial love, bestselling author Sandra Kitt delivers a passionate and provocative tale of modern romance.

    An artist trapped in an unfulfilling relationship, Leah Downey wants more out of life. But she plays it safe, never venturing too far from her comfort zone . . . not since the night she was mugged at knifepoint.

    Beginning a relationship with a perfect stranger is completely out of character for Leah. But something about Jason Horn strikes a chord deep within her. They couldn’t be more different. Jason is white, a streetwise New York cop haunted by his own demons. He’s stunned by his instant attraction to this vibrant black woman who arouses both desire and his fiercest protective instincts.

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  • The Wolf in the Whale

    The Wolf in the Whale by Jordanna Max Brodsky

    The Wolf in the Whale by Jordanna Max Brodsky is 99c! This was a highly anticipated release on the site, given Sarah’s enjoyment of Brodsky’s books in the past. However, there is a very graphic rape scene in the book, which put a lot of us off. If you want more details about this, I highly recommend looking through Goodreads reviews.

    The heroic journey of an Inuit shaman and a Viking warrior in an epic tale of survival, love, and clashing gods in the frozen Arctic of 1000 AD.

    Born with the soul of a hunter and the language of the gods, Omat is destined to become a shaman like her grandfather. To protect her people, she invokes the spirits of the sky, the sea, and the air.

    But the gods have stopped listening, the seals won’t come, and Omat’s family is starving.

    Desperate to save them, Omat journeys through the icy wastes, fighting for survival with every step. When she meets a Viking warrior and his strange new gods, together they set in motion a conflict that could shatter her world…or save it.

    The Wolf in the Whale is a powerful tale of magic, discovery and adventure, featuring an unforgettable narrator ready to confront the gods themselves.

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  1. flchen1 says:

    A Masc for Purim by Roz Alexander is currently on sale for $.99.

  2. JenM says:

    I just finished an ARC of Karelia Stetz-Waters’ newest book, Behind the Scenes, which is releasing next Tuesday and pairs an independent film director with a successful business consultant who has two adorable pugs and makes ASMR videos as a private hobby. The author is new-to-me and I really liked the book, enough that I was thinking about checking out her backlist. Plus, I’d never heard of ASMR before so that was pretty interesting as well as the insider look at how films are pitched.

  3. Lyns says:

    Am I the only one who is disappointed that the lake monster novel wasn’t the lesbian romance of this posts title? Oh well.

    I actually felt my pulse quicken when reading the blurb for The Wolf in the Whale. I have hungered for a Viking/Inuit romance for ages. As a little girl, one of my favourite books featured a Viking boy getting lost in the Inuit part of Greenland and making friends with an Inuit girl. I shipped them something fierce before I even knew what shipping was.

    I’m so worried it won’t live up to my expectations, though! Being an archaeologist, I have learned that Viking romance novels just aren’t for me…

  4. footiepjs says:

    I’ve read all of the Monstrous Matches novels. They won’t change your life but I will continue to read more as they’re released.

  5. Rose says:

    I loved Found by the Lake Monster

  6. Lisa F says:

    Sandra Kitt is so talented! I haven’t read the rest of these but I want to!

  7. Mikey says:

    JenM: It’s interesting how ASMR is becoming increasingly well-known to the point where somebody can have a novel protagonist who’s working with it, but still is obscure enough that there’s nothing weird about somebody not having heard of it.
    I like to call that point of well-knownness “the Jethro Tull point”.

  8. DiscoDollyDeb says:

    I’ve had THE COLOR OF LOVE on my TBR for years (I think I found it through the “Read More Romance” recommendations on Sarah McLean’s website). However, when I went to the Kindle Store to purchase it, I saw that for a mere one dollar more ($2.99 versus $1.99), you can get a collection of three Kitt books: THE COLOR OF LOVE, plus CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and BETWEEN FRIENDS. There’s also a second volume, also for $2.99, featuring THE NEXT BEST THING, SHE’S THE ONE, and SIGNIFICANT OTHERS. So if your budget is a bit more flexible, it might be time to stock up on Kitt’s books.

  9. chacha2 says:

    I had to look up ASMR videos and can now place them in the ‘things not to watch’ category. 🙂

  10. Kelly D says:

    autonomous sensory meridian response

    To relax and unwind, as ASMR videos often feature slow movements without many visual distractions. Enjoying the content topic, whatever it might be – from cooking videos and roleplays to virtual pet experiences.

  11. JenM says:

    @Mikey, wait, you mean there are people who haven’t heard of Jethro Tull??? Aqualung – truly one of the great 70’s albums. As for ASMR, now that I’ve listened to/watched a couple of videos, it’s not really my thing, but I can see where it would appeal to others. I love getting exposed to new concepts in my romances.

  12. denise says:

    I just finished the ARC of Sandra Kitt’s next release, The Time of Your Life. Classic slow burn and satisfying.

  13. denise says:

    For those of us with misophonia, ASMR is hell.

  14. flchen1 says:

    Currently free:
    Sarah Mayberry’s Sweetheart
    Anne Marsh’s Smoking Hot (firefighter, small town, second chance romance)
    Sierra Simone’s Sherwood
    Aly Martinez’s The Fall Up

  15. HeatherS says:

    @denise: Word. I can’t stand ASMR videos, especially the ones with people eating. Slurping, smacking, chewing. Utterly rage-inducing.

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