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In our discussion of the RITA nominations, many a Bitchery member remarked on the lack of award category for erotica, and the difficulty of creating such an award that accurately judges erotica, romantica, and the genre as a whole.

Perhaps that difficulty might come as much from RWA’s documented hesitancy to welcome erotica alonside its other genres, but it is certainly a difficult category to judge against the traditional structure of romance – as erotica does its best to bust through established traditions.

That said, a few suggested that the entire process of nomination and submission was a challenge, and that the RITA categories yielded a mix of disparate genres under one heading.

So, we figured, we should certainly stick OUR noses into the awards arena. So we hereby create The Most Important Writing Award Ever: the Smart Bitch Book Awards, henceforth known as The BWAHA: The Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors.

Here’s the deal: we’ll accept nominations in the following categories, and the top 5 nominated books in each category will make the finals.

Finalists will be voted on by the Bitchery, with winners announced with great fanfare (think ManTitty. Lots of ManTitty.) and we’ll give out fabulous three-dimensional prizes possessing of actual matter. Or gift certificates. Or both!

Nominations will be accepted until Tuesday, April 4, 2006.

Books eligible for nomination must have a publication date of 2005.

Finalists will be announced that week, and voting on the finalists will be open for a one week period. 

One set of nominations per person, and one vote per person.

This will be an annual event, a writer/reader nominated and writer/reader voted award, and we expect The BWAHA will be THE award to brag about.

Please, send your nominations to candy @ and sarah @ by Tuesday, April 4.

And now, on to the categories!

Smart Bitch Writing Award Categories

Best Contemporary

Did it take place in the present? Was it a romance? Did you like it? Nominate it!

Best Historical

Did it take place in the past? Was it a romance? Didja dig it? Hook us up with the title and author!

Best Series (Contemporary)

Present time, hot romance, series publisher? Bring it!

Best Series (Historical)

In the way-back? Hot romance? Series publisher? You know what to do!

Best Romantica/Erotic Romance

Did you read an erotic romance with a primary pair of protagonists and a happily ever after? Did it make you all happy n’at? Tell us about it!

Best Erotica

Did you read a hot sexy book that featured seriously excellent sex, but not necessarily an attracted primary pair of protagonists with a happily ever after? Which one did you like best?

Best Paranormal

Was there a werecod and an non-angsty vampire? Dude. You have to tell us about it.

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  1. Kate R says:

    just a few questions:
    1. does the winner get a little tag that says BWAHA with a picture of a lust-glazed female for her website?
    2 can I just nominate everything I’ve written? Should I:
    a. use another computer and a pseudonym?
    b. send around my devious friends to do it for me?

  2. I rather like the BWAHA award, though it would be good if we could figure out how to extend it a bit—make it the BWAHAHAHA! award.

  3. Oh, and maybe given the SB’s penchant for doing rude things to leetle bunny rabbits, the award could be in the form of the useful and colorful bunny sleeve:—i-1-7-DE-0310.html

  4. Eileen says:

    This is fantastic. I can hardly wait until next year when my book is out and I can submit. The honor. The prestige. You should make an Oscar statue complete with mullet and man titty.

  5. Vivi says:

    Very kewl!  I like that you’re getting in the awards game.  There are never enough awards for authors!!  And yours sounds doubly kewl!

  6. Doug Hoffman says:

    BWAHAHA? Hmm.

    Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors Hoo’re Awesome?

  7. Darla says:

    Great idea.  And a good excuse for me to look through my reading journals rather than do things I ought to be doing.

  8. J-me says:

    Wonder how long before it appears on a book cover.

  9. I think you’re on to something, Doug.  And J-me?  If I won it would be all over my website, and I would put serious pressure on my publisher to have it everywhere. I would alert the media! This is an award with class!

  10. Perhaps the Romantica/Erotic Romance category could have a special award:

    Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors who Heat up And Hornify Audiences with Astonishing Arts, Amatory Allure, Arousing Adult Aphrodisiacs And Ambidextrous Abilities, or BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA.

  11. Kate R says:

    My youngest and I are going to be working on a papermache project after school today. Maybe I should see if I can whip up an appropriate figurine for the contest.

    Balloons, toilet paper cardboard and goopetty newspaper strips might well equal a bitchin’ trophy.

  12. Caryle says:

    I love this idea.  I’m going to have to find some items to nominate. 

    One wet blanket thought,though, I know there are some writers that don’t accept awards, period.  It’s not that they’re not appreciative, they just would rather not be nominated or receive them.  Perhaps when the finalists are determined, we should notify them in some way and make sure they want to be included.  It may be too complicated, but it’s just a thought.  I’ll stop being a wet blanket now.

    I’m going to have to peruse my bookshelves when I get home this evening.  🙂

  13. Amy E says:

    That’s fine, Caryle.  I hereby offer to accept the BWAHA, BWAHAHAHA, or especially the BWAHAHAAAAAAA on behalf of any author who doesn’t want it.  In fact, I’m DYING for it.  Gimme gimme!

    And Kate R, I know which devious friends you’re talking about enlisting, and I’ll have you know I asked them first.  So ner.

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