DABWAHA 2008: Last Call for Bracket Entries!

sidebarlogoReminder: if you want to enter the DABWAHA bracket competition, your window of opportunity expires at 11:00 pm EST on March 18, 2009. Voting will start March 19, 2009, better known as tomorrow, at 6am EST.

Please note, as there’s been some confusion as to how the bracket entry works: You can enter by simply entering a UserID and email address. Each entry is entered in the database by Jane so there is a delay between when you register and when you see your userid in the list of entries. Please wait for about 3 hours before checking to see if your bracket has been submitted.

Want to go shopping? Options, you can has them!

Harlequin is so excited about their nominated books they’ve created a special store at eHarlequin to celebrate. Everything in that special store is 30% off with the coupon code ‘MADROMANCE’ – and you can click one button to add every book to your cart.

Plus, Fictionwise, another of our awesome sponsors, has created a special store with all the nominated titles which are available in ebook form.

If you want paper copies, you can visit our Amazon.com store.

This year, as you may have noticed, we’ve amped up the prize selection. Big huge heaping thanks to our sponsors, Sony, Harlequin, Samhain Publishing, Fictionwise and Books on Board, because they’ve enabled us to offer a prize for the winning bracket after each round of competition. For a complete list of the prizes, visit the DABWAHA.com site.

And tune in tomorrow when voting starts. Productivity around the country, heck, the world may be down as brackets are eliminated. Some may blame the actual NCAA basketball tournament, but we’ll be keeping our eyes on the DABWAHA. May the best bracket win.

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    Collette says:

    Books on Board also has a special store for all the nominated titles which they have available.  In fact, I got an email about it.  Pretty cool!

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