Sizzling Book Club Pick: Love is a Battlefield by Tamara Morgan

Smart Bitch Sarah's Sizzling Book ClubAt the book club chat with Bella Andre, I announced the April Book Club Pick – and now the rebate is live for your buying pleasure! Plus, I'm giving away five copies for your winning pleasure, so read on!

Love is a Battlefield by Tamara MorganThe April Book Club Pick is: Love is a Battlefield by Tamara Morgan.

Summary, ahoy!  It might be modern times, but Kate Simmons isn’t willing to live a life without at least the illusion of the perfect English romance. A proud member of the Jane Austen Regency Re-Enactment Society, Kate fulfills her passion for courtliness and high-waisted gowns in the company of a few women who share her love of all things heaving.
Then she encounters Julian Wallace, a professional Highland Games athlete who could have stepped right off the covers of her favorite novels. He’s everything brooding, masculine, and, well, heaving. The perfect example of a man who knows just how to wear his high sense of honor—and his kilt.

Confronted with a beautiful woman with a tongue as sharp as his sgian dubh, Julian and his band of merry men aren’t about to simply step aside and let Kate and her gaggle of tea-sippers use his land for their annual convention. Never mind that “his land” is a state park—Julian was here first, and he never backs down from a challenge.

Unless that challenge is a woman unafraid to fight for what she wants…and whose wants are suddenly the only thing he can think about.

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But wait, there's more!

The Book Club Chat will be on April 26 at 9:00 pm ET. Tamara Morgan will be joining us for Q&A at 10:00 pm. Want to add it to your calendar? Here, have a button: 

If you've never joined us for book club chat night, it's a lot of fun, and very silly and casual. Even if you don't enjoy the book (though I hope you do!) I hope you come by to talk about it. I really liked this funny contemporary romance, and I hope you will do.

But wait, there's STILL MORE:

I'm giving away five copies of the book to anyone who would like to try it out. Just leave a comment telling which era of historical reenactment would tempt you the most, if you're not already a fan – Regency? Historical Scotland? Ren Faire? What period of reenactment is most appealing to you? I'll pick five winners in 48 hours. 

Standard disclaimers apply: I'm not being compensated for this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Open to international and local residents aged 18 and older wearing kilts or trews. Most people prefer trews. Don't toss your caber. 


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  1. 1

    I already do medieval re-enactment, even though my persona is Classical Roman. 

    I’d love to do Edwardian/Titantic/Great War because the dresses are SO PRETTY.  (A shallow, I has it.)

  2. 2
    SB Sarah says:

    Is that Ms. Classical Roman or Mr. Classical Roman? And do your friends call you Classy for short? *snrk*

  3. 3
    Susaneddiecohen says:


    This book had me at hello!….well it had me at “brooding highlander”. 

    Historical scotland it is.  A time of large men who don’t speak a lot who are battle bad asses…hallelujah!

    I would love to win a copy of this book!

  4. 4
    Lozza says:

    Yeah, I might have to go with Julie-Garwood-historical-Scotland.
    I’m not even sure what era that’s supposed to be.
    I just want hot dudes in skirts to enact things with. And to have some dude wrap me up in his plaid.

  5. 5
    sandy l says:

    This sounds like a fun book. The plot reminds me of Meg Cabot.

  6. 6
    infinitieh says:

    I do have a pirate costume for the Ren Faire. And no, I’ve never personally performed a kilt check there.

  7. 7
    Xana says:

    I’d be most tempted by Scottish historical. Men in kilts? Scottish burrs? Yes, please!  :-)

  8. 8
    Deb G. says:

    Totally medieval England, if I could smuggle in a toothbrush, bra, and a whole lotta women’s lib!

  9. 9
    Erin L. says:

    Scottish Historical all the way. My husband wore a great kilt ( big piece of plaid hand pleated) to our wedding.

  10. 10
    Suz_Glo says:

    Remember that 80’s TV mini-series, “North and South”? (I do believe Patrick Swayze was in it.) I must have seen that at a very impressionable teenage moment because I still romanticize that period and am a sucker for books set during those years. So, of course, I’d totally check out a reenactment!

    Thanks for the giveaway—I so want to read Morgan’s book! It’s been on my radar forever.

  11. 11
    JennyB says:

    Definitely Scottish Historical.  There’s just something about a kilt that is a total aphrodisiac for me.

  12. 12
    RJ says:

    I really like the simple, neoclassical lines that are so much a part of the Regency era, but I also like early 20th century england, before the Great War.

  13. 13
    Xflisa says:

    I think medieval re-enactments would appeal to me most.

  14. 14
    Dane R. says:

    For me, probably regency era, since these books are inevitably the ones I gravitate toward, though right now I’m feeling a bit if yen for late 19th century America. This book sounds very interesting, can’t wait to read it!

  15. 15
    rhondab says:

    Highland games all the way.

  16. 16
    Daisy D. says:

    I’ve gone to Ren Faires before in full corseted regalia and had a lot of fun, but I love the dresses of the Regency Era. Of course, I’ve got entirely the wrong figure for them so I’d probably look awful…

  17. 17
    Pat T says:

    I used to go to Ren Faires 30 years ago near Kansas City. So much fun. I’d love to go to a Highland Games festival someday.

  18. 18
    Kathybaug says:

    Elizabethan England for me.  Love the dresses with all the embroidery.

  19. 19
    Fran says:

    I’m a complete sucker for Regency, but Ptolemaic Egypt runs a really close second.  I have no idea quite how that would be accomplished, since I’m pretty sure most of the landmarks are gone (I so wish The Great Library was around), but I’d be game. 

  20. 20
    DivineKittyCat says:

    I’m partial to Regency, but I think medieval is my real favorite. Knights in shining armor, and all that y’know.

  21. 21
    Tina Chaney says:

    I did Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and actually used to fight sword-and-shield (really – no better stress-reliever than being to legally hit people with sticks!).  My non-fighting persona was a Norman from the Scottish Lowlands (1090 – 1110ish). 

    *flying the geek flag*

  22. 22
    Marc says:

    I have this on my ARe wishlist so this is perfect.  I love historical Scotland.  All those sexy beasts in kilts.  Yummy.

  23. 23
    Katie says:

    After reading so many regencies and living in London, I feel like I’d be right at home in that time period… but only if I were a lucky one i.e. a duke’s kid rather than a scullery maid or the like. The Outlander series makes me a little too leery of King Charles’ Scotland…

  24. 24
    ReadinginAK says:

    I think it would suck in reality, but I love the American West/early-mid 1800s. I enjoy the other eras mentioned, but there’s something about that *Manifest Destiny* that I abhor in reality, but luuuuurve in a novel. Also, I believe “manifest destiny” was the nooky phrase of the hour… She observed his gaze sweeping over her and she knew her territories were going to be claimed. She shivered in delicious anticipation… manifest destiny, indeed.

  25. 25
    Katie says:

    Ooh, I also agree with whoever said England right before the Great War… did any of you read “Palace Circle” by Rebecca Dean? Heroine was an American (i think? maybe a poor englishperson?) who was part of the Windsor court right before WWII. ALMOST the same time period. At some point she goes to Egypt. I think she might look for relics? …it’s obviously been long enough that I’ve read it that this sounds a little like a HABO…

  26. 26
    Jessica_HookEm says:

    Pretty much any time period with big twirly dresses would suit me as long as I wasn’t stuck in some place as hot as Texas.  As a little girl I always insisted on having dresses that flared out when I twirled.  I amused my relatives quite a bit with my girly girl tendencies.  I’ll have to add this one to my to buy list.

  27. 27
    JB Hunt says:

    Paris between the wars—writing, painting, and drinking with the Lost Generation.

  28. 28
    Hydecat says:

    Oh, I’d totally do Regency reenacting. Or Victorian. They’re the two periods I find the most fascinating.

    @ReadinginAK—that manifest destiny line made me snort my beer, I was laughing so hard.

  29. 29
    Lauren says:

    I’ll go for Regency because I could really use a modiste.  And maybe a governess.  Maids would be nice too.  Oh, and a cook.  Anyone want to come over to my house and reenact?

  30. 30
    Janedrew says:

    Edwardian England! Or possibly mid-century American, since I suspect it might look better…(although, really, there are so many fantastic options)

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