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592. Holiday Wishes and Recs from Agnès, Sue, Jo and Varian

Blue gift box with silver ribbonIt’s time for holiday wishes, book recommendations, and absolutely dreadful jokes, with listeners and reviewers as my guests!

Each year I invite the review team from SBTB and the members of the Podcast Patreon to connect with me to offer recs, wishes, and, if they wish, a bad joke. These episodes are so popular and are like weekly hugs for your ears and your brain, with some potential hugs toward your TBR, which is definitely about to get a little taller.

In this first of our holiday wishes series, Agnès, Sue, Jo and Varian join me.

  • Find out what books made up 10% of Agnès’ reading this year!
  • What series and what webtoon did Sue get lost in?
  • What series did Jo and I have in common? What book did Varian text absolutely everyone about?
  • And what happens when I’m on the receiving end of all the wonderful terrible jokes?

Happy Holidays from all of us, to all of you!

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

Sue also mentioned Marry My Husband, available on Webtoon.

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General Bitching...

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  1. Michael I says:

    The player in the posting currently plays last week’s podcast.

  2. SB Sarah says:

    uh. OOPS. hang on. thank you!

  3. SB Sarah says:

    All fixed – sorry about that! I grabbed the wrong URL.

  4. Agnès says:

    Thanks for doing this – that was a joy.

    I finished Paladin’s Faith this morning, which brings the tally up to 9.

    The cat did startle again at my two loud NOs! (He assumed it did not apply to him of course)

  5. Sue says:

    This was so fun! I love listening to everybody’s interviews. Here is the link to the first episode in Marry My Husband:

  6. Sue says:

    Oh WAIT I just saw it linked after the books. Sorry!

  7. Kareni says:

    That was a fun episode, so thank you, Sarah and Patreon people.

  8. ReadKnitSnark says:

    Sue, thank you for the rec…I’m hooked on my first ever webtoon! (I couldn’t figure out the proper edition on Goodreads so I just went with the French paperback, since I can understand some of the words in the description so when I come back to it in a few years with a “huh?” I’ll be able to decipher what it was that I read.) 😛

  9. ReadKnitSnark says:

    I lost all of my Saturday to MARRY MY HUSBAND… I have no regrets!

  10. EC Spurlock says:

    @Sue – Marry My Husband is one of my absolute favorite Webtoons! And I do love my Webtoons; anyone who loves K-Drama will feel right at home with them, they’re just as over-the-top and feature many of the same tropes. You might also like SEE YOU IN MY 19th LIFE , SHADOW BRIDE, AGE MATTERS,SECRETARY OUT-OF-ORDER and SO I MARRIED THE ANTI-FAN All of these are completed, so binge to your heart’s content!

  11. Sue C says:

    @EC Spurlock, oh noooooo/thank you!!! for the webtoon recs lol. I am going to start on them! And THANK YOU for making sure they were all completed. I shall now retreat to read them, and emerge in January.

  12. Sue C says:

    @ReadKnitSnark, SO GLAD you liked it! 🙂

  13. Anne-Maree says:

    has anyone got any more recs for titles with NO third act break up? I am intrigued to see how they do it.

  14. ReadKnitSnark says:

    @EC Spurlock Thank you!

  15. EC Spurlock says:

    @SueC and @readKnitSnark, enjoy! Most of my faves are still ongoing but there are other completed ones I can recommend.

  16. ReadKnitSnark says:

    Aaaaaaaargh! I was in the middle of my second read of Marry My Husband when suddenly Webtoon tells me “This series is currently unavailable.” *sob*

    And the extra cruel part is that I just recommended it to my sib and sibIL for entertainment over Christmas!!!

    I’m trying not to freak out…I guess I could check out another story option. But I wanted to finish my MMH reread first!

    Do completed webtoons often disappear from the site like this? Because I’m not sure I can take the risk of webtoons if I am not guaranteed an ending. *shudder*

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