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583. Romantic Times Rewind: May 2014 with Amanda

Smart Podcast Trashy Books Romantic Times Rewind It’s our first Romantic Times Rewind episode, starting with May 2014! We are looking at all 298 (!) book reviews in issue 363 of RT Book Reviews Magazine.

Amanda and I are going to pick a book from each of the review collections by genre, from historical to urban fantasy to the Teen Scene. We also discuss the very narrow grading rubric, and the rarity of two- and one-star reviews.

Journey back to May 2014 with us!

You can find all the visual aids, screengrabs, and covers in our May 2014 Review Images collection.  And don’t miss all the visual fun at Instagram and Tumblr!

You can check out the entire Romantic Times Rewind archive as well.


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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

We also mentioned:

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Romantic Times Rewind

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  1. Kareni says:

    That was a fun blast from the past! Thank you, Sarah and Amanda.

  2. HeatherS says:

    I liked the Harlequin KISS line. It had very bright, attractive covers and bright pink spines. I specifically remember reading “How To Get Over Your Ex” by Nikki Logan. The woman proposes to her boyfriend on the radio – and get rejected. She embarks on adventures to try new things – including international travel to exotic locations and I think hot air balloons were involved? They weren’t quite the glitzy fantasy world of the Harlequin Presents or Desire lines. Her ex got his own book a few months later with “The Guy To Be Seen With”.

    My quibble with RT Book Reviews was that they had a general lack of reviews for romance that wasn’t hetero. Occasionally they would have something, like in this issue, but they were few and far between and always seemed to have lower ratings than the hetero romances.

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